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Feeling anxious? Here’s how to overcome it

Here's how to beat anxiety
We all have those days when we just can’t stop worrying about everything. Whether you’re dealing with a challenging client or looming deadlines, sometimes the stress seems to work its way into your system, making you restless and anxious.

Being happy at work is key to your overall well-being, so here are a few tips to reduce stress and tackle that anxiety:

Change your Morning Routine

When you wake up in the morning, do you immediately reach out for your phone to check any work emails and messages you received overnight? Having your brain jump into work mode the moment you open your eyes is one of the telltale signs of a stressful lifestyle.

Your mornings play an important role in setting the mood for the whole day – so do your best to make them positive. Put on a peppy playlist while you get dressed and eat a wholesome breakfast – even just a few minutes of me-time in the morning can put you off to a great start.

Stay Busy after Work

Your office hours may be the most productive part of your day, but it’s important to stay busy even when you’ve hung up your working hat. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop!

Don’t spend all your evenings and weekends shut in your place. Take time to step out and engage your brain in other ways – catch up with friends, pursue a hobby, drop by that new café, or do whatever it is that keeps you from overthinking and stressing about work.


Not only physical fitness good for your body but it also works wonders for your mind. Any form of exercise will have a positive impact, as it makes you feel better about yourself mentally and physically. After all, research has shown that exercise releases endorphins in the body, which help a great deal in improving mood. So break a sweat and ditch the stress.

Organise, Organise, Organise

Decluttering and organising your space is one of the most recommended strategies for coping with anxiety. Take a few minutes every day to clean up your desk physically and virtually; prioritise your tasks, write down deadlines, religiously maintain a to-do list.

Being organised will help you gain a sense of confidence and control over your tasks, paving the way for stress-free workdays.

Deep Breathing

We don’t usually notice our breathing pattern, but it impacts our health and wellness in every way. Shallow breathing increases anxiety and clouds the mind, but practicing a few simple breathing exercises can help.

Whenever you feel the stress pangs coming on, take long and deep breaths. It is an extremely powerful tool to beat stress that is easy to employ wherever you may be – at your desk, in a restaurant, or during a commute.

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