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Duty Manager Job Description

A Duty Manager is in charge of the organization’s day-to-day operations, including facilities, security, customer service, and administration. In addition, the Duty Manager oversees the organization’s maintenance and overall safety procedures. Meetings with other executives or managers are also the responsibility of a Duty Manager. 

Excellent communication, good time management, versatility and conflict resolution are crucial skills that service managers must bring with them. It is important for service managers to be flexible as they may have to work in different shifts, including early morning, late evening, weekends, and holidays.

A good Duty Manager should be able to communicate well and manage their time effectively. Aside from that, the Duty Manager Job necessitates flexibility at night. Duty Managers are occasionally expected to live on-site in the place they are responsible for managing.

What is a Duty Manager?

The Duty Manager Job also entails organizing personnel shifts, conducting frequent inspections, and distributing responsibilities. Overseeing daily operations, guaranteeing employee productivity, monitoring the efficiency of all procedures, and providing a positive work atmosphere are all part of their responsibilities. You’ll also meet with upper management on a frequent basis to be informed on organizational changes, issues, and improvements.

What does a Duty Manager do?

The task is to carry out routine supervisory duties during the absence of the directors. The majority of duty managers work in hotels, where they allocate important responsibilities, assess employees’ outputs, and provide customer service.

Ultimately, a Duty Manager job is also to guarantee that all operations run properly and that we accomplish our company’s objectives.

Duty Manager Jobs duties include:

  • Scheduling shifts and communicating information are two of your responsibilities.
  • Work flow direction and evaluation on a regular basis.
  • Making certain that budgets are adhered to.
  • As needed, providing guests with assistance.
  • Putting an end to major staff conflicts.
  • Guests who break the rules will be dealt with.
  • Taking appropriate disciplinary action against employees who engage in inappropriate behaviour.

Conceiving new procedures and strengthening our fully operational security safeguards.

Job brief for Duty Manager:

The duty manager job description differs by industry.

Overseeing daily operations, guaranteeing employee productivity, monitoring the efficiency of all processes, and fostering a positive work atmosphere are all tasks of the Duty Manager job.

Responsibilities of duty manager:

Duty Manager Jobs have following responsibility:

  • Keep track of your monthly, quarterly, and annual objectives.
  • Assess and enhance procedures and policies in collaboration with management.
  • Revenue and cash flow should be monitored and reported on.
  • Maintaining and enforcing company policies.
  • New hires should be trained.
  • As needed, address employee grievances or performance issues.
  • Check in with employees on a regular basis to see how satisfied they are.
  • Organize your shifts.
  • Assist management in developing the department’s budget.
  • Respond to client concerns and complaints.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of facilities should be scheduled on a regular basis.
  • To stay informed on company concerns, meet with upper management on a regular basis.
  • Oversee the facility’s security.

Requirements for Duty Manager.

Duty Manager Job have following requirement:

  • Previous experience as a Duty Manager or in a similar management function in the industry is preferred.
  • Experience with customer service
  • Cash management and bookkeeping procedures are both important skills to have.
  • Management abilities in a group
  • Exceptional organizational abilities
  • Strong problem-solving skills and/or experience with facilities maintenance and/or security
  • Working on shifts, including weekends, is required.
  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration is a plus.

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Average salary for Duty manager:

The average salary for a duty manager is ₹23,682 per month in India.The income of a duty manager varies by city.The cities with the highest pay for duty manager job are mentioned below.

ProfileSalary(per month)City

Duty Manager
Rs. 31,399  Rs. 28,702
Rs. 26,990
Chennai,Tamil Nadu
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Bengaluru, Karnataka

Key skills:

Listed below are some skills required for Duty Manager Job

  • Problem solving.
  • Communication.
  • Decision making.
  • Leadership.
  • Supervision.
  • Customer service.
  • Professionalism.
  • Project Management.

Why pursue a career in a Duty Manager job?

Duty Manager Job have following advantages to it:

  • This profile will assist you in bettering your time management abilities.
  • This occupation does not necessitate a higher education.
  • You’ll be in charge of a supervisory and executive team.
  • A job as a duty manager will allow you to learn a great deal about the hotel industry.

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How to become a Duty Manager?

To be considered for the Duty Manager Job position, you must first complete a series of procedures.

1. Get a college diploma

A high school graduation and equivalent work experience are required for some duty manager roles. A bachelor’s degree in business management, administration, or a comparable discipline may be required for other roles. A bachelor’s degree in aviation, for example, might be required for a duty manager post at an airport, but a bachelor’s degree in hospitality might be required for a duty manager position in a hotel. If they want to improve their professions from duty manager to hotel manager, some professionals may pursue higher education, such as master’s degrees in business management.

2. Choose the industry in which you want to work.

Because you can work in a variety of industries, you should look into all of the possibilities. Your education may be able to assist you in making this decision. Look for opportunities that require a duty manager and study the Duty Manager Job requirements. Following that, you might look into other openings at these organisations to see whether an entry-level employment that matches your qualifications is available.

3. Get some experience

Many duty manager roles require more than a year of expertise in a specific profession, with many requiring two to five years. Consider working in entry-level employment with businesses to obtain experience in the field and develop skills such as customer service, cash management, and communication. Working as a front desk agent in a hotel, for example, might teach you how to connect with guests and prioritise your chores. Consider assistant manager jobs after a few years to build leadership abilities, as certain positions demand both industry knowledge and management experience.

4. Review the criteria and make any necessary changes to your resume.

Although duty managers are responsible for a variety of responsibilities, each job may have its own set of criteria. Try reading each job description to make sure you have the necessary education and experience to apply for the job. Consider showcasing your industry successes and any leadership experience when revising your CV. When updating your CV, scanning the job description for keywords might help you figure out what exact words to include.

5. Seek promotion.

Duty managers may be hired from inside the organisation by general management. Consider approaching your bosses if you’ve worked as an assistant manager or a lead with a firm. Inquiring about the duties you might undertake, the talents you’ll need, and the accomplishments you’ll need to be considered a competent candidate. It is suggested that the responsibilities expected of service manager positions contain critical data in understanding the scope of the position.

Service managers are important in describing what a supervisor does; however, the person is also responsible for managing part of the work, part of the club’s results, or any useful territory within a club, with or without detailed staff.

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