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What does a Safety Officer do?

“No job is so important that we can’t take the time to perform it safely.”

As many are getting back on track with the COVID-19 pandemic cases reducing, the workplaces are getting ready to welcome employees. And this means the companies which were closed for nearly two years straight are opening again. The need for checking if the buildings are in good shape to avoid any disaster is garnering attention. Making offices a safe place to work must be of the highest order priority. This is the safety officer’s job in general.

What Is A Safety Officer?

The Safety Officer of a company monitors the activities taking place in the company with extreme care. They ensure that there have been no violations of rules and regulations that could risk the staff’s well-being. Therefore, a safety officer’s duties highly depend on their presence of mind during unplanned situations.

The essential aim of the safety officer’s job is to make the company a safe and secure place for people to toil and succeed. Therefore, they must possess knowledge of legislation and legal codes for procedures. Occupational safety hazards may include machinery malfunction, electric wiring, short-circuiting, housekeeping issues, scaffolding, hazardous chemical releases, and building mishaps.

What does a Safety Officer do?

A safety officer’s job includes inspection of the workrooms based on the parameters and regulations given by the government. In addition, in case of emergencies such as accidental fire or flooding, or electrocution, the safety officer in position must safeguard the workers.

The health and safety of the employees working in the establishment must be given great attention. And this is the safety officer’s job to make the personnel feel protected at their work station. They must act as supervisors and administrators to make sure the employees abide by the protocols

Job duties of Safety Officer include:

  • Checking if all the safety guidelines set by the higher-up authorities are being adhered to well.
  • Maintaining the records which hold health information on the staff and employees working in the company.
  • Enforcing the various programs and plans set for the development of occupational hazards.
  • Advising and instructing the workers in case of any precautionary measures is the safety officer’s job.
  • Inspect the premises/ perimeter of the company’s buildings if it fits the National Occupational Safety And Health (OSH) rules.
  • Conducting data analysis and statistical reports for presentations.
  • Development of the policies to avoid any mishaps at the workstation is the safety officer’s job.

We are looking for a diligent worker who is capable of taking the position of a safety officer’s job with great care and attention. The person in question must be duly qualified in the fields of occupational safety hazards. Writing reports and policies for the health and safety of the employees is one of the important parts of the duty.

Abiding by the OSH guidelines set by the main governing body, the safety officer’s duty should make the workers feel safe and secure in the establishment. In addition, being far-sighted and accurate of the regulations to be followed can help prevent various accidents.

Responsibilities of Safety Officer: 

Helping the company be a protected area for work and labor is the safety officer’s job.
Running organizational agendas to educate the employees on the dangers that could be faced.
Training the workforces to manage safety emergency circumstances.
Keeping a lookout for violations and regulations to retain the workplace standards.
Stop any unsafe or dangerous activities which can be harmful in the interest of the workforce.
The safety officer’s job is to oversee the repairs and installations that need to be replaced or added as per the requirements.
Maintaining the equipment and apparatus used in the establishment for any prevention of industrial accidents.

Requirements for Safety Officer:

  • Certification in occupational health and safety courses.
  • Experience in the sector of safety management for at least 3 years.
  • Having the capability of bonding over the team members without any trouble is needed in the safety officer’s job.
  • Modest familiarity with working on Microsoft Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint.
  • Experience in presenting the evaluated information in front of an audience.
  • Experience in time management, organizational design, conflict settlement, and resolution.
  • Critical thinking and capable of solving problems when challenged.

Average Salary for Safety Officer (City Based Tables)

Safety Officer’s salary may vary depending on the pay scale and the number of employees in the particular area. It also varies on the resources and the municipality where the company is situated. For the metropolitan cities with higher connectivity, the salary is seen to have an upturn than other towns. Safety Officer’s Job is very important in all manufacturing and construction industries

City Of IndiaSalary
Delhi₹ 383,400
Mumbai₹ 388,900
Bangalore₹ 368,671
Hyderabad₹ 354,706
Chennai₹ 351,117
Lucknow₹ 420,000
Kochi₹ 275,000
Nagpur₹ 308,000
Pune₹ 350,718
Ahmedabad₹ 430,000
Gurgaon₹ 400,000
Pondicherry₹ 368,200
Kolkata₹ 302,524
Jaipur₹ 363,837
Kota₹ 320,600
Kanpur₹ 325,000
Surat₹ 361,678
Bhubaneswar₹ 300,000
Kozhikode₹ 330,000
Mangalore₹ 420,091
Chandigarh₹ 330,890
Thane₹ 501,980
Dehradun₹ 258,098
Indore₹ 264,070
Vishakhapatnam₹ 325,000

Key Skills Of Safety Officer:

  • Time management skills.
  • Outspoken leadership values.
  • Great communication services.
  • Analytical judging and great interpersonal building abilities
  • Outspoken leadership nature.
  • Understanding the working of the company’s management and policies
  • Great attention to small details and faults.
  • The safety officer’s job requires diverse knowledge and adaptability to the cultural and linguistic differences of orders.
  • In-depth knowledge of the subject that’s being dealt with.

With many mishaps and accidents taking place, companies are hiring for the safety officer position to safeguard and prevent them. In addition, given that capital and human resources are highly valued in this age of technology, the organization would always want the welfare of the staff working in the company. Thus, this job has greater scope in the future as well.

Being wise and sharp-eyed can easily help you excel in the safety officer’s job. Keeping a record of the new fixed and mounted materials in the building can give an insight into accidents. Must be also capable of training people for audits on safety regulations.

How to become a Safety Officer?

An occupational safety hazard officer has to keep heel with the new regulations and guidelines of higher governing bodies. So any of the courses in safety and health, or safety management or engineering can be quite helpful. Masters in the same can also give you an edge over the others. The main point to be remembered while getting this job is the knowledge and experience in the said field. Excellent communication skills to explain the health hazards in laymen’s terms to common people and workers is quite needed in the safety officer’s job. The place where a safety officer’s job is provided can vary from physical industries and factories to just companies with regular timings as well.

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