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Top 10 Internship Interview Questions and Answers

What is an Internship Interview?

Like a job interview, internships enable recruiters to understand the person behind the curriculum vitae and application. It is also an opportunity to put inquiries regarding the position of the firm to the interviewer. 

Think of it as a gathering and a welcome. The position, abilities, and ability to match the organization will allow you to engage in conversation. Be willing to answer common internship questions and ask them to make the most of the interview. 

Anything that might be beneficial before entering an interview is to know the internship interview questions format. In addition, many discussions are first-round, telephone or telephone. These give you and the company additional background information concerning your job and talents before interviewing the person. 

At other times you will be asked to interview someone before you. The interviews are utilized for the same reason, but a little intimate, as telephone interviews. 

It may be scary to talk to someone, but remember that your dazzling curriculum vitae and outstanding cover letter have already done your initial evaluation. Concentrate on getting ready for the top interview questions, and you are on your way to the internship. 

How to Answer Internship Interview Questions?

It is like getting ready for a job interview to prepare for internship interview questions. You’ll be separated from other participants and distinguished by taking time to prepare and rehearse your internship interview questions responses. Here are some of our greatest tips for the internship interview answers: 

1. Show off your personality

Companies seek interviews to meet the person behind the curriculum vitae and ensure that you exhibit your character. You don’t want to go over the top and approach the interview like a date, but don’t hesitate to start a small chat or joke. 

2. Practice responses ahead of time

The recruiters often ask the internship interview questions, so rehearse your answers to the most frequently requested top interview questions and common interview questions. You will make them more accessible when they come up in the interview, and your trust will distinguish you. 

3. Research the Company

Many people neglect to look at the firm and its position, but this mistake may be readily avoided. Read the firm and see if something worthy of notice has recently happened, such as a merger or introduction of new products, or double verify the internal position criteria for which you requested. 

Know your strength and weakness. Where you apply, knowing what is excellent is essential, but it is particularly beneficial to secure your first few internships. 

Companies do not want staff with years of experience as they do not exist, but they are searching for employees who learn and develop skills rapidly.

Don’t fret since there’s probably little professional experience in your curriculum vitae, simply think about life talents that might play a part or aid your organisation. Dress For Success. While interviews with internships tend to be less formal, you get a positive feeling by dressing up in business vestments.

Recruiting managers would want to see to it that you take the interview seriously and are ready for the profession to be conveyed via your choice of equipment. 

Brainstorm questions. You always ask interviewers if you have internship interview questions and don’t want to answer “no” ever. Come prepared with a few questions to ask about the culture of the firm or certain aspects of the job you have played to demonstrate you are thinking and committed. 

Sell yourself without bragging. There’s a delicate line between discussing and boasting about your qualifications and achievements. It is a good idea to humbly answer internship interview questions so that you are not self-centered. 

Don’t shy away from personal questions. In interviews, recruiters want to know you. Learning about you and your personality helps you pick who you would want to employ and work with a team. Do not be hesitant and list some of your (suitable) interests asking what you do for pleasure. 

4. Review your resume. 

The first thing that recruiters tend to ask you to go over their curriculum vitae. Please ensure when you apply that you have an updated curriculum vitae and know what experiences you want to highlight. 

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How to answer Behavioral Internship Interview Questions

Recruiters and managers like to ask common internship questions on the conduct of the interview. These internship interview questions urge you to set a professional or academic example of your past behaviour, which enables the interviewer to forecast your future behaviour when employed. 

Use the STAR technique to respond well to behavioural top interview questions: 

  • Situation. Arrange the scenario by explaining the circumstances succinctly. 
  • Task. In the circumstance, describe your role. The situation may frequently be put into a single statement and assignment. 
  • Action. It’s your answer’s true meat. Tell the interviewer what measures you have taken to deal with the problem. 
  • Result. Enter a short summary of what you have done in your narrative. Note that, although the question is about a bad scenario, such as conflict or failure, the outcome should always be good. 

During your internship interview questions you may readily detect behavioural issues since typically they begin with terms such as “tell me a time” or “specify a time in which to show.” 

Other Types of Internship Interview Questions

Top Interview questions can be as different as an ordinary employment interview, however several categories have to be known: 


Common internship questions are regarding strengths, shortcomings, achievements, professional aims, style of work, etc. It is your task to instill the dry information of your letter of resume and cover and to give them a gainful personality and distinctive perspective. 

At the same time, you need to alter your backdrop elements so that they appear to be well suited for the internship. We’re not recommending lying — only to fit a few words into the job description to contain keywords. 


Common internship questions are difficult for many interviewers since if you are looking for an internship virtually by definition, it indicates that you have no official job experience – at least, not in the right area. 

Note that other applicants for internships are probably on one boat. You have a lot of experience and accomplishments in academia and abroad. Those experiences are also quite helpful if you’ve done a few summer jobs. 

The important thing is to choose times when you can make good use of your skills—what recruiters and managers want to hear about. 


Your company research is essential here. Before the interview, things to be learned include the size, the firm’s culture, and the organization’s mission and values. 

You will be asked why you would want to intern there and at least what you know about the firm; therefore, a short match for this kind of inquiry is provided. Moreover, knowledge about the company’s culture and values can assist shape your queries on your work style and matters. 

When was the last time you had to learn something new?

My institution demands that we study all subjects, therefore I had to start from zero when I signed up for painting lessons. I didn’t realise that a pencil, various line kinds or anything could be held in different ways. I ensured I used the professor’s office hours to ask questions so that as a novice I did not fall behind. 

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Common Internship Interview Questions and Answers

The greatest thing you can do to prepare for an interview is to discuss a few frequent internship interview questions in advance.

We will offer you some of the internship interview questions and examples that you have most often asked so that you can answer them. Keep in mind that it is your personal reply since employers want to know what distinguishes you from other candidates. 

Some top interview questions, common internship questions and internship interview questions are given below:

Q1. Tell me about yourself.

I am a student in biology at City University, but I am also a school journalist, an orchestra and a film society. I am eager to explore how plant cells may be used to enhance human health and I hope that after graduating I will be a researcher in the lab. 

Q2. Why did you choose your major?

I have always liked politics and particularly political philosophy, so it made sense for me to study politics. I believe that a systematic approach to understanding the policy structures in which we live will help me find a way to link my interests to a long-term and successful job. 

Q3. Why did you apply for this internship?

I think the work you are doing is fascinating and effective, thus I want to be part of it and get important job experience. Working with a tech start-up offers the chance to meet additional team members and to have more departmental responsibilities.

I suppose I’m going to be exposed to numerous aspects of the firm that will help me pick what interests me most. 

Q4. Can you talk about a time where you were a team player?

We performed a funny trial simulation in my pre-law club, where we got into teams and had to defend a case. It needed us all to work together, divide up the duties, and create a strong case.

What our argument would be was the most challenging part since it was not my first pick, but I was proud of our joint effort after I had worked very hard to make our case solid. 

Q5. What are your proudest achievements?

Last half I was appointed to the student newspaper team as the ‘most precious rookie.’ Even if it’s not a huge price, my colleagues have praised my commitment to the journal and my faithful reports on the activities at the school. It was very pleasant to hear. 

Q6. Can you give an example of a time you took on a leadership role?

I serve as a teaching assistant for an introductory Spanish lesson this semester. I sat on the weekly lectures in this position and then planned activities in smaller recitations.

I collaborate with the Professor to decide on the purpose of the recitation session and then create exercises to get Spanish skills from the students. While helping kids to develop is a lot of responsibility, I like to design the lesson and see the students get better over time. 

Q7. What do you want to get out of this internship?

More than everything, I want to gain real-world experience. My analytical abilities will be strengthened by testing my understanding of theoretical psychology as a research assistant in that laboratory.

I want to leave the internship and grasp how these principles work in the real world and apply what I learn to career possibilities in the classroom. 

Q8. What are your strengths?

I’m an excellent listener and a hard worker. So, I always push myself towards my very own objectives, and then I don’t stop until I’ve got the answers I need or the outcomes I desire. As a good listener, I am always ready to hear recommendations or to have a different point of view. 

Q9. What are your weaknesses?

I know that I can be a bit obstinate, and I can be very set on it once I’ve established a goal or made a choice.

This can help me ensure that I reach my goals and make it difficult for me to obtain criticism. I am increasingly conscious of it, and I am striving to improve it. 

Q10. What can you bring to our company?

As one who is just beginning his career, I think I can contribute a desire to learn and attempt something and a new outlook.

I am a quick student and prepared to be a sponge and take everything that I can in your business. I also think I can bring a different perspective to the company as someone from the outside and help the team create a really differentiated product. 

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