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7 Accounting Jobs That Don’t Necessarily Require CPA

Do you want to apply for an accountant’s job? Is the lack of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license holding you back? To help you find the ideal job that does not necessarily require a CPA, we did all the heavy-lifting and came up with 7 such accountant jobs along with data on how much you can expect to be paid.

Here are all the opportunities you can look forward to!

  1. Chartered Accountant (CA) 

The job of a Chartered Accountant (CA) is highly valued and is at the crux of thriving businesses in India.

Although the job of a CA is very challenging, it is also highly rewarding both financially and intellectually. The job description of a Chartered Accountant involves a myriad of tasks including auditing, accounting and planning the company’s finances.

A CA has the gift of being able to deal with numerous industries. Sometimes, a CA may work in multiple industries at the same time.

Chartered Accountancy is a highly gratifying job and requires the utmost discipline and precision professionally.

In India, the title of a CA is deemed prestigious, and qualified Chartered Accountants can find impeccable accounting jobs in numerous business hubs like Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune.

The average salary of a CA could vary anywhere from INR 7,33,956 to INR 9,05,817 per annum with an experience of 1-4 years.

  1. Cost Accountant

Cost Accounting is one of the pillars for a company, especially one that sells products at a large scale, to remain sustainable and profitable in the long run.

A lot goes into making a product in a company. If the product is physical, there are several factors to consider, like the cost of the supply chain, material, designing, prototyping, local tax, and more, before a selling price is finalised and marketed. So, how can a company determine the selling price without overcharging the end consumer and still staying profitable?

Cost Accountants closely analyse the innumerable variables associated with the production cost of a product and set suitable prices so that it is a win-win situation for both the company as well as the end consumer.

The average salary of a cost account with 1-4 years of experience in India is about INR 5,66,498 per year.

  1. Financial Analyst 

There is a lot of debate surrounding the job description of a Financial Analyst; many argue that it is an accounting job while others contradict that it is a ball game of its own. However, the undeniable fact is that a Financial Analyst might not necessarily do the accounts but does require a strong comprehension of accounting.

Financial Analysts help the company they work for to make well-informed decisions regarding their investments. They analyse heaps of data to make the best recommendations on where to put the company’s money to its executives and directors.

A Financial Analyst with 1-4 years of experience earns an average of INR 4,11,059 yearly in India. Financial Analysts can also find accountant jobs overseas in countries like Canada and Dubai.

  1. Taxation Manager 

Taxation Managers do not necessarily require CPA, especially in companies that are not publicly traded.

Taxation Managers or Tax Managers need to have sound knowledge about accounting and the rules and regulations of tax laws of the state or country of the company they are working for.

They are also expected to identify problems and provide appropriate solutions in the company’s tax records.

A Taxation Manager in India, who has an experience of 1-4 years, receives an average pay of INR 7,67,500 annually.

  1. Actuary 

The lines separating Actuaries and Accountants are rather blurry. Actuaries can turn into Accountants and vice versa.

Actuaries primarily go through the company’s accounts and analyse possible risks that it may face in the future. Not only are Actuaries expected to predict risks, but they are also expected to quantify them and suggest appropriate measures to avoid any pitfalls.

The average compensation for an Actuary in India is about INR 10,00,000 per year.

  1. Accounts Assistant 

Accounts Assistants serve under Senior Accountants to support them in tasks like filing reports, administer emails, bookkeeping and more.

If you are looking out for accountant assistant jobs, then you may have a good scope in cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi and Gurgaon where businesses are thriving.

An Accounts Assistant in India with 1-4 years of experience can earn about INR 2,19,447 on average.

  1. Accounts Executive 

Accounts Executives are usually given the privilege of dealing directly with the company’s clients.

Before undertaking any project, it is vital for a company to scope it out and provide an accurate estimate. If the project is longer than expected and the proposed budget is low, then the company would bear the loss.

Accounts Executives are endowed with the responsibility to grasp the clients’ intent, scope out projects, set milestones and help devise the right quotation.

The mean salary of Accounts Executives with 1-4 years of experience is similar to that of an Actuary at INR 2,46,190. Search for an Accountant Executive Job here.

The mean salaries shown here are for 1-4 years of experience. Over time, you could expect a two-fold increase for 5-9 years of experience in the same profession.

Many accountant jobs do not obligate CPA. However, getting a CPA license will open up a whole new world of opportunities if you would like to explore more. You can even choose to kickstart your accounting career without CPA and proceed for the license in the future.

So, which of the seven accounting jobs intrigued you the most?

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