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7 flexible career options for moms to make a comeback

7 flexible career options for moms to make a comeback
Finding a job that allows you to be a part time mom and part time career woman is no easy task. Much of that preferred flexibility depends on the career path you chose in your early 20’s, as some jobs easily flex to fit your lifestyle while others require endless travel, face-time and your attention round-the-clock.

Thankfully, technology and more lenient workplaces are making it more and more possible for moms to work from home with flexible hours. With the right skills and the right attitude, there are several options that offer job satisfaction and a lucrative pay.

Freelance or project assignments in various fields and sectors can work for those who want to work from home part-time, and even full-time eventually.

Here are our top picks of flexible jobs that can work well for career moms like you.

Freelance Writer
Put your storytelling and creative writing skills to good use by taking up projects as a part-time content manager or editor. It is even better if you have a degree in journalism, as it makes your profile more suitable and attractive to prospective employers looking for temporary roles.

Sales Representative
All though most sales roles come with an added element of stress, many beauty and nutrition companies offer excellent sales opportunities for moms with large social circles to make good money in their spare time.

Financial Planner
If you have a knack for numbers and keen perspective eye for planning with some prior experience in finance and budgeting, this option is one to think about. Subject to the industry and company, financial managers are responsible for developing financial plans, evaluating and resolving issues, and directing financial activities across organizations.

Web & Graphic Designer
People in these roles are responsible for developing a variety of web-related components such as websites, newsletters, graphics, digital campaigns, and more. With flexible hours and remote capabilities—and the explosion of digital content needs—graphic and web design can be a great fit for new moms.

Fitness Instructor
This super flexible job option is a whole lot of fun and good for health at the same time. With experience and a little bit of training, you could become a gym, yoga or Zumba instructor.

Event Planner
Do you like project-based work and have an eye for detail? Are you a people’s person? If so, then event planning could be a great fit for you. Be it office get-togethers to birthday parties or even a weddings, you’ll have to option to create your own schedule by choosing to work on as many or as few clients as you wish.

Starting your own enterprise or venture can be the easiest, most rewarding way to balance the responsibilities of being a mom with the desire for a fulfilling career. There are plenty of home or Internet-based opportunities that have minimal startup costs and will free you from the 9-to-5 grind

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