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Top 5 real estate jobs in India

Real Estate features among one of the most globally recognized sectors and is experiencing a growth of approximately 20 to 25% per annum. Driven by increasing incomes, urbanization and economic prosperity, residential and commercial realty demand is on a steady increase in India, creating highly lucrative job opportunities in this sector. Moreover, this good news comes on the wings of the present government’s ambitious ‘Housing for All by 2022’ scheme that has given a boost to developmental activity in residential realty across the country.

The Indian real estate and construction sectors contribute to nearly eight to nine percent of the country’s GDP and the numbers are projected to reach 40% by 2030. Also, industry experts anticipate a shortage of 2.5-3 million professionals in this sector by 2022. Not surprisingly, therefore, jobs in real estate are in high demand.

Let’s have a look at the most wanted real estate jobs:

1. Realtor

To be a successful agent or realtor, you need to have exceptional interpersonal skills and extensive knowledge of local real estate laws, financing options, mortgages and fair housing regulations. This is one of the most popular jobs in the real-estate sector because once in it you can potentially earn unimaginable amounts. However, that depends on how much the realtor can expand his/her territory or how many hours he/she can work.

2. Real Estate Appraiser

Real estate appraisers are professionals with strong accounting backgrounds responsible for estimating the financial worth of the property. Employed mostly by banks, and real estate companies, an appraiser researches the history of the property to determine the home or loan value and tax liabilities. Being a specialized role requiring licensed and educational qualifications, appraisers can be assured of hefty paychecks.

3. Real Estate Consultant

Real estate consultancy is fast becoming an attractive second career for retired real estate agents with extensive experience in the field. Counselors give advice and provide recommendations for buying and selling various properties. They also work closely with realtors or property investors to help customers make the right decision. Considering the real estate boom, their importance in the market cannot be overstated, especially when the customer expects professional advice for their property-investments.

4. Property Manager

Individuals with a strong sales background are perfect for this job. A property manager is responsible for protecting the client’s asset by hiring the right staff to take care of it, respond to emergencies, and provide timely feedback to owners and investors. They may work with real estate firms or private investors. The job is designed for an evolved stage in the real estate career and has its own set of rewards and benefits.

5. Leasing Agent

Leasing Agents work with property managers to find the right tenants for their buildings. They expertly navigate the complex property market to correctly match the needs and economic viability of the prospective tenants with the interests of the property owner. They handle the signing of leases and function as the landlord on behalf of the property owners. Leasing agents are respected in the industry for their in-depth knowledge of the property market and their ability to provide tailored solutions to queries concerning school districts, zoning, expansion and others.

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