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Graphic Designer Job Description

Graphic designing is the craft of creating engrossing visual content to communicate ideas and messages that can be traced back to the primitive ages. Modern Graphic designer job or the skill covers all the aspects of mass communication from printable materials to 3-D animation. In the section that follows, the different aspects of the modern graphic designer job will be discussed. 

What is a graphic designer job?

Depending on the type of industry, the graphic designer job pertains to various forms and genres. The different types of graphic designer jobs include the following: 

  • Marketing, promotional and production graphic design
  • Advertising, branding and visual identity graphic design
  • Publication and editorial graphic design
  • Website and digital design
  • Art and motion graphic design
  • Lettering and corporate design
  • Environmental commuting design
  • Typeface and interface design
  • Video game art design
  • Packaging based designs

All forms mentioned above of graphic designer job pertain to some division of labour: business design, Enterprise design, Products design, and execution design. These designs are the organisation’s primary and most important image.

What does a graphic designer do?

To put it simply, the graphic designer job is all about combining art and technology. They create mesmerizing visual concepts using technology or hand skills to cater to the client’s requirements. These graphics can be photos, infographics, illustration files, callouts and any form of data visualization. On that note, the work that graphic designers do are as follows:

  • Balance an art form into stability and structure. 
  • Develop an organisation, hierarchy and flow-chart to frame an outcome in uniformity.
  • Produce an alignment to add transparency and sharpness to an outcome.
  • Repeat the flowchart wherever possible to strengthen the loopholes as and when applicable.
  • Contrast, impact and highlight to complete the finishing touch of the final outcome.

Graphic designing job duties include:

The craft of a graphic designer job includes incorporating graphics or motions into media elements and various forms of attestations. Hence the graphic designing job duties include the following key areas:

  • Collaborating with the clients to understand their requirements as per their budget.
  • Looking after client’s proposals through a workflow of typesetting, design, style, format, time schedule, print and production.
  • Plan out the illustrations through concepts, graphics and layout. The layout also encompasses size, fonts and arrangement of copies.
  • Preparing drafts of the client’s requirements.
  • Reviewing every step of the outcome layout, working on requisite suggestions and improvements if any.
  • Collaborating with third party printers if necessary to ensure submission of the client’s requirements before the deadlines.

Graphic designer job description Sample

The graphic designer job requires wonderful organizational skills and knowledge of soft-wares. They can work in various fields with different types of job roles specifically. The job brief for graphic design careers are as follows:

  • Creative director – Art or creative leadership in advertising agencies or marketing departments of a company.
  • Engineering drafter – To convert the designs of architects and engineers into technical drawings for blueprint and workers.
  • Video or film editor – To manage camera footage, sound elements and special effects into a final video product.
  • Industrial designer – To develop the look of a product based on the client’s requirements and company goals. 
  • Marketing manager – To control all the promotional, survey and research activities of a company.
  • Campaign Manager – To look after the demonstrations of the political, commercial scientific campaigns.
  • Multimedia artist – To create designs and effects for digital media.
  • Technical writer – To convert technical information into an understandable colloquial format for multiple parties of a project.
  • Website designer – To code, create content and effects for a website or app. 

Responsibilities of a graphic designer job

The graphic designer job requires a lot of devotion and practice and the will to carry out the responsibilities to meet the client’s deadline. Having said so, the major responsibilities of the graphic designer job include the following:

  • Conceptualise the elements of design as;
  • Suppositional elements – points, lines, planes and volumes.
  • Visual elements – Shape, colour, size, texture and fonts.
  • Relational elements – Direction, position, gravity and space.
  • Practical elements – Representation, meaningfulness and functionality.
  • Create prototypes manually or using technology.
  • Create better illustrations based on suggestions made on the prototype.
  • Review and resolve all errors and ensure that the final outcomes are up to the mark.
  • To collaborate with all the departments involved in the project.

Graphic designer Salary

Depending on the nature of the industries and the respective skill-set of the graphic designer, they get paid well. The differentiation will be based on locations, educational qualification, training, promotions and field experience. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, USA, 2021, the average annual salary of a graphic designer is $ 53,880. On that note, the annual average salary for a graphic designer job in various cities of India is as follows:

Name of the cityAnnual average salary in Rupees
New- Delhi1 lakhs to 6 lakhs
Mumbai0.8 lakhs to 6 lakhs
Bengaluru1.8 lakhs to 7.5 lakhs
Pune1.1 lakhs to 6 lakhs
Hyderabad1.2 lakhs to 3.2 lakhs
Secunderabad1.2 lakhs to 3.2 lakhs

Chart: A representation of different salary structures of graphic designer job in different cities of India

Key skills and graphic design courses

When students need to train themselves with the key skills and graphic design courses, they add the following competencies in the graphic designer job:

  • Communication skills – The graphic designer must have proficient communication skills. This is essential for understanding the client’s requirements and meeting market demands.
  • Time scheduling skills – The graphic designer must arrange their work timings into the technical and business processes.
  • Teamwork development skills – The graphic designer job for a company is divided into the technical team, creative team and business team. Naturally, the graphic designer must develop proficient teamwork.
  • Technical expertise –A graphic designer must have sufficient technical knowledge pertaining to photo-editing software, Adobe, Creative apps, coding, interactive media, typography, branding and so on. 

Why pursue a career in online graphic design?

Pursuing a career in any field requires two primary considerations. One is passion and another is reasonable payment. Apart from those described above, there are a few reasons why the graphic designer job can be pursued. A question; “Why pursue a career in online graphic design” can also be included. The respective fields where a graphic designer can find good scopes and opportunities for career growth and passion fruitfulness are as follows:

  • IT and software development companies
  • Advertising firms
  • Television studios
  • Video production firms
  • Fashion industry
  • Corporate branding
  • Consultation
  • Publication Houses
  • Print houses
  • Signage houses
  • In house departments of national and international organisations
  • Website building firms

All these aforesaid companies come under some of the world’s most renowned brands such as Amazon.com, TCS, Crawford Group and many more. 

How to become a successful graphic designer

The measure of success and the means to become successful varies from person to person and from company to company. To understand how to become a successful graphic designer there are a few steps to excel in the graphic designer job. They are as follows:

  • Candidates must obtain a suitable degree and diploma in Graphic Design from a reputed and recognized institution.
  • Individuals with a certificate in HTML, Photoshop, CSS, and Web-Design can get added advantage in the job placement.

An individual must look into the list of companies and industries in the previous sections with the aforementioned credentials. They can also start freelancing. Experience, honing of skills and potential are all the necessities for success. 

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Conclusion for Graphic designer job description

The future of graphic designer jobs, however, depends on augmented reality, 3-D printing and automation. Therefore, the aspirants for a graphic designing job must also adapt to the needs of the future accordingly.

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