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How to make a great first impression at your new workplace

How to make a great first impression at your new workplace

The first day at your new job can be simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking. As you walk through the doors, remember that first impressions matter. It’s only natural to feel pressure the first time you meet your bosses and new coworkers, but it also sets the stage for how you will handle yourself when you meet a client for the first time. Starting a new job can be tough, so make sure you start it off on the right foot. Here are 5 tips to make a great first impression at work:

Show up early

Be sure to get a good night’s rest before your first day at work to make sure you are feeling alert and refreshed. You don’t want to look tired nor do you want to arrive late on day one. Aim to show up early to familiarize yourself with the new commute and to get any necessary HR paperwork out of the way first thing
.. In addition, getting to work early is a great way for you to familiarize yourself with the morning office culture.

Dress the part

Whether you like it or not, people will judge and form opinions on how you look and present yourself. Depending on the company culture at your new workplace, you may not be required to wear a formal work attire. Even so, in most office environments, shorts and crop tops are not considered office appropriate, and jeans might also be too casual for the first day. If your new company does not specify any dress code, use your best judgment to decide what’s most appropriate to wear for work.

Get to know your new coworkers

Though your supervisor or the employee onboarding you at work will likely introduce you to the office, be proactive in getting to know your new colleagues. During your first week, eat lunch with your coworkers to get to know them better – these are the people who you’ll be working and spending most of your time with, after all, so starting out this way will help you kick off your new job both socially and professionally. Work is a much more pleasant experience when you get along with your colleagues and develop friendships.

Ask for help
Being new in the company, you are not expected to know everything. If you aren’t sure about a task or how something operates, don’t be afraid to ask. Wasting a whole day trying to figure something out on your own won’t prove anything, and your colleagues will likely be happy to help you out. It’s important to get your insecurities and concerns out of the way so you can feel more comfortable and learn faster.

Show up with confidence
Body language and posture are crucial when it comes to projecting confidence and first impressions. People formulate opinions in the first several seconds of interacting with someone. By being confident and exuding a positive attitude, you’ll have an easier time meeting new people and will make others feel more comfortable around you.

By using these tips, you’ll be sure to make an excellent first impression at your new workplace.

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