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4 top tips for aspiring journalists

Top tips for aspiring journalists

The digital evolution has expanded job opportunities for journalists, even as print readership numbers dwindle.

In fact, the separation between print, broadcast and digital journalists is a thing of the past. Because news today can be delivered to people immediately through websites and social platforms, the need to wait for the next morning’s publication or late night breaking news is no longer necessary. The news cycle has become 24/7. And let’s not forget how social media has made everyone into journalists.

Although the way journalism works is shifting, the basics and fundamentals of the job remain the same. The ultimate goal is to gather objective relevant information and relay it to the people.

Read on for some reminders on how to seamlessly adapt as a journalist:

  1. Keep up with technological innovations
    Social media and other tech innovations have disrupted the traditional way of news gathering and reporting,. Whether they like it or not, it’s a powerful medium once embraced. If you don’t already know, you need to learn the ropes and familiarise yourself with these tools. Not only can they actually help you do your job better, but they can make work more efficient and help you connect to your audience. Take advantage of innovations to reach your goal of informing the people and raising awareness on different issues.
  2. Stay on top of everything
    News happens everywhere and is reported at all hours of the day and night. Citizen journalism is a regular occurrence, and you’ve got to be on top of all social media platforms to look for your next story, angle or breaking news. Keep your eyes and ears open for any possible news that you can report. Sign up to various industry newsletters, join online communities – you’ll be surprised where you might find your next scoop!
  3. Be enterprising
    Journalism is a competitive profession. You’ve got to stand out if you want to progress internally and be the star reporter everyone’s coveting. Volunteer for stories outside of your beat. Try to meet other editors – they’ve got years of experience you can tap into and are make great mentors for young, budding journalists.
  4. Keep experimenting
    Change can be intimidating, but the best way to adapt is to try new products and services that will help you do your job faster and better. Just go and get started – don’t make excuses to not try something out.


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