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4 Questions to Ask the Interviewer After the Interview

It is a common conception that an interview is successful only when you give answers to all the interviewer’s questions. However, a successful interview is a conversation and not just a Q&A session, dialogue in contrast to a monologue. From the interviewer’s perspective, the objective of an interview is to identify a candidate with the requisite skillset in the shortest span of time. And in case the interviewer finds several candidates with similar skill sets, the one that the interviewer enjoyed conversing with will take precedence. So, how do you ensure your conversation in the interview is memorable?

You come across as someone who is not only well suited for the role but who also understands the overall businesses. Wondering how this can be achieved? One way to do this and leave a lasting impact on the interviewer’s mind is by asking the following questions.

Question 1
Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?
This question tells the interviewer that you care about what you do at work. On your part, you can gain more insight into the specific skills and strengths that are needed for the job as well.

Question 2
What are the company’s values?
This question helps you understand what the company values and find out whether you are a good fit for the role. It will also enable you to identify how the current employees view the company’s value system.

Question 3
What are the most important qualities for someone to excel in this role?
Though this may seem to be another way of asking about the role, it will help you uncover information that is simply not stated in the job description. Through this question, you can get a sense of the employer’s expectations and can come across as someone who wishes to excel at the company.

Question 4
Can you give me some examples of some of the most desirable aspects of the company’s culture?
Along with the company’s value-set, its culture is an important consideration for potential candidates. Asking about the company’s culture displays your interest in not just the role but the company as well. On your part, you’ll be able to understand how the company works and whether it is a place you would want to work at.

All these questions are all designed with the dual motive of learning more about the job that you might step into as well as to leave a lasting impression. As a result, in the first place, you will be in a better position to understand the company and its work culture, and can even avoid a bad workplace. Secondly, you can add to your performance in the functional and technical rounds of the interview by portraying yourself as a well-rounded candidate who is suitable for not just the role but also for the company. 

In any interview, you have limited time to make an impact. So, make sure you make full use of this time and present a strong candidature to the interviewer.

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