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PowerUp Your HR Strategy.The Buck Stops with Monster.com

The art of recruitment has today been transformed into a much more exact science, with tomes of statistical data on candidates being turned into useful and actionable insights for recruiters. From salary information to talent flow and industry trends, recruiters need incisive information to action their HR strategies. But amidst the bits and bytes of these intricate algorithms, who is adding the human touch to human resources? You need a dynamic intelligent tool which can take such information and bring it to recruiters in the most relevant and actionable way. This is what Monster has done by designing a customisable mobile app which will give the recruiters the power of Monster.com replicated to their mobile device, all this powered by the cutting-edge insights of Monster Analytics. 
According to a Gartner report in 2013, big data is predicted to create 4.4 million jobs by 2016. As an HR manager, you know there are many decisions dependent on getting incisive information on the talent flow. Where do they come from? Where do they go? What salaries are they getting in the new company? What are the trends catching up within the industry? Monster Analytics is a smart feature within the Monster Mobile app and the Monster website for recruiters, which provides such vital information on the talent coming in and going out of your company. Recruiters can view specific data related to candidate experience levels, domains and names of previous or future employers, amongst others. With such incisive data, recruiters can devise strategies, take corrective actions and make intelligent decisions to power their HR strategies.
What kind of insights can you get?
Monster Analytics enables recruiters to navigate the job marker better and with more ease by providing insights into key industry. As the economic climate changes so do salary trends in the industry. In times of higher job security, candidates tend to negotiate higher. You want to know their expectations and industry standards to be on the right side of the bargain. Which skills are getting paid the most? At what experience level are employees getting the most hikes? What is the competition paying? Monster Salary Index provides employers with information which can help them make informed decisions by analyzing the salary market and optimizing employee remunerations.
Monster Analytics also offers recruiters with a comprehensive overview of their profile – the details of candidates who are interested in recruiter profiles, how they are interacting with it, including jobs posted, viewed and applied for. You can use these insights to improve and increase candidate engagement. Job postings can also be tagged with specifications such as Contract jobs or Walk-In jobs or Disability jobs.
Understanding the online job market with Monster Employment Index
With the online medium booming for job searches, recruiters need to stay on top of the trends and opportunities in the online job market. Monster Employment Index does this by gauging the online job demand on a monthly basis. Every month, Monster conducts a thorough nationwide study of employers’ online job-posting activity through real-time reviews of millions of job opportunities. The Index is built by taking data from across a representative selection of career websites and online job listings and offers an aggregate measure of the change in job listings across the industry. We provide a sharp prospective of the year-on-year trends in the online job market for different sectors so you can cull out data most relevant to your field of work. 
Find Better, with Monster Analytics
Now recruiters can quickly turn Monster Analytics insights into actions. You can use it as the go-to solution for the most integrated and targeted approach to Find Better and Connect Better with the best talent. Monster Analytics provides actionable insights to facilitate your HR strategies and at the same time providing the “human” element which is necessary to create a winning HR strategy. This is where Monster’s years of experience with job seekers and recruiters come into play. Tapping into the vast Monster universe, we bring you the inimitable combo of Monster Analytics working within the Monster Mobile app in conjunction with Monster’s Professional Networking for the most integrated and targeted approach to find better and talented candidates. 
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