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How to Write Resignation Letter – Format & Samples [2024 Update]

To resign means to quit an organisation where you have actively worked for a certain period. So when you are doing that, you wouldn’t want any disputes or bad blood with the organisation’s authorities that you are soon going to leave.

It is essential to create a perfect impression that lasts even after leaving the company you’re working for. It’s necessary for your career and can boost your resume, and for that, you need to write an impressive resignation letter.

To write the best resignation letter, you need some good examples. There are some helpful tips and remarkable examples of resignation letters ahead. It wouldn’t be so hard to write the best resignation letter with the help of these. So without much delay, let’s dive into all the ways you can write the best resignation letter.

Things to Remember

  • The best resignation letter always starts with a salutation.
  • Be direct. There is no need to be creative with the aim of your resignation letter or mail. Just mention that you want to resign from your job within the opening paragraph.
  • Mention all the resignation details clearly to your employer, for instance, your last day of work.
  • Don’t forget to thank your employer or boss for hiring you and the opportunities they have given you; keep it professional.
  • Show your willingness to help. You can state that you’re ready to train anyone or find a responsible candidate to take your place.
  • Add your contact details in your resignation letter if they ever need to contact you during the time of resignation or even after that.
  • Before signing off and sending the mail or the letter, proofread and spell-check. The samples for the best resignation letter don’t have any mistakes or inaccuracies.

Samples of Resignation Letters

There are several types and formats of resignation letters. Each of them is equally important in their circumstances. There are also plenty of samples for the best resignation letter all over the internet. Let’s take a look at some of these examples of resignation letter :

Resignation letter with a notice period: One of the samples for the best resignation letter with notice periods. The notice period is the period which an employee provides to his workplace before his last working day.

It is said that resignations with notice periods are the proper way of resigning as it maintains the workplace ethic and allows the employer to look for a replacement. It also earns you a good reputation as an employee, which will help you in future.

A notice period can be as long as three days or can be longer than a month. It usually depends on the period of time you have worked in the organisation.

Most  people write a two weeks notice resignation as that is the maximum time a notice period spans up to in most occasions. Here is an resignation letter sample of a two weeks notice resignation:

Resignation Letters template

Why are notice periods important?

Resigning from a job is not just some simple official paperwork. It requires time, patience and is a complex process. In addition, a resignation affects an employer and an employee differently, which is why notice periods are essential. So let’s see what those reasons which make notice periods so important are:

  • The Human Resource Department (HR) needs to compute and calculate the back pay that you will receive at the end of your contract with the organisation.
  • In the meantime, the organisation or the company in the meantime will have to look for new candidates suitable for the position you are resigning from.
  • In case they already find a new employee who will take your position before your notice period ends, the company might ask you to provide training to the new employee and show him/her what work that person has to do.
  • As mentioned before, it also is a very professional move and leaves you in the good graces of your soon- to-be ex-employer.

Short notice resignation letters: Usually it is best to provide your boss a minimum two week notice before you quit your job. But under certain other circumstances you may not have enough time to do so. Be it for a health emergency or any other personal emergency, short notice resignation letters are not uncommon.

While a short notice resignation letter is not the best resignation letter to submit, you can always handle it courteously and make the process go smoothly. They can easily be written with the guidance of some of the best resignation letter examples available. Here are some short notice resignation letter samples for your assistance: 


Above Image Showing toresign

Things to remember

  • Always inform your decision to resign from your job to the manager or the boss verbally as mutual agreement helps avoid any tension between you and your authorities.
  • Always use a professional business letter format to write your resignation as it looks more official and helps maintain your efficient and skilful image. Best resignation letter or not, it is the proper way to present a resignation letter.
  • Don’t forget to start your letter with a salutation. All the best resignation letter examples begin with a greeting.
  • Maintain the formal tone of professional work as it is still your workplace. You shouldn’t include anything that sounds informal and creates a wrong impression. The authorities of the following organisation you join might ask for feedback from your soon-to-be former boss.
  • Keep the mail or letter short, don’t write unnecessary details.
  • Don’t forget to mention your date of resignation, even if it’s short notice. It’s a must according to the best resignation letter.
  • Justify your sudden decision to quit briefly.
  • Express your gratitude towards your superiors and also towards the organisation you’ve worked for. It’s never too much to add a stroke of kind words and be thankful.
  • Add your contact details and all the necessary details your employer needs to know. Offer to help, if possible.
  • Finally, sign off your letter and make your resignation official.
  • Proofread and spell check before sending the letter or the mail.

Best Resignation Letter Examples:

Resignation Letter sample



Resignation Letter format



Thank You Notes to Colleagues

Although Thank You Notes does not count as a type of resignation, it’s a part of resigning. Sending goodbye notes to your boss, colleagues, and team members is a thoughtful thing to do. You may not be working with them anymore, but it would be something they will remember you for. It will also help you retain the friendships you formed with your colleagues even after leaving the organisation.

Here are some sample Thank you note you could write to your colleagues and boss:

Thank You Notes to boss sample

Above Image Showing A Thank You Note Presented To A Boss

Thank You Notes to Colleagues example

Above Image Showing A txts Presented To A Colleague

Summary of writing the best Resignation Letter

Now that we are aware of how to write an impressive resignation letter, with the help of the best resignation letter examples, we will make a quick recap of all the things you need to remember while writing a resignation letter:

  • Always begin the letter with a salutation: Beginning the letter with a greeting is a must. Do not ever forget this, as it would be very unprofessional to do so. Any letter without a salutation is impolite.
  • Add address and contact details: Always add your contact details and address with the email. Your office might need it to contact you at the time of notice period or even after that. In the letter, you may also add your current designation in the organisation you’re working from and soon going to resign from.
  • Be clear with the subject of the letter: Do not sugar-coat. Directly introduce the letter’s subject within the first paragraph or even within the opening line of the letter. There is no need in delaying the official announcement of your resignation. This is a key to writing the best resignation letter.
  • Don’t forget to be grateful: Express your gratitude for being hired and also write that you’re thankful for the opportunities they’ve given you. A note of appreciation will leave you in the good-books of your employer. It would be helpful for you as your future employer might do some background research on you, and you will never be in trouble then.
  • Offer to help: If you are willing to be on a notice period, offer to help your organisation before your notice period ends. Don’t promise anything you can’t do. It will also help you get a badge of professionalism. Also, don’t keep any work pending.
  • Justify your resignation: This is optional. But if you’re submitting a short notice resignation letter, then it’s better to justify your sudden decision briefly. It would also help the authorities to understand your position.
  • Add last day of work: Add the date of the last day of work, i.e., the day your notice period ends for the convenience of the office. This is also according to the best resignation letter templates available on the internet.
  • Don’t make the letter too long: Don’t add unnecessary details and make the letter long. Also don’t use your resignation letter as a medium to complain about your dissatisfactions, which you faced while working for the organisation, as it is very professional.
  • Ending the letter: Close the letter with a professional closing line like ‘Sincerely’ or ‘Kind regards’ and sign off the note.

You follow the same templates and formats discussed above even if you’re an intern quitting before the internship term ends.

Now that you have some good resignation letter samples, you can write the best resignation letter to your current job and resign peacefully.

Follow all the instructions in the article meticulously, and you’re good to go. Your resignation letter can also become one of the samples for the best resignation letter if you follow these simple steps to draft your resignation letter.

After this you can concentrate on your new job or start looking for a new one if you already don’t have one. Polish your resume as you’re about to start something new. Wishing you all the best for your future job.

Frequently Asked Questions on Resignation Letter

Q.1) What should be the tone of the resignation letter?

It should be polite and formal.

Q.2) What should be added in the subject line?

It should be brief and to the point like “Resignation Letter.”

Q.3) Should one resign through email or letter?

Resignation should be given through an email.

Q.4) What to do in the transition period?

It depends on the employee, whether they want to work or not.

Q.5) When should you submit a resignation letter?

It is essential to submit it while serving the notice period.

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