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Career Guidance, Courses and Career Options After 12

Career guidance after 12th

Career guidance after 12 that will determine the rest of your life for you is not an easy decision for a 16 or 17-year-old, especially one that can ultimately change the rest of your life. What after 12th is a big dilemma. There is nothing helpful about parents who are often unsure about what advice to give. Students face a wide range of confusion. Let’s see which are the best career guidance options after 12 where many students face confusion.

What To Do After 12th Science?


There are many activities connected to the medical field, ranging from diagnostics to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Probably the most popular course after 12th science is this one. You can consider the following courses following 10+2 for career guidance in the aftermath of studying Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB). The following are a few of them that you can use as career guidance after 12th grade.

  • Medical and surgical bachelor’s degree (MBBS)
  • Dental Surgery Bachelor’s Degree
  • Pharmacy degree
  • Medical Laboratory Technology Bachelor’s Degree
  • Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science (BVSc. AH)
  • BPT (physiotherapy) or OTD (occupational therapy)
  • Biotechnology B.Tech/B.E.
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Environment Science
  • Bachelor of Science Forensic Science/Home Science
  • A diploma in medical laboratory technology, x-ray technology, etc.


Following 12th science, engineers have a vast array of career options. The following are a few of them that you can use as career guidance after 12th grade.

Electrical and Electronics Engineers

In this role, they are responsible for developing, building, testing, and overseeing the fabrication of electric motors, navigational systems, and communication equipment. 

Computer Engineers

Programmers, software developers, and web application designers work on their projects.

Civil Engineers

Buildings, dams, bridges, airports, water supply systems, and sewage systems are some of the infrastructure projects they design, monitor, and maintain in both the public and private sectors.

Chemical Engineers

Chemical manufacturing processes are designed and developed by them. Chemical engineers handle problems related to producing chemicals, drugs, fuels, food, and other products.

Aerospace Engineers

Spacecraft and aircraft are developed by them in specialized fields.

Marine Engineers

Ships, oil rigs, and other offshore structures need them to manage their internal systems.


Jobs in commerce are typically Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Chartered Financial Analysts, Actuaries, Bankers, etc. Even though these careers remain popular today, there are now many other lucrative options available. Below are some tips for career guidance after 12th.

  • Management of businesses
  • Management of products
  • Sales and advertising management 
  • Data analysis and business
  • Marketing digitally
  • Development of human resources 
  • Consultancy services


Students who study science can pursue diverse careers, including those in humanities and the arts. Often known as STEAM jobs, these roles explore these connections. The following are a few examples of popular transdisciplinary fields that are used as career guidance after 12.

What are the best career options?

1) Software development

Developers of computer software ensure that the software works as intended.


Today’s world revolves around the internet and technology. Using both our mobile phones and computers has become crucial to our daily lives since the introduction of artificial intelligence. Therefore, there is a huge demand for software developers today.

Education and salary

The only requirement for becoming a software developer is a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Software developers earn on average INR 5-6 LPA until they are 1-5 years old, then it increases to INR 10-15 LPA.

2) Therapist (Occupational Therapy Assistant)

Demand and Duties

People are stressed and anxious more than ever as the world is growing. People are hungry to find a person who can help them with their problems as a result of this growth. As a result, the demand for therapists has increased significantly. It is in high demand today to become an occupational therapy assistant since the role involves a variety of functional duties.


Graduate of an occupational therapy program.


In the initial 2-4 years, you could earn not less than 5 to 8 lakhs per annum, and then it would start increasing.

3) Speech-language pathologists

Another option suggested during career guidance after 12 is speech-language pathologists. Are you unfamiliar with him? I will explain.

Duties and demand

People who suffer from conditions such as dementia or stroke do not just suffer physical setbacks. Language impairment also affects them. You will be responsible for restoring speech communication in speech-language pathology practice.


The field of this work requires a master’s degree.


A typical annual salary is between INR 7 and 9 lakhs.

4) Data analyst


There are plenty of online shopping sites where you can look for those perfect pairs of shoes, or binge-watch your favorite shows online. Our online activities involve the use of data. Organizations collect this data to better understand their users.


A data analyst is someone who processes and properly makes use of data.


Approximately $2-$3 lakhs per year is the starting salary for a data analyst in India. In the long run, you may be able to earn up to ₹8-10 lakhs annually.

Future Scope

One of the best careers in India is that of a data analyst. By the end of 2022, experts forecast that approximately 40,000 jobs will open in Data Analytics in India.

As a career guidance option after 12 in India for the coming future, Data Analytics presents a broad scope and a lot of possibilities.

Best Career options for students after 12

The following courses are for art students to prepare for amd suggested during career guidance after 12th 

  • Content Writer/Blogger
  • SEO Analyst
  • Fashion/Interior Designer
  • Creative Director/Media Manager/Journalist
  • Growth Hacker
  • Social Worker
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Social Media Manager
  • Government Jobs
  • Event Management

The following UG courses are available after 12th grade Science for career guidance

The following courses are available after 12th grade in Commerce for career guidance after 12th grade

Answers to frequently asked questions about career guidance, career courses, and career opportunities after 12

1. Is choosing a career the best way to go?

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Decide what is essential for you.
  • Consider jobs you might be interested in.
  • Job and employer research.
  • Update your resume and get training (if you need it).
  • Job search and application.
  • Keep learning and growing.

2. What should I do to find a career I love?

  • The importance of loving what you do.
  • Taking care of your health and relationships. 
  • Interested in other things. 
  • Careers. 
  • Finding a career you love by using your strengths. 
  • Test your career aptitude. 
  • Find out what suits you. 
  • Discover What You Are Curious About.

3. Which career test is the best?

As a very effective method for assessing your preferences and your suitability for any career path, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has been widely recognized for decades. Many companies and career coaches prefer it for this reason.

4. Where can I find free career tests?

  • Getting to the truth about personality: The Big Five.
  • Within ten minutes, you can discover more about your relationship with others via our free career personality test.

5. What are the best ways to find a career that suits me?

  • Conduct career assessments. 
  • Identify all the options available to you. 
  • You should look for overlaps. 
  • Creating a network. 
  • Mentorship can help.

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