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Responsibilities for Office Administrator Job

Your job description is the one thing that will help you stand out from the others looking for the same job as you. A unique description in which you include your skills and other prerequisites might land you the dream job you have always wanted.

Especially in the corporate field, for the positions such as administrative office assistant or a secretary where the job demands a specific set of skills and competencies, you need to be very precise yet efficient in your job description. Thousands of people apply for the same job as yours, but with a neat and precise job description, you will get through the various filters of interviews and bag the position you have always aspired for.

In order to make the Office administrative job title yours, here are some tips for creating an effective Office Administrator Job Description: 

What is an Office Administrator?

Answer: An Office Administrator is a professional who performs various apostolic tasks to make sure their organization runs smoothly. Some of their tasks include providing administrative support to their employees, arranging traveling for their team of executives, arranging meetings and keeping the people of the same well-informed, performing bookkeeping, and processing payroll of all their employees. So, needless to say, Office Administrator is like the backbone of the whole organization.

What does an Office Administrator do?

Answer: An office Administrator assists the human resources with hiring and other tasks with follows after. They also take care of greeting clients, answering the mails and phones.

Some additional responsibilities of an Office Administrator include:

  • Operating and maintaining different Office equipment.
  • Scheduling meetings and events.
  • Overseeing administrative functions and supervising other administrative tasks within the same administration wing.
  • Guarantee that outgoing and incoming mail is owed to the right department within the same organization.
  • Arranging and assisting fellow workers with meetings, seminars, and forward telephone calls when required.
  • Correspond with customers when an inquiry is made.

The office administrator job is a very responsible job with day-to-day tasks and operations. They manage the whole office by directing and assigning tasks to each wing in their organization. This role demands effective multi-taskingmulti-tasking transversely. Office administrator job requires the maintenance of a high professional parchment equivalent diploma (Eg: G.E.D.). An advanced degree in the same academia is required for higher positions.

Some qualifications for office administrator job:

  • An Associates’ degree in a related field like office administration.
  • Working knowledge of imperative productivity mechanisms, including Microsoft Office.
  • A fresher or with at least one year of experience for positions at entry levels.
  • Knowledge or the ability to grasp and learn swiftly on how to use standard office equipment such as fax machines, copy machines, office phone systems, etc.
  • Some basic level expertise in handling spreadsheets in Microsoft excel
  • Efficient in Multitasking.
  • Should be able to manage high pressure
  • Should be flexible in the way of approaching and completing the given task, i.e., either to work in a group or must single-handedly be able to perform the task at hand

Responsibilities for Office Administrator Job:

Some Important responsibilities of an office administrator include:

a)  Organising and maintaining different employees’ schedules like the directors, executives, and the higher position holders.

b) Processing and forwarding different communication channels like phones, fax, e-mail, or a physical package to the concerned employee.

c) Being in touch with the accounting department and supervising the billings, payments, checks, and different invoices.

d) Ensuring the functionality of different office equipment and furniture and replacing or introducing different necessary equipment on genuine demand.

e) Creating memos and reports for the directors and executive officers and scheduling their day skilfully.

f) Attend meetings, conferences and record notes and messages for the Director.

Requirements for the Office Administrator job

Administrative Officers are also known as permanent officers representing the backbone of an organization upon whom the whole office is dependant, so needless to say; this job requires some benchmark qualification.

Some of the qualifications which are prerequisites for an Administrative Officer are:

  • A high school degree or a bachelor’s degree in administration, business, business management, or a related field
  • A fresher or a year experience in administrative officers
  • Minimum knowledge in office equipment copy machine, fax machine, and computer applications like Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Access.
  • Comfortable and efficient in handling confidential information
  • Should be able to multi-task, manage time efficiently, and possess the capacity and coherence to prioritize tasks given.

Related Interview Questions:

Average Salary for the Office Administrator Job

Salary for Office Administrator Job depends on the city, experience, skill, and the company.

For a fresher, the average salary in a metropolitan is 15,000 per month and for the position with experience is much higher. Below is a table on the average salary for an Office Administrator Job:

CityFresher5+ Years Experience

Key Skills required for an Office Administrator:

  • Organization: Efficient skills in the organization in your workspace to keep the office in order and maintain the decorum because you will be in charge of the office filing systems, office supply closets, etc.
  • Teamwork: To be a proficient administrator, you need to be proficiently collaborative because many tasks require teamwork, and it can be achieved by having qualities like empathy, humility, and being a good communicator.
  • Responsibility: Should be responsible for completing different tasks efficiently on time with precision. 
  • Time Management: An Administrative Officer will be assigned various responsibilities simultaneously; one should be able to prioritize work and complete the most essential tasks at first on time and without much oversight, which is crucial.

Why pursue a career in administration?

Answer:If you like to stay organized and meticulous in your day to day to day tasks, if you enjoy playing a supportive role in forming a framework and making sure it runs smoothly or constant learning, being attentive, capable of multi-tasking and managing time, and prioritizing the work at hand is your niche then the Office Administrator Job is tailor-made for you. You would enjoy the work as the work process is your cup of tea, and you would even be able to bring more efficiency and productivity, which will help the company reach new heights.

How to become an Administrative Officer

Answer: Office Administration Job requires many skills in the area of organization and management like teamwork, time-management, multi-tasking, communication, quick and precise in responding to different demands, should be capable of keeping confidential matters safe, etc. and you also need a certain degree to hold a good administrator position in a reputed company, they are:

Completing graduation and master’s graduation in business and management from a reputed business school.

Having completed a Diploma in Business Operations with a major in Business Administrations

Having experience in the field of administration helps you become an expert in managing the pressure and performing well despite it.

An effective job title usually contains a general term, the level of experience and any special requirements. The experience level will help you attract the most qualified applicants by describing the amount of responsibility and prior knowledge required.

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