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Design Engineer Job Description

What is a Design Engineer job?

Design engineers are responsible for the creation, evolution, and enhancement of systems and products of a company after thorough research and development.

The varied tasks of a design engineer in the engineering department of a company include drafting of blueprints of innovation, creation and testing of prototypes, and inspecting the manufacturing process. 

Design engineers are great analytical minds with exemplary creative ability and exceptional communication skills.

What does a Design Engineer do?

The design engineers, also known as mechanical engineers are brilliant minds with an orientation for detailing. As a team member of the company’s creative team the design engineer, they channelize innovations and enhancements.

The creative minds of the design engineers collaborate with the design and production team on varied projects and programs aimed at developing omnifarious products. 

They implement their in-depth expertise of the latest trends and developments in design to engineer systems and pave the way for further growth of the company.

The analytical ability and solution-oriented approach of the design engineer boosts production efficiency and mitigate risks through research and innovation.

Design Engineer job duties include:

Design engineers give life to innovative concepts by piecing together the technical aspects of the product design that include functionality, safety assurance, design appeal, and material quality. 

Theinnovative roles and technical responsibilities of a design engineerare critical to the long-term growth of the company.

  • Coordinate client requirements and convert their needs into innovative concepts.
  • In collaboration with engineering, designing, and production teams to create and troubleshoot concepts and prototypes as part of the product development process
  • Actively participate and lead brainstorming sessions with clients and team members to rarefy and enhance archetypes or frequent successful products for amelioration.
  • Draft archetypes, rough and final sketches, outlines, and blueprints using an assortment of materials and techniques, including both traditional tools of drafting and sketching and cutting-edge computer-aided technology
  • Assess and evaluate estimates of production costs, including timelines for production, tools for implementation in the manufacturing process, labor and materials management required for production, marketing, transportation, distribution 
  • Evaluation of the timelines for replenishing the final product as per the client’s order of business
  • Conduct research on distribution opportunities as well as the ambit of possible maintenance services before a product is marketed
  • Cite and share findings of in-depth analysis of manufacturing expediency and feasibility with the team for troubleshooting and calibrating production timelines
  • Engage the team and be a part of the review of product design to deliver strategized archetype product designs aligned with the latest cutting-edge trends and developments, visions of the company, and client specifications 
  • Actively participate and contribute to the efforts of the marketing team in the design of marketing brochures, product manuals, and catalogs of specifications
  • Contribute to the advertisement team with product specifications for packaging and advertising the final product

Job brief for a Design Engineer:

The Design Engineers combine creativity with technical expertise to bring about life-changing innovations.

The industry demands deep knowledge, technical knowledge, and up-to-date expertise inthe latest trends.

  • Extensive research for the development of innovative concepts
  • Drafting blueprints and archetypes of engineering designs with adequate use of graphics.
  • Development of prototypes
  • Assessing of prototypes through the application of testing techniques
  • Providing diagnostic solutions for improvisation
  • Unravelling, classifying, explicating, and implementing solutions for improvising production efficiency
  • Using appropriate design software in the development of models, illustrations, and sketches of new concepts and products.
  • Liaising with the sales team in determining fee quotes for customized products

Responsibilities of a Design Engineer:

  • Properly recording and maintaining archives of existing engineering specifications, manuals, and designs.
  • Conducting assessments to mitigate risks involving engineering prototypes
  • Estimating production, distribution, transportation, and marketing cost that analyses feasibility and comply with budgetary constraints for new concepts and designs.
  • Overseeing the manufacturing process of designs, both existing ones, and new products
  • Liaising with other design engineers of the department, as well as production, marketing, management, and distribution teams.
  • Frequently collaborating with the quality control and product testing teams to determine requisite fine-tuning of the original prototype

Requirements for a Design Engineer job:

A Design Engineer gives life to visual concepts through extensive technical detailing and analyses.

  • A degree or masters in design engineering with specialization in the field of work
  • Previous experience as per company’s requirement
  • Excellent interpersonal, collaborative, and communication skills
  • Expertise in technical knowledge and an impeccable eye for detailing
  • Expert knowledge of relevant software and tools, both traditional and modern
  • Extensive knowledge of processes and regulatory norms
  • Expertise of budgeting
  • The technical expertise of preparation of marketing collaterals

Average Salary for a Design Engineer (City Based Tables):

The median salary for an Indian design engineer is Rs. 376kper annum. Salary estimates are calculated of thousands of employees, anonymously submitted by design engineers.

Following are the estimated salaries for design engineersbased on their years of experience.

Sr. No.Experience in yearsAnnual in INR
National AverageMumbai AverageChennai AverageBangalore AverageDelhi Average
1>1 245k235k241k297k246k
21 to 4331k301k362k399k313k
35 to 9583k602k591k690k512k
410 to 19968k1m862k1m2m
520+ 1m2m1m**

A * indicates that data is not disclosed and is not available for these segments. 

Design Engineer Job Key Skills:

  • Technical expertise combined with an analytical mindset
  • Excellent liaising techniques
  • The expertise of research methodology
  • Up-to-date and expertise knowledge of latest trends and developments in the industry
  • Expert at brainstorming and multitasking
  • Innovative and creative ability combined with interpersonal skills

Why pursue a career as a Design Engineer?

Design engineering is a highly rewarding career that has the highest pay-offs for deserving design engineers at entry levels as well.

Design engineering though has multiple sub-specialties its common vision of producing innovation remains the same. It is a field for design engineers with an appetite for innovative concepts.

It is a rewarding and challenging position for those who are keen on seeing a project through from concept to perfect fulfillment.

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How to become a Design Engineer?

A degree in engineering with specialization in the relevant field of expertise and a background in art and creativity is required for a basic level entry into the field of design engineering. If you are in the software sector a degree in computer engineering would be the base requisite to become a design engineer.

The design process requires the application of rigorous quality checks and their sustenance through stringent control measures. It is a pre-requisite for thedesign engineerto have expertise inmeasures and tools of quality control.

The design engineer must have expertise in the field of specialization and technical expertise of application of varied tools of designing, drafting and preparing archetypes, both traditional and innovative modern ones.

The industry demands utmost confidentiality and compliance with processes, products, customers, and company information involving patent rights. The design engineer must have the expertise of patenting to avoid any legal tangles.

The design engineer needs a mastery of agility and interpersonal, communication, and collaborative skills to blend it with technical expertise while multitasking and liaising with varied departments to produce swift results.

The industry stipulates an innovative, analytical and methodical approach to time and again produce ingenious technological inventions that lead the way to a better future.

The design engineer must acquire up-to-date expertise in technological advances in the industry. The design process and environment demand self-motivation to be creative and innovative. The design engineer needs the tenacity that matches that of Thomas Edison who failed a thousand times before inventing the archetype of the bulb.

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