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How to take your career forward while staying in the same job

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After five years or more in the same job, it’s not surprising that a feeling of stagnancy sets in. It’s as though your career has come to a standstill. At this point, most of us consider a new job. However, in today’s volatile job market, it can be hard to find a good opportunity that meets all your requirements. Plus, it may be that you’ve outgrown your role and not your organization. So instead of moving on from, you should be looking for ways to get ahead in the company.

Staying in the same job has many advantages such as:
• Every time you move jobs, you have to establish a niche for yourself. In the existing company, your skills and talent are already known.
• You feel a sense of stability in the existing job, and that reduces the stress of having to make long-term plans every time you change jobs.
• Your loyalty can be rewarded with benefits such as profit sharing or other personal incentives.
• You will earn the trust and respect of others by proving to be dependable and you may be called on to mentor others.
• As an old hand, you have a say in the company’s future and can positively influence the company’s direction.

The advantages of staying in the same job are clear. Now all you need to find ways to grow within the company instead of jumping jobs. The best way to do that is by taking on a new project in your current position to expand your skill set – and your marketability.

Here are four ways to identify areas that you are suited for and that will help you progress:

1. Find the right area for growth
You can identify assignments or responsibilities that will push your growth within the same company. Look inwards to see what skills, behaviors and actions will be required to take on the new challenge.

2. Reshape your current job
You can add responsibilities that will give you an edge and hone a new skill with the new role. For example, you could trade tasks with a co-worker or volunteer for a project that will help you get a better sense of your own position. You can also re-examine your responsibilities to reshape your job. Look for duties that are a legitimate part of your job but haven’t been a priority.

3. Consider a temporary assignment outside your job
Taking up a project outside your role or department is one way to grow diversely. See which new project needs an additional team member or whether a junior needs mentoring. A temporary assignment will help broaden your knowledge of the business and offer you leverage within the organization.

4. Rope in the boss
Involve your boss in your development plans and let him/her know why you want to take on a new challenge. Inform them about the skills you want to learn or improve. Your enthusiasm to grow will make a good impression on the boss and the next time they are looking for someone to promote, you may be their first choice.

Taking on the new challenges in order to grow is the best way to get ahead without changing companies.


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