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Head, Enterprise Architecture

1 Head, Enterprise Architecture

1.1 Job Purpose:
Responsible for creating a scalable, resilient and secure technology blueprint for establishment of a robust Enterprise Architecture aimed at meeting all User requirements. Lead the creation of the architecture blueprint, which will serve as the guiding document for all IT/Technology implementation projects at NATGRID.

1.2 Roles & Responsibilities:

Responsible for designing NATGRID’s IT Architecture and Enterprise Applications and drive improvement initiatives based on inputs from different stakeholders.

Acts as a bridge between the core IT team and management in translating the organizational strategy & vision into IT initiatives.

Work with other non-IT stakeholders of the NATGRID application, captures, analyses and converts them into specific IT functional capabilities of the system that would be implemented through multiple projects and with multiple implementation partners

Supports Key Leadership team in planning, executing and governing the IT Infrastructure through structured policies, guidelines and procedures

Guides and mentors other EAs, architects and designers in implementing the NATGRID solution

Runs the Design Authority with reporting architects, designers and specialists

Responsible for ensuring that enterprise wide IT architectural decisions are implemented as per NATGRID designs with the help of designers and Implementation Partners

Responsible for meeting the quality benchmarks set by Quality team of NATGRID

Responsible for meeting the SLAs signed / agreed with User Agencies with structured measurement and improvement processes.

1.3 Required Qualification, Skills & Experience:

1.3.1 Skills & Experience: Experience includes research, teaching & independent consulting experience in relevant function/domain.
Private sector employee with minimum of 14 years’ experience in IT functions.


Retired government employee who has worked at a Grade Pay of Rs 8,700 and above, with at least 14 years’ experience in IT function.
Experience in database application and information integration scope definition and implementation.
Experience in system architecture and integration concepts and design.
Experience in implementing Enterprise Architecture frameworks such as TOGAF or FEAF.
Experience in building and governing the enterprise architect for large projects and/or government projects.
Experience in driving enterprise architecture policies, guidelines and principles through solution delivery and implementation.

1.3.2 Qualification:
Bachelor’s Degree in science/computer applications or technical qualifications like Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering/Bachelor’s Degree in Technology/MBA/or Equivalent.

1.4 Consultancy timeframe:
1 year.

1.5 Final Output:
Enterprise architecture framework for NATGRID.

Mail your resume indicating the position applied for in the subject line of the email to hea@nisg.org.

Please Note: 

1. Include Serving Govt Employees also for all positions.

2. Accordingly the deadline for receiving applications from Serving Govt Employees has been revised to 17.7.2013 while for others it will remain as 26.6.2013.

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