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4 signs you are a workaholic and what you can do about it

 4 signs you are a workaholic and what you can do about it

Today’s digital world has added a new dimension to the concept of a workaholic. Technology like smartphones and laptops provide opportunities to work from anywhere, anytime – though this can be used to increase work-life balance or achieve a more flexible schedule, for some people, this has translated into working all the time. If work becomes your entire life and your health, relationships and mental well-being are sacrificed, it’s safe to say you’ve taken the hustle too far.

Monster has launched the Work-Life Balance campaign to raise awareness on this issue and to encourage job seekers to go for the jobs that help them manage their work and personal lives in a more efficient manner.

For more videos of the Work-Life Balance, series click here.

Think you might be a workaholic or know someone who is? Read through the warning signs below and what you can do to achieve balance:

You work on vacation

Did you pack your computer and tell everyone that you would be reachable via email? Vacations are vital for unwinding and recharging, and working while you’re on holiday defeats the purpose of the vacation. Resist the urge to check your work inbox, and, if you need to, turn off any notifications from both your work email and any chat groups. You shouldn’t feel guilty for this: you’re not supposed to be available 24/7 and 365 days a year for work. It’s crucial to have boundaries so you can really enjoy time off and reap the benefits of vacation time.

You work so much that it has negatively influenced your health

Overworking takes a heavy toll on the body and the mind. If you can’t even take 30 minutes to have lunch away from your desk, you might be addicted to working. The situation is even worse if you eat more than one meal a day at your desk. Among the many health problems associated with stress are depression, anxiety, insomnia, weak immune systems and more. Make sure you’re taking some time out of your busy schedule to practice self-care by eating well, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep  – away from your desk. Your mind, body, work quality and the people around you will thank you for it.

You feel guilty or stressed if you’re not working

Being stressed at work happens. But if you start to feel stressed because you’re not working, that should be a sure sign that something needs to change that’s definitely a sign you want to watch out for. Even if you love your job, it is not healthy for it to be all-consuming. Being chained to the desk isn’t the same as being driven to succeed. Stop filling your to-do list out of guilt or a desire to please. Learn to say no to any new responsibility that doesn’t benefit your professional or personal growth or that you truly don’t have time for.

You back away from hobbies or interests

If you are speechless when asked about your hobbies outside of work, then it’s a clear sign that you are a workaholic. What’s more, if you feel like you don’t have the time to exercise, volunteer or meet friends after regular working hours or on weekends because you’re afraid it will interfere with work? Yup, you’re probably a workaholic. Although you may feel like you’re wasting time if you’re not scratching something off your task list, the opposite is often true. Don’t lose sight of the truly important things in life and don’t put off your life for work that can be done tomorrow.

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