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Office social event etiquette 101

Office Social Event Etiquette 101
With the holiday season in full swing, there is an abundance of parties to attend. But besides Christmas parties, there are a number of other social events, including team-building activities and weekly happy hour get-togethers. While there are different reasons why your company may host a party, it’s the engagement and behaviour of its attendees that makes these parties great or something you want to avoid. So, take a look at our office social event etiquette and become an active part of why your office’s events are amazing rather than an obligation.

It’s not a meeting!

Leave your business talk at your desk. Though the social event is office-related, it should not be treated as another occasion to talk about work. While a general chat about work might be fine as an ice-breaker, don’t try to use these casual occasions to convince your coworkers of your agenda. If you find it hard to talk about anything else, then take a look at these conversation starters.

Give a hand

Everyone who’s ever planned an event before knows that organising an occasion for multiple people  can take a lot of time – and there is usually no time for it during office hours. So, show that you care and offer your help with planning once in a while. You don’t have to become a member of the office party committee, but any help in organising events you can offer will truly be appreciated by the people that do it on a regular basis. Getting involved is also a great way for you to make work more fun.

Quality time

The larger the company, the longer the list of social events tends to get, ranging from birthday parties and holiday gathering to even movie nights and weekly yoga sessions. Be it in a startup or a corporate environment, don’t feel obligated to accept every single invite that comes your way. While social events in the office are a great way to get to know your colleagues a bit better and bond on a more human level, it’s okay to skip out every now and then – besides, you likely have a social life and commitments outside of work anyway.. So know that it’s okay not to join all company social events, and that you should instead choose the ones that speak to you.

Hold your liquor

Yes, there are times when there will be free booze and when you have plenty of reasons to unwind at the end of a super busy work week – but that doesn’t mean you can let loose completely. Be aware of how much is too much for you. An office gathering is not the time and place to dance on tables, call out that colleague who disagreed with you in a meeting or simply pass out on the floor. Drink responsibly – and if you’re unsure if you’re able to do that, then it’s better to stick with soft drinks.

Be present and interact

If you do RSVP, make sure that you actually show up – and on time. Whether you are shy or not, make sure that you interact with coworkers. Remember that the purpose of these office gatherings is not to kill time, but for you to get to know someone that isn’t sitting right next to your desk.

When it comes to work-related social occasions it’s often best to simply be yourself and be genuine. Don’t treat it as a company-wide meeting though – loosen up enough to joke and laugh, and to let people get to know the you away from your desk.

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