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Top Project Management Skills You Can Add in Your Resume

From project planning and budget allocation to execution and project management, a project management professional should be able to list and prove these capabilities.

Project management is a highly sought-after skill because companies depend on Project Managers to analyze project performance, on the optimum utilization of resources, creation of reports and to final execution.

So, companies are on a constant lookout for effective and efficient project management professionals who may have the right set of skills and knowledge of the domain.

Have you ever thought of how these companies contact potential project management professionals like you or how they shortlist candidates from the tons of resumes during the screening? Well, it has to do with the relevant keywords in your resume.

Most of the companies today use ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to collect, sort, scan and rank job applications. So, it’s important that your resume has keywords that are in line with the career or job you are looking for.

Skills you are versed in make for very useful keywords in your resume. But before you go and add all the skills in your resume, it’s important to know which are the top skills in project management that recruiters are looking for.

To attract top jobs in project management, it is crucial to mention top skills related to your work area in your resume. So, here we have listed a few top project management skills that can help you grab the right job in project management.

Skills can be divided into two categories:

  • Soft Skills: These skills form the outer aura or base of your work personality. These skills define how you prefer working and what sort of fitment issues or suitability you might have in the organisation.
  • Domain Based Skills: These skills are also known as hard skills. These skills in particular form the structure for your job. These include the specific skills that may help you to secure a job.

Soft Skills for Project Management Jobs

  • Leadership
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Mentoring
  • Risk Management
  • Negotiation

Domain Specific for Project Management Jobs

These domain-based skills can be further divided operative skills and technical skills.

Operative SkillsTechnical Skills
Project Management LifecycleTechnical Program Management
Project planningKanban
Project Schedule DevelopmentSoftware Development Lifecycle
Project Cost ManagementTechnical Scope Management
Project Fund TrackingIT Methodologies
ScrumSAFE Agile

Various job roles come under Project management such as Project Manager, IT Project Manager, Technical Project Manager, Project Management Officer and PMO Coordinator. You can include suitable skills in your resume as per each job role.

Adding the right skills can help you get the job faster. For example, if you are a project manager, you may mention skills such as team management, budget allocation management, time management, project lifecycle overview and technical program management. Here you must understand as the hierarchy grows the need for operative domain-based skills increases.

However, if you are a PMO Coordinator or executive then you must mention technological or software-based skills mentioned above, that will help you to get the job.  So, while it is crucial to put the skills in your resume, it is also important to judge the relevance of skills you mention as per the job role you are applying for.

You can keep your resume relevant by adding skills that recruiters are looking for. And the best way to do this is by going through and understanding the latest job openings in your domain.

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