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Area Manager Job Description

What is an Area Manager?

An Area Manager job is for one who can streamline the activities of an organization within a certain geographical location. Their work starts with preparing goals for the various people who work under them. And the role of an Area Manager ends with them ensuring that all their goals are achieved. Being Area Managers, a person who is in this job, has to get things done on time. This may also mean that they have to travel a lot for their job. 

What does an Area Manager do?

The main role of an Area Manager is to prepare business goals and convey those to the whole organization. They, then, also need to ensure that proper discussions as well as executions are happening. They have to supervise some of their subordinates as well as provide them with some necessary solutions. They have to ensure that almost all of their activities are happening and that there are a few relevant results that can be shown to the clients. 

The Area Manager job is one that helps the whole organization meet its goals with the help of operations being done in a much streamlined manner.  

Area Manager job duties include:

  • Planning the strategy for operations and implementing them
  • Monitoring all of the operational strategy in their region 
  • Setting goals for all the stores in their jurisdiction
  • Hire new employees as per the requirements
  • Training the new employees and evaluate their performance 
  • Setting up KPIs and monitor them 
  • Supervise all the operations and the staff for efficiency

Job brief for Area Manager

An area manager job is not an easy one. They have to, time and time again, ensure that all of the operations within the organization are being done properly. They have to oversee the various stores or branches that come under their jurisdiction and evaluate their performance from time to time. 

The Area Manager job skills include having to manage various operations from a distance. It is their mindset that enables them to prepare various strategies and plans that go on and help with an organization’s success. It is a must that they have all the financial as well as organizational skills that are required for the area manager role.

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Responsibilities for Area Manager Job

There are a lot of responsibilities that an Area Manager must take up on in order to do their job smoothly:

  • They have to manage the operations that occur on a daily basis
  • They have to answer to their seniors or the management about various things
  • They are required to oversee the performance of employees under them
  • They need to maintain the minutes of the meeting they have been a part of
  • They are entrusted with the management of employee timings and shifts
  • They must coordinate with their seniors from time to time
  • They need to conduct meetings with their employees and get their feedback on various things
  • They are required to keep tabs on the tasks assigned to various employees as well as their completion
  • They have to ensure that all the tasks are done successfully within a set time frame
  • They must come up with solutions to various issues faced by the employees
  • They have to ensure that they can solve various organizational issues on their level

Requirements for Area Manager Job

Here are a few requirements that are a must for an Area Manager Job:

  • One must be a high school graduate
  • For getting an area manager job, one must graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in business management or in a related field.
  • They can also go for a specialized degree or diploma in the field or at least a related one
  • They may also go for a Master’s degree which is always a plus point in the eye of a recruiter
  • Their organizational skills must be good in order to be a good candidate
  • They should know the basic workings of a computer, the internet fundamentals, and a few of the basic programmes required for the job
  • They must be experienced in the field
  • For a more practical knowledge, it is significant that they get an internship first or an job job where they can be trained
  • They should have leadership qualities that can help them lead a whole team
  • They have to offer positive and negative feedback to the various members of the organization
  • They should be self motivated, so they can motivate others as well

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Area Manager Salary (City Based Tables)

CityMinimum Salary (per annum)Maximum Salary (per annum)Average Annual Salary (per annum)
Mumbai₹ 3.1 L₹ 18 L₹ 7.2 L
New Delhi₹ 3.5 L₹ 18 L₹ 7.2 L
Bangalore₹ 3 L₹ 18 L₹ 7.2 L
Pune₹ 3.2 L₹ 16.2 L₹ 7.6 L
Chandigarh₹ 3.7 L₹ 19.3 L₹ 8.9 L

These are the minimum, maximum, and the average salaries that are provided to a candidate applying for the Area Manager Job. These may also vary when one goes for the same role in other different cities.   

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Key Skills For Area Manager Job

An Area Manager position is not given just to anyone. In fact, there are various skills that one needs to procure first, like the following:

  • They must have good organizational skills
  • Their financial planning abilities must be top notch
  • They must be comfortable while working under pressure
  • They must have commercial acumen
  • They should be winning to take up responsibilities
  • They must be able to make decisions, no matter how hard that must be
  • They should be enthusiastic and ensure to keep their staff that way as well

Why pursue a career as Area Manager?

An area manager job is actually a distinct as well as important position within an organization. It relates to the management of various operations which are all diverse in nature. They have the power to not only get all the activities to be done smoothly, but also to make a good environment for the employees as well. They are required to come up with unique solutions to any of the problems that the employees or the organization might be facing. 

If you are one who can lead with a positive mindset, then this is a job that is perfect for you. It is one where you can also showcase your organizational skills, financial planning skills, and much more. This is one amongst the most common jobs in India. Hence, you can find one with a company that is suitable for you. 

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How to become an Area Manager?

There are various ways in which one can prove their worth in order to land an area manager job. They can get an idea about all the activities that they might need to perform when they get the job. They can go for a specialized degree in the field that lets them have an upper hand over other candidates. They may also gain experience from management jobs like store manager and the likes. 

They are also required to get proper training in the field and even have other soft skills in their name which are mostly required to do their job effectively. 

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