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Top 8 Career Options for Book Lovers

While certain jobs such as a lawyer, librarian or journalist may need specific qualifications like a degree in law, library science or journalism, most of these jobs are flexible when it comes to educational credentials.

A bachelor’s degree in literature may be preferred, but it’s not necessary. Your love of words can take you a longer way than a bookish degree.

Take a look at these eight careers that are perfect for wordsmiths.

1. Teaching

A teacher and his/her books can never be parted, which is why a love of reading often goes hand-in-hand with teaching.

Whether you are a school teacher or college professor, you need to do a lot of reading to create lesson plans, keep up with the research in your discipline and discuss works relevant to your field with students.

What you need: You can opt for a basic Diploma in Teachers Education (DTed), a Bachelor in Education (BEd) and a Masters in Education (MEd). In addition to this, there are eligibility tests conducted by state-level education boards that vary from region to region. As far as soft skills go, good communication and management skills are essential.

2. Journalism

If you’re one of those who reads everything – from the back of the cornflakes pack to hoardings to text messages – with an eagle eye, you may be the right fit for a copy editor’s job. If reporting is more your style, a strong reading habit will come in handy as both news pieces and long-form articles require in-depth research and precision while writing.

What you need: A journalist has to be on top of the game when it comes to punctuation, grammar, spelling and usage. Fact/style checking and consistency in tone are often part of the job.

3. Lawyer

Those who have a sharp mind that relishes a challenge can combine their love for reading with the profession of law. For when they’re not representing clients in court, lawyers must stay up to speed by reading case law and statute books.

If you don’t see yourself as a lawyer, you could moonlight your way to it by working as a paralegal. Paralegals assist lawyers, conducting research, organizing legal documents and evidence, and maintaining reference documents.

What you need: An LLB degree from an institution recognized by the Bar Council of India (BCI). After completing your degree, you’ll have to clear the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) and apply to the BCI for a license. In this line of work, analytical and reasoning ability as well as strong persuasion skills will hold you in good stead.

4. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts help companies decide which products and services to sell by studying competitors, market conditions and consumer behavior. Since this involves a lot of reading, it helps if the habit is strongly wired into your brain already.

What you’ll need: Many market research analysts have an academic background in marketing and market research. An advanced course in statistics and information science is advised as well. Being numbers minded, data driven and logical is important if you want to pursue this field.

5. Content writer

Content is king – this phrase has, over the years, become a mantra that’s repeated over and over again by Internet marketers. Almost every e-tailer has its own blog, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to pursue now.

Other possible career routes include writing jobs for websites, posts for corporates and creating a personal blog.

What you need: Apart from strong language skills, a content writer needs to be able to adapt to different writing styles as well as have a good understanding of their audience. Knowing SEO, HTML, CSS, WordPress and social media marketing is an added advantage.

6. Copywriter

If snappy slogans and witty headlines come to you naturally, copywriting could be your calling. For decades, copywriting has been one of the most essential elements of effective marketing; it continues to remain relevant in the digital world.

A skilled copywriter crafts compelling copy, scripts and jingles that create brand awareness and lead a person/group to take particular action.

What you need: Along with a turn of phrase, the ability to understand how your audience thinks and tell a good story are a copywriter’s greatest strengths.

7. Publishing

There are many career tracks within publishing. If you love to read so much and have your hand on the pulse, you could possibly make discovering top-notch writing your job.

An acquisitions editor works for publishing houses and literary agencies, and typically divides his or her time reading manuscripts and connecting with authors to acquire titles for their companies.

Another route you could take is literary agent. Acting as a bridge between author and publisher, agents handle the former’s deals and payment negotiations, and also represent authors and their works to theatrical producers, film producers and studios.

There’s also the option of becoming a novelist. People who love to read and ideate often have the idea of a book buried in their mind.

What you need: Being well read ranks at the top, followed by strong writing prowess. Good communication skills and being business-savvy also goes a long way in this business.

8. Librarian

Could there be a better place for a booklover to be than a library? Surrounded by books of all types, this is the perfect setting to indulge your love for reading and make a living.

Librarians do a lot more than “issue” books these days – they are avid researchers who know how to leverage the many resources and reference materials available.

Apart from books, these include CDs, DVDs, e-books, audiobooks, newspapers, magazines, documents and databases.

What you need: You need a postgraduate degree in Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLISc) or Bachelor of Library Science (BLib).

You could also opt for a diploma as well as certificate library science courses in India. Strong information curation and research skills are essential.

FAQ on Career Options for Book Lovers

Q:1 Are there career options specifically for people who love to read books?

Answer: Yes, several careers cater to book lovers, including roles in publishing, editing, literary agencies, libraries, and bookstores.

Q:2 What skills are valuable for a career in book editing?

Answer: Strong language proficiency, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of literary elements are crucial for success in book editing.

Q:3 Can book lovers pursue a career in literary journalism?

Answer: Absolutely. Literary journalism allows book enthusiasts to write reviews, author interviews, and explore the literary world through articles and features.

Q:4 How can someone become a literary agent for books?

Answer: Building a network, staying updated on literary trends, and having a keen eye for promising manuscripts are key steps toward becoming a successful literary agent.

Q:5 Are there careers that combine technology and a love for books?

Answer: Yes, careers in digital publishing, e-book development, and content creation for online platforms offer opportunities for book lovers with an interest in technology.

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