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6 Lives Changed by True Passion Pursuit

Passion takes you places, they say. We believe it also takes you away from places where you shouldn’t really be. As an example, here’s what would have happened to these 6 really famous names if they hadn’t ventured forth and followed their true passion!

1. Amitabh Bachchan – Radio Announcer

“Main Amitabh Bachchan bol raha hoon, Aakashwaani se. Ab, samachaar suniye…”

As unbelievable as this may sound, Amitabh Bachchan had once tried auditioning at the All India Radio (AIR) for the job of a radio announcer and presenter but in vain.

With a thundering baritone that makes the world stand up and take notice, an absolute command over language, brilliant poetry recitation skills inherited from his father, and an undying passion for acting – ‘Big B’, as we know him now, successfully managed to put every skill and ability at his disposal to become a Bollywood megastar that none has surpassed since!

2. Sneha Khanwalkar – Engineer

The ‘MTV Sound Trippin’ mastermind – Sneha Khanwalkar – was once just another engineer in a country that mass-produces more engineers than Paris produces fashion trends. However, her true interest was always rooted in creating amazing music that was a treat to the ears and a joy to the soul.

Having found the elusive meeting ground between engineering skills and creativity – she travelled all over India capturing everyday sounds – to create masterfully engineered music that took the entire nation by storm!

3. The Great Khali – Boulder Cutter

The mighty Dalip Singh Rana once cut stones and boulders by the roadside in the sleepy Himachal town of Dhiraina. Dalip always wanted to become a bodybuilder; but lacked the resources to make his dream come true. Eventually, destiny curtsied and found Dalip a job as a police constable in the Punjab Police force. Equipped with the financial backing to do justice to his true passion – Dalip went on to become a renowned bodybuilder.

In little time, he was offered a chance to take his passion way further by becoming a professional wrestler at the WWE; where his life’s biggest interest became his backbone for earning an astonishing amount of money and fame on the international stage!

4. Navjot Singh Sidhu – Cricketer

Navjot Singh Sidhu once used to be as good at increasing the run-rate…as he is now at increasing the ‘fun-rate.’ Known for his rib-tickling puns and witticisms, Sidhu added a whole new dimension to cricket commentary by infusing it with explosive humour and wordplay. No wonder, Navjot Singh Sidhu has found the sweet spot between his career and passion.

5. Prasoon Joshi – Copywriter

He was always a writer and a poet at heart – but his studies, like that of so many Indians today, ended up with him getting an MBA degree. Not one to be disheartened easily, he used his MBA skills to become a renowned copywriter in the world of advertising…and didn’t even stop there! He continued to author books full of interesting stories and poems, and was eventually recognized by leading directors in Bollywood to get him established as one of the most well-known Hindi lyricists in the Indian film industry today. Who says sticking to your passion doesn’t pay in the long run?

6. Ayushmann Khurrana  –  Professor

With a major in English literature and a post-graduation in Mass Communication from the Punjab University, Ayushmann Khurrana was best suited for one job – that of a college professor. However, Ayushmann was always an entertainer at heart – and started small by doing smalltime theater roles while pursuing his college degree.

He later became an RJ, a VJ, a reality show winner (in MTV Roadies 2)…and continued on to explore his true passion to finally become one of Bollywood’s best known singer-actors in recent times! Like they say, when your passion is your job…success finds you in ways you have never even imagined!

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