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How to help a new colleague get up to speed

Helping out a new hire in your company is more important than you might think. While most people’s first reaction is to stay away from training a new colleague, especially when they are not reporting to them, giving a helping hand and offering some guidance wherever possible can go a long way and might even benefit you directly. So, put yourself in their shoes, and think about what they probably want and need to know based on your own experience in the company. While there is no need to become their dedicated on-the-job trainer, there are many ways in which you can help a new colleague to get up to speed.

Get the scope right

Before getting involved and offering advice, make sure you actually have a clear overview of the new hire’s scope of work. There is no need to overwhelm them with information about the company that doesn’t even relate to their daily tasks. Once you have a better understanding of what your new co-worker’s role entails, you will be in a better position to better help and provide direction, when needed.

Shine a light on processes

When starting a new job, getting up to speed with internal companies processes can often be the most difficult part. As every company works differently and uses its own workflows, approval processes and procedures, it’s extremely helpful for a new hire to get a proper and detailed introduction on these details. While he or she surely will get the hang of it over time, the on-boarding process can definitely be accelerated with a rundown on how things work in the company. However, be sure to focus on the things that matter and not on unnecessary gossip.

Learn from all mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes when starting in a new role or company. It’s expected and is okay. However, it becomes a problem if these mistakes are not pointed out and corrected. Don’t just ignore mistakes because your co-worker is new. It’s especially important to tell him or her now before this mistake becomes a routine. Just put yourself in their shoes – wouldn’t you want to tell you if keep making the same small mistake over and over again? Don’t feel bad about correcting them – they will appreciate it!

Make yourself available

Even though you might work in a different department or team, there are still ways in which you can help your colleague. When you introduce yourself, simply mention that whenever they have a problem or a question, they can approach you. While they might not even take up the offer, it’s important that you make yourself available to the new hire. Furthermore, it’s also a great way to show a positive company culture. Knowing that there is someone you can rely on and ask for guidance can be a great confidence booster.

So, the next time a new colleague starts, be sure to give them a helping hand. After all, this can also be beneficial to you, as you can develop some leadership skills. Remember that the faster they get up to speed, the faster they might be able to support you and become a strong member of the team.

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