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Explore Careers in AI

Careers in AI

A CNBC report recently quoted Singapore’s Education Minister Ong Ye Kung informing readers that “The government has been preparing for an ageing workforce for the past 20 years…reforming its education system.” It further quotes the Group Head of Institutional Banking at DBS, Tan Su Shan saying, “If you don’t innovate and if you don’t change, technology will eat your lunch,” stressing the need for people to prepare for careers in technology – especially artificial intelligence (AI) – “to use it to assist you better.” (Ye Kung)
Careers in AI demand standard skills and a solid educational scaffolding in software engineering (coding, math, computation, etc.). Various careers in AI await you if you are agile and flexible.
We note four that are the most common stepping stones: 
Data Scientist 

Data scientists’ careers in AI usually begin with some serious immersion in research. As highly trained resources, they must analyse as well as have the talent of visualising how data can be applied in various situations. They have to be as brilliant with theory as with the business aspect of data. Their analytical mind crunches large reams of information into patterns and groups them into statistics for industrial use.
A career as a data scientist may yield earnings starting SD180,000. 
Cognitive Software Engineer 

Cognitive software engineering combines humanities, medical science and technology seamlessly. It makes use of cognitive psychology and neuroscience to arrive at solutions for intricate socio-political challenges using technology. Cognitive software engineers’ careers in AI begin at analysis, proceeds to design and culminates at assessment. The person is equipped to do so by applying cognitive science and systems engineering concepts to massive data gleaned from human (customer) behaviour and interactions. If you are a software engineer who is super-observant, enjoys “people watching” and gets under the skin of why people behave the way they do, then this is the tech career in AI for you!
Starting pay for cognitive software engineer jobs is in the range of SD78,000. 
IoT Architect

In a nutshell, IoT solutions architecture is a massive task. There’s a ton of cross-department interaction and it needs you to possess a vast amount of knowledge. Internet of things, or IoT, has been among the most significant milestones in the world of cutting-edge technology. An IoT architect must be a great communicator as well as technically sound. You’ll be expected to collaborate with other engineers to chalk out the best path to deploy or implement – in short, have a sense of the big picture. You’ll be involved in the sales and buy-in processes as well – that is, marketing the product for mass or organisation-level adoption. An IoT architect has to have an informed knack to justify and pinpoint the gaps where solutions can be plugged.
IoT architect jobs begin with pay checks of about SD76,500. 
Machine Learning Engineer 

Machine learning engineers are the very manifestation of careers in AI. Your understanding of programming has to be sophisticated and hands on. At a hardware level, you ought to be able to apply your learning from human abilities and feedback via their experience of machinery for processes. It requires human intervention to evolve machines that can accomplish the same tasks without it. Mathematical strength and deep understanding of cloud computing and application are the backbone of a successful career launch for machine learning engineer jobs.
Machine learning engineers rake in a starting pay of about SD71,000. 
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