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8 ways to bring a little Diwali cheer to work

Diwali, the biggest and brightest of all Indian festivals, is almost here and the festive fervour is apparent everywhere. Homes are being cleaned thoroughly and bedecked with lamps and candles, but how can you ensure that your workplace sparkles through the festive season?

We give you eight easy ways to ensure that your workplace is Diwali-ready.

Organise a joint cleanup

Diwali - Organise a joint cleanup
Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, is said to endow her blessings on clean and beautifully decorated spaces, so make sure you’re first in line. A cleanup across the office will ensure that all papers, documents and stationery is taken care of. Dispose of all that you don’t need; store what you need as soft copies. Remember that a clean desk also keeps you happy and enhances your productivity.

Create a Diwali vignette

If you have a cubicle to yourself, make the most of it. Set a celebratory tone by creating a festive vignette – a small Lakshmi idol, some brass or clay artifacts and a few gorgeous diyas will set the right note.

Bring in no-flame lights

No Flame Lights
Diyas and candles are likely to be fire hazards – except at a few places – so we suggest that you let there be light, but in another way. The new LED candles or fairy lights can create an enchanting ambience.

Say it with flowers


Nothing beats the festive appeal that fresh flowers – especially marigold and roses – create. Buy ready-to-hang garlands and string them around your desk, chair or suspend where you see fit.

Put out a candy bowl

diwali ideas

Sweet talk your co-workers by setting out a colourful glass bowl filled with candies in unusual flavors on your desk. Try paan, imli, cola or a lipsmacking churan goli.

Set up a photo booth

Diwali decoration ideas
The number of photographs that have been clicked in the last five years – courtesy smartphones – is unprecedented. Add to the numbers by setting up a tiny photo booth off your desk. A tinsel curtain, appropriate props and enthusiastic co-workers will get the session started.

Plan a gift corner

Diwali decorate

It may be Diwali but who says you can’t be someone’s secret Santa? Set out a cardboard box next to your desk and float an email inviting gifts for the security staff’s children. You’ll be surprised by the contributions, and the kids will be thrilled.

Dress the part

Traditional dress

A festival like Diwali demands that you be dressed in your traditional best. Announce an official dress code and insist that you’re celebrating Traditional Day. Saris, lehngas, kurtas and dhotis; people dressed up in their ethnic finery will add to the festive fervor. A prize for the best-dressed person will ensure a lot more sparkle.

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