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Interview Tips: Dressing for a job interview

Part of preparing for a job interview is making sure you are going to come across as a good addition to their company. Appearances should not matter, but the plain fact is that you are often judged before you have even uttered a word. Dressing comfortably is important in a pressure interview situation. Confident dressing hints at your desire to progress and succeed within their company. Women specially need to take care as they have more options and feeling a tad bit confused is understandable. A classic plain business suit combined with a clean shirt goes well.
Employers can reject candidates even before getting down to their resume. Looks and appearance does create an impression on the employer’s mind. Following are some tips to avoid dress hazards. 
  • Casual AttireIf you are applying for an agency job, then stick to a smart pair of jeans and an open necked shirt. Corporate or not, it is best if you play by the rules in interviews. 
  • Get the right fitNothing is more disorderly than a sloppy candidate for interviewers.  An ill-fitting suit, or just a little too loose or tight attire for an interview says a lot of how you are otherwise in personal life.
  • Don’t go overboard with accessories Remember your want your interviewer to be concentrating on what you’re saying, so go easy on add-ons.
  • Subtle make upYou could use make-up to emphasize your eyes and mouth, but should steer clear of anything too outrageous.
  • Strong whiffsToo much perfume or too little deodorant can both be big turn offs, as can cigarette smells so make sure you smell nice, but neutral.
  • Piercings and tattoos Another feature that is increasingly common, and one unlikely to deter an employer. If you cannot remove them, keep any studs small and cover any offensive or obscene body art.
Here’s what to wear and what NOT to wear for a job interview
Impress your interviewers with your appearance and attire, so what you wear does not detract from what you say. All the Best!
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