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15 Important HR Manager Roles (With Job Duties and Tips)

Whether you are a working employee of a well-established company or you are a fresher right after your graduation, there are occurrences when you have heard a lot about HR. But what actually is it? 

The human resources department connects the employees to the employers to make sure that both parties can thrive in the working environment. From hiring to offboarding, the HR in company has a lot of responsibilities. They are also required to keep up with the legal guidelines while they are developing the policies for running the company. 

How the HR work plays a key role in the culture of the company. A good HR manager is likely to work for the well-being of the employees while keeping the goal of the organization in mind. In this blog, we will take a close look at ‘what is human resource’ job and 15 important HR manager roles.

What is an HR Manager?

If you want to know the answer to ‘what HR is,’ you are in the right place. The term human resources was first mentioned way back in 1893. However, it wasn’t until the 20th century that the HR divisions were formally established and given the roles and responsibilities to solve the issues and disputes between employees and workers.

A worker or an employee who works for an organization is basically referred to as an HR. So the term  ‘Human Resources’ actually refers to every worker in the company, as each one of them is a human resource.

The person managing these human resources and handling operations related to onboarding, salary, and other aspects is known as the HR manager. 

Roles of an HR manager

Now that you know the answer to ‘what do you mean by human resource,’ there are many primary and secondary roles in HR. Here are some of the important roles of an HR manager:

1. Handling Recruitment and Onboarding

One of the main roles of an HR manager is identifying and hiring new talent for their organization. And it can be done through online resources and recruiting agencies. After identifying potential hires, the HR manager may evaluate and screen their resumes. Additionally, they will read the cover letters to determine which candidates are the most suitable.

2. Training and Development

Onboarding is the process of preparing the newly hired for integration into the organization’s atmosphere and workflow. The HR manager basically drafts a plan for onboarding. They either develop the material themselves or oversee the procedures. Training is vital for new employees. It ensures that they understand the company’s procedures and policies.

3. Developing an Engaging Work Culture

HR managers understand that creating a welcoming workplace ecosystem is vital. And it is especially true for enhancing productivity and employee satisfaction. In order to achieve this, they may collaborate with the team of designers to develop more open and inspiring layouts of the rooms. Additionally, they may offer refreshments to enhance communication within the workplace.

4. Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is important when workers have disputes and disagreements. It is one of the primary roles of the HR manager to develop a standard procedure for solving problems and running conflict resolution.

5. Defining Workplace Policies

As a primary duty of HR, it is a must that you continue to update the policies of the organization. There are times when the employees’ behavior results in policies failing to be effective. Therefore, it is extremely paramount for HR staff to update the policy and rules often.

6. Organizational Structure and Planning

Another important role of the HR manager is to manage and plan the company events and create schedules. Based on the size of the organization and the nature of work, the manager can determine when every staff member works, or they may delegate the task accordingly.

7. 360-Degree Performance Management

Performance management enables the organization and groups to make sure every staff member is adding value to the company. 

8. Rewards and Recognition

Periodic evaluation of the performance of an employee is the primary focus of the HR managers. This is because it enables the managers to gauge the progress and address any kind of weakness. Additionally, it is also a primary duty of the HR managers to carry out the rewards and recognitions.

9. Managing Employee Database

In addition to all this, one of the primary duties of an HR manager is to manage the database of each of the employees who are working in the organization.

10. Tracking Employees’ Leave and Attendance

Also, one of the biggest duties of an HR manager is to track and monitor the attendance of each employee and update it accordingly.

11. Process Salaries and Remuneration

When it comes to processing salaries, evaluations for taxes deducted enhance gross pay and various other factors are a must. The HR executive also needs to determine how the appraisals and bonuses will be added to the gross pay.

12. Creating a Safe Work Environment

It is a must that the HR manager supports the health and safety of employees. And they can do it by evaluating the potential workplace hazards and ensuring safety for the employees. 

13. Managing Employee Benefits

Benefits and compensation are subjects that these managers must understand thoroughly. And they should develop the best packages in terms of benefits and compensation for workers and bring more value to the organization.

14. Managing Employee Relations

Additionally, one of the crucial roles of an HR manager is to tackle employee relations. 

15. Performing Succession Planning

Last but certainly not least, a big role for the HR manager is to plan the succession of the employees who are working in the organization.

Job Description in Human Resource Development

Now that you know what is the meaning of HR, here are some of the job descriptions for further clarity:


Our organization is looking for a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) to lead our HR department.


  • Craft talent acquisition tactics to come up with strong pipelines for future hiring requirements
  • Proceed to develop career development tactics
  • Make sure there are equal opportunities all around.
  • Make sure our hiring, onboarding and management processes are impactful for various groups
  • Lead employer branding efforts (like recruitment marketing)
  • Supervise HR Directors
  • Check out training and development programs
  • Develop HR policies for all branches, nations, regions
  • Analyze the impact of our HR procedures and utilities
  • Make sure all the HR plans align with our mission and career aims

Requirements and skills:

  • Proven Work experience as a Chief HR Officer  or a similar position
  • Experience in tactical planning
  • Deep knowledge regarding every HR functions
  • Hands-on experience with HR software (HRIS, ATS)
  • A better understanding of labor legislation
  • Perfect leadership abilities
  • Communication and problem-solving traits 
  • Certified like PHR and SPHR is a plus

2. HR directors

Our company is looking for an experienced HR Director to make sure that all HR operations are carried out smoothly and effectively. 


  • Come up with corporate plans for a variety of HR concerns like compensation, benefits, health and safety, etc.
  • Proceed to assist the human factor in the company by devising tactics for performance evaluation, onboarding, development, etc.
  • Supervise all HR proceedings, systems and tactics.
  • Oversee the work of HR employees and grant assistance.
  • Work as the point of contact for employment relations and stay in touch with labor unions.
  • Maintain adherence to internal policies in place and legal standards.

3. HR managers

Our company is seeking a Human Resources Manager who is committed to recruiting the top talents.


  • Handles the talent acquisition proceedings, including sourcing, evaluating, interviewing, hiring and onboarding 
  • Keeps job details up-to-date, precise and compliant with relevant federal, state and local laws for all positions 
  • Comes up with a training and performance management program that makes sure all employees are familiar with their job duties, as well as relevant legal and safety requirements 
  • Develops and updates compensation tactics through market analysis and pay surveys 
  • Tackles investigation and resolution of employee issues, concerns and conflicts 
  • Makes sure that all employment practices adhere to state and local laws

4. HR coordinators

We are looking for an efficient HR Coordinator to undertake a variety of HR administrative duties.


  • Responding to internal and external HR-focused questions or requests and providing help
  • Redirecting HR-focused calls or sending correspondence to the right individual in the group.
  • Maintaining records of personnel-related information in both paper and the database and ensuring  all employment requirements are met

5. Business partner HR

Our company is looking for a business partner HR who may carry out the following responsibilities efficiently:

  • Collaborate with senior leadership to develop and implement effective HR policies and practices that will assist the tactical rise of a business.
  • Provide thought leadership regarding organizational and people-related tactics and proceedings.
  • Offer timely information on all HR issues at every level of the organization.
  • Educate, manage, and partner with other managers on performance administration and employee development aims.
  • Offer HR expertise and feedback whenever necessary.

6. People data analyst

Our company is looking for a people data analyst who can carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Extracting information from primary and secondary sources and eliminating the data that is corrupted
  • Making sure that the data is precise and high-quality
  • Developing and administering data systems and databases
  • Coming up with KPIs that guarantee actionable insights
  • Utilizing data to analyze trends that assist in informing  business policies and decisions
  • Collaborating with engineers and developers to develop and streamline data governance tactics

7. Vice President HR

Our company is seeking a highly proficient and experienced Vice President of Human Resources.


  • Collaborate with the management team to develop the organization’s aims
  • Come up with tactical HR plans and policies
  • Onboard, guide and check out the work of other HR executives
  • Decide and work on initiatives for equal chances for all employees
  • Assume responsibility for work and employee relations
  • Re-engineer procedures to ensure utmost efficiency
  • Make sure all processes adhere to legal regulations and best practices
  • Check out and evaluate the impact of HR operations and policies
  • Requirement to prepare reports for the CEO using business metrics and KPIs

Tips for HR Managers

The roles, responsibilities of HR, and HR meaning in job may vary. However, here are some of the tips for HR managers:

1. Embrace Soft Skills

There are no alternatives to learning soft skills. Communication is a must, and soft skills are the stairs to success.

2. Listen First, Speak Last

For every HR, listening skills are paramount. You are required to learn and understand the issue as an HR before providing a solution.

3. Lead by Example

As an HR, you are required to lead by example. 

4. Foster Open Communication

It is one of your biggest duties to make sure that communication with you is easier for the employees of the organization.

5. Embrace Adaptability

It is no secret that delegating tasks and communication skills are paramount for this role. Additionally,  one of the biggest responsibilities of HR is to embrace adaptability when required.

6. Invest in Personal Growth

Along with focusing on the organization, it is a must that you invest in your personal growth, which will also assist the organization.

7. Do Not Underestimate Routine Tasks

There is no room for underestimating routine tasks. Every task can lead to a massive impact.

8. Focus on the Big Picture

Along with reaching short goals, it is a must that you focus on the big picture as well.

9. Increase Your Network

Networking is the key in many roles. It can be said that the same applies to the roles of HR managers.

10. Widen Your Expertise

There should be the same priority of increasing your experience in accordance with learning more skills.


To sum it up, there are various HR roles. Each of these roles comes with various responsibilities. The tips mentioned above will definitely help you kickstart your career as an HR.

FAQs on HR Manager Roles

Q1. Are there a lot of responsibilities for HR?

A1. There are quite a few unique responsibilities when you are working as an HR.

Q2. What is the biggest role of an HR?

A2. One of the biggest roles of the HR manager is to come up with a standard procedure for solving problems and running conflict resolution.

Q3. How do HR managers hire talent?

A3. In this process, the HR is required to identify the talent through the resources of online and recruiting agencies. 

Job By Role:

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