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What’s New @ foundit

We have taken giant leaps into the future! To 2050, to be precise. 

Welcome to the future of recruitment. Imagine a hiring process so advanced, it feels like 2050. 

We’re beyond excited to unveil our new-age platform in Southeast Asia (Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia). 

We have reimagined hiring with our AI-powered platform so that your teams can be more agile and efficient, and it will redefine how you connect with top talent.  

In recent months, we previewed the product with more than 150 of our 7,000 trusted partners and they were impressed with our next-gen recruitment solution. 

Introducing our Game-Changing Features 

Unlimited Talent Access 

In the evolving recruitment landscape, it’s not just about who’s looking for a job—it’s about who’s out there. foundit steps up by casting a wide net into the talent pool. 
You don’t just connect with active job seekers. You also connect with the hidden gems, the passive candidates who have the exact skills and potential your team needs. 

Extensive Talent Pool 

Our reimagined search results display ensures you can connect with a wide range of candidates. Now, conveniently access both ‘registered’ and ‘sourced’ profiles, right at your fingertips. 

Information-Rich “Super Profiles” 

At first glance, understanding a candidate’s profile can be daunting. That just got easier with the Super Profile. This one-stop view offers an in-depth view of a candidate’s professional journey. 
Everything you need is artfully compiled into one enriched, cohesive view, eliminating the need to toggle between multiple platforms. 
The Super Profile goes beyond basics like job title, education, and skills. It includes subtle yet insightful details, like when a profile was last updated, or how many recruiters viewed the profile. 
Plus, it grants direct access to candidate portfolios like GitHub and LinkedIn, so you can take swift, well-informed hiring decisions. 

Magic Search: Personalised and Precise 

Magic Search is not just your average search tool—it’s about finding the right candidates, precisely tailored to your organisational and individual needs  
With the ability to search by skills, designations, job roles, and even specific company names, Magic Search transforms recruitment into a science. 

Smart Filters 

The 35+ smart filters and insights in Magic Search offer a nuanced approach to candidate filtering. 
With filters like “Has startup experience” or “From top 100 colleges” to “Not just a job hopper”—you can now continuously refine your search results and shortlist the most relevant candidates. 

Personalised Results 

foundit’s advanced Search feature is continuously adapting, and learning from every input so that you get the most relevant results each time. 

But that’s not all. What makes our Search “magical” is that it personalises results not just to your organisation, but to the individual recruiter profiles within it. (Coming soon) 
This means two recruiters from the same company will see different, highly relevant candidates based on their unique interactions with the platform. 

Effortless Outreach 

Reaching out to candidates has never been more challenging: they are inundated with messages across multiple platforms. That’s where personalised outreach is important. 
It helps recruiters achieve a better candidate response rate and allows employers to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 
Our Gen AI considers a candidate’s history, work experience and other details, creating personalised and impactful engagement. 

Personalised emails 

Talk to thousands of candidates but customise each message. Craft compelling emails with the help of generative AI, all seamlessly integrated within our platform. 

Automated Follow-ups & Employer Branding 

The tedious task of follow-ups is now a thing of the past. 
foundit’s automated outreach capability allows you to schedule follow-ups effortlessly, letting your team focus on what matters most—recruiting top talent. 
And to add a personal touch, our employer branding feature lets you shine with every outreach, highlighting your logo and cover picture. 

Seamless Collaboration 

Seamless Folder Management: Shortlist and Share 

Teamwork is now effortless and efficient. It takes just a few clicks to sort and share profiles of shortlisted candidates with your team members. 
You can create a folder of shortlisted candidates, share it with your team members, and ask them to add to it as well. 

Transparent Candidate Pipeline: Keeping Everyone Aligned 

Juggling multiple recruitment campaigns and job openings can easily become overwhelming. 
foundit’s intuitive folder and collaboration feature that brings order to chaos. With this in place managing and monitoring the progress of your campaigns becomes a breeze. 
Our shared folder feature ensures your recruitment team is always in sync with the talent pipeline. It allows for real-time tracking of candidate progress through different stages. 
You can also view all outreach communications and organise them into customised folders. This isn’t just about streamlining processes; it’s about placing you, the recruiter, at the heart of a seamless, efficient, and user-centric recruitment experience. 

Let’s discuss how foundit can take your hiring to the next level. 

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