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Codeigniter Interview Questions you should know about


When people consider changing careers and jobs, they put a lot of effort into their cover letter and resume which get them in the door. However, they tend to relax and neglect the interview preparation. A positive in-person first impression is necessary to secure a job offer.

Here, we have listed some of the popular Codeigniter Interview Question.

 Questions – They Will Test Your Knowledge.

Explain Codeigniter.

Codeigniter is a strong MVC centred PHP framework with a small footprint. It is built for designers who need a simple toolkit to develop full-featured web applications.

List Features Codeigniter Provides.

• Nearly zero configuration.
• Strong security.
• Exceptional Performance.
• Clear Documentation.
• Simple Solutions over Complexity.
• Framework with a small footprint.

What is Routing in Codeigniter?

In software engineering routing is the procedure of first taking a URI endpoint (that part which comes after the base URL). Then it is decomposed into parameters to decide which controller action of the controller and module should get the request. In Codeigniter there is a one-to-one relationship between a URL string and its corresponding method/controller class.

Explain an Inhibitor in Codeigniter.

An inhibitor is a class error handling in Codeigniter. It uses PHP’s native functions like set_error_handler, set_exception_handler, register_shutdown_function to handle parse errors, fatal errors and exemptions.

Explain Sessions in Codeigniter.

In the Codeigniter Session, class permits you to keep a user’s state and track their action while they are browsing the website. To use session, you need to load session class in your controller.

What is the Default URL Pattern Used in the Codeigniter Framework?

URLS in Codeigniter are intended to be people-friendly and search-engine friendly. Codeigniter uses a segment-based approach rather than the ‘query string’ based approach. The default URL pattern has 4 main parts. They are:

1. An optional action parameter (xyz).
2. An action or method (edit).
3. A controller (user).
4. A server name (abc.com).

Explain an ORM.

Object relational mapping (ORM) is a programming method for converting data between opposing type systems. Object-oriented programming languages are used. Below is the list of Orms supported by the Codeigniter Framework.

• Gas ORM.
• Doctrine.
• Data Mapper.

List the Resources that can be Autoloaded in Codeigniter.

These items can be automatically loaded.

• Models found in the models/folder.
• Language files found in the language/system directory.
• Custom config files found in the config/directory.
• Helper files found in the helpers/directory.
• Classes found in the libraries/directory.

To autoload resources open the autoload/config/application file and add the item you want loading to the autoload array. There are instructions in the file corresponding to each type of item.

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What are the Messages you can log into Codeigniter?

There are three message types in Codeigniter. They are:

Informational Messages – these are the lowest priority messages giving information regarding some process.

Debug Messages –
these are dispatches that assist in debugging. For example, if a class has been initialised you can log this as debugging info.

Error Messages –
these are actual errors such as PHP errors or user errors.

What Interviewers are looking for

Interviewers want to know if you can do the job. Also, they are interested in your real value and how you can help solve problems. You need to demonstrate what makes you unique and why you should be chosen over the other qualified candidates. They want to get a feeling for your personality and work out if you are good for the job, department, organisation and corporate culture.

8 Things You Should Not Do.


Arrive too early (or too late) – you will appear either overeager or unreliable.

Overlook researching the organisation/industry – it shows a lack of interest and preparation – employers may think you will function that way on the job.

Appear stiff, disinterested or unenthusiastic – potential employers need to know you want to work for them. However, avoid being overeager or artificially enthusiastic.

Forget to prepare answers to frequently asked interview questions – these include ‘why do you want to work here’.

Distract the interviewer – don’t wear jewellery that jingles or strong perfume/cologne. These can cause a distraction and a negative impression.

Keep your phone in view – put the phone away and turn it off. It gives the impression there’s something more important than the interview.

Neglect to prepare questions in advance – interviewers love it when you ask questions. Asking questions shows:

• Interest.
• Curiosity.
• Analytical skills.
• Dimension.

You will probably be relieved the interview is coming to the end. However, it is important to show interest and eagerness. Finish the interview with a question about the next step.

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