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Four awesome fun pranks to play in office on April Fools’ Day

Who doesn’t love a good prank?

And we’re just in time to pull off a gag – or two – with sheepish smiles and giggles galore. Yes, even at the workplace!

April Fools’ Day – also called All Fools’ Day – is a light-hearted celebration of all things foolish. Some believe that it’s a celebration that marks the turn of seasons; a few say it exists due to the adoption of a new calendar.

April Fool

Whatever its origins may be, this day can be your way of having the last laugh at the office. You can send someone on a “fool’s errand” to find a file that doesn’t exist, try and get someone to believe in an admirer who has sent flowers, or play a prank that startles the entire office.

Liven up April Fools’ Day by trying one of our fun tricks on your colleagues and team-mates.

The note trick
This one’s a funny one to pull, no matter how old you get. Stick a currency note – the bigger the denomination, the greater the interest – to the floor in a busy area of your office. Watch eyes light up as people spot, bend down and think up an unexpected treat! Giggles guaranteed!

Toot their horn
Give blowing your own horn a whole new meaning by fixing up an air horn to a chair that’s used sparingly through the day. The loud sound is sure to lead to plenty of guffaws. Keep moving the chair from department to department to ensure that the laughs continue.

Sweets for the sweet
Hand out a plateful of biscuits when the mid-afternoon slump hits. People may grab those Oreos, but they’re sure to toss them back at you with a horrified expression. The reason? The layer of white toothpaste sandwiched between the chocolate cookies.

Ring a bell. Or two
People who’re on the landline phone very often can bear the brunt of this phone prank. Tape down the hook on a phone – the kind that presses down when the handset is in the cradle – and call him or her. Despite being picked up, the phone will continue to ring, bewildering the person who’s picked up the phone and others.

Create a crime scene
Chances are most of your office workers are hooked to crime shows. Create your own CSI or set those Criminal Minds ticking by creating a faux crime scene complete with the chalk body outline and police tape all around the perimeter. Set it up at the reception/lobby so that it makes maximum impact.

Playing the fool is fine but ensure that your pranks don’t cross the line. Check with the HR about what you can do and what you can’t. Or else, the hired may turn into the fired – and that’s no laughing matter!

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