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4 careers that will embrace women in the next 10 years

4 careers that will embrace women
From negotiating extended maternity leave to breaking the glass ceiling, it’s not easy being a woman in a cutthroat world. But it wouldn’t be fair to dismiss the many positive changes organizations and industries are making to support their female workforce.

With diversity and equal pay dominating conversations across many industries, the prospects for women are starting to improve. Some sectors like financial services, human resources and technology are ahead of the curve, while others like healthcare and retail lag behind.

Consult this handy list when you’re at a career crossroad and are wondering what move will benefit you both financially and emotionally:

Research showed that tech firms trying to boost gender diversity can generate better returns. It is no surprise a bunch of big firms have changed their policies to offer better benefits to female employees. Netflix took the lead in 2015, when the streaming service offered unlimited maternity and paternity leave to employees – a revolutionary move by any measure. Other big tech firms were quick to jump on the bandwagon and offer perks of their own, boosting their reputations as a place where women want to work.

Consulting services
Audit and consulting firms have been at the forefront of promoting women and setting them up for professional success. Firms in the sector offer fellowship programs, leadership development initiatives, as well as generous maternity leave policies to attract and retain female professionals.

Biotech and pharma
The number of women in pharma companies have been abysmal, until now. With some of the biggest industry names hiring female CEOs, their top agenda is to bring more women on executive boards as well as into organisations.

Financial services
In recent years, banks and financial services companies have set out ambitious targets for more female representation in senior roles and across the company. Whether it is hiring, or pertaining to promotions and succession planning, many top banks are embedding diversity and inclusion in their HR processes.

The process for total equality is not yet over, but some industries are leading the way. No matter if you are switching careers or just starting out, take a close look at these 4 industries.

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