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5 tips to get the raise you deserve

A quick peep into any office during the month of April would show only one picture, most people would be discussing their appraisals. However, when the time to fill the performance review comes, many people struggle to write about their achievements or have the discussion regarding a raise or promotion with their boss.

Getting a good appraisal is all about presenting yourself right to the evaluators. Read on to know how you can highlight achievements and have a fruitful discussion to win that coveted promotion and salary hike.

1. Highlight accomplishments

Asking for a raise right after a success story is the best time to make your move. But, if that is not true for you, it is best to highlight your past performances during appraisal time. You should cite instances where you went above and beyond your line of duty and earned value for your company. Using specific data will help you build a stronger case.

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2. Discuss future goals

One of the most under-rated discussions during appraisal is goal setting. It not just reassures your organization that investing in you will benefit it in the long-run, but it will also help you chart your career path. Expressing excitement in the company’s future and the indispensable role you can play in helping achieve its targets is important and presents you in a good light.

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3. Know your worth

While prepping for the appraisal discussion, it is best to know your current market value. Check what your peers in the industry are being paid. This will help you calculate your market worth and the salary increment that you should be given. Your geographical location, industry, job title, qualification, and experience are all factors that impact your market value.

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Communicate your worth

The better you can communicate with your boss regarding your value and consequently the expectations from the appraisal, more are the chances those expectations will be met. Your employer is only as confident of your value to the organization as you are of it. Any lack of clarity, and your employer may not deem it fit to give a higher than average raise.

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Take feedback positively

Prepare for probable questions and counter-arguments that your manager can come up with before entering into a discussion. This should help you avoid any surprises or prevent you from becoming emotional. While reviewing your performance, your boss could also give negative feedback. In such a case, hear it out with patience and if you feel there is any worth in it, use it to improve your work. If not, go back with facts to have a fruitful discussion rather than reacting at that moment and making things worse.

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To recap – Points to Remember

1. Understand how self-appraisal will be used
2. Focus on what you have accomplished
3. Discuss your goals

1. Have negative body language – be confident
2. Forget your facts
3. Become emotional

The above steps provide a quick guide on how you can have a productive appraisal discussion and ask for the hike you deserve. Remember, in most cases, the evaluator re-collects only the most recent achievements. So, it is up to you how thoroughly you present your case. A good appraisal goes a long way to boost your career.

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