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Handling Job Search Rejection

Ajay went for his first round of the interview and could immediately tell that he is through. So he was not at all taken aback when he received the call for the next round with the head of the department. He was ready for it and turned out to be the finalist too, and began reciting the HR question answers. However, he could not clear the last round and was rejected!

This all may sound a little dramatic or a little familiar, but most of us have been rejected at one interview or the other. In fact, the scenario is quite common among freshers as stepping into an environment of cut throat competition from the sheltered college life is not easy!

Getting rejected in a job interview is something which should be handled normally without exaggerating, for you never know what the destiny has in store for you.

Here are a few tips on how you should deal with the rejection, and move on to better, brighter things.

1) Never take it personally
A job interview is never a parameter of your value as a professional. You were dropped only because your job application didn’t match the specific job criteria. It may or may not concern with how you shown up at the interview. Just because you didn’t turn up the best match does not mean that you’re not skilled. Remember even the best and the experienced candidates also face rejection. But only those who stay calm, positive, motivated turn out to be successful.

2) Search the perfect job perfectly
It’s no use hiding in your bed or stopping your job search after being dropped in the first interview. The better way to ward off the effects is to search smartly this time. Not researching about the company, the required profile and skills are some of the common goof ups made by job seekers.

Every job posting has a job description which you should read carefully. Further, researching about the company, its work culture and values can also be highly helpful in your perfect job search.

3) Avoid needless anguish
Some jobs are worth fighting for, but dwelling on them needlessly is not! Cutting the contacts with your friends or avoiding socializing with people will lead you nowhere. So, get up and focus on your goal of finding the right job as opposed to the wrong one.

4) Don’t beat a dead horse
Never seek explanation for the rejection directly. It gives a negative feedback of you as a person. Instead of asking directly why you were rejected, the better strategy is to seek guidance regarding the areas you should improve. Also, you may inform the interviewer that you look forward to appear for the next interview that comes up.

5) Look to the positive side
If you are a true optimist, you must believe in the adage that “everything happens for a reason” and this rejection is telling you to keep looking and moving forward.

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