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Production Supervisor Job Duties & Responsibilities

What is a Production Supervisor job?

Production Supervisor jobs are pivotal in the quality and time management of production operations. 

In a ceaseless and expeditious environment like manufacturing, the production supervisor is an integral part of the production process.

The diligence and competence of production supervisors assure that the processes are streamlined to deliver products that pass through stringent quality measures and are cost-effective.

The industry expects agility from production supervisors that comprehend paramount complex operations and respond to them swiftly with effective solutions.

Production supervisors are expected to ensure a sustained and efficient production process by overseeing employees and tracking manufacturing workflows.

What does a Production Supervisor do?

The role of a production supervisor is accountable for managing a mixed bag of technical and non-technical talents in the manufacturing team. 

The fundamental objective of a production supervisor is to mould and lead a workforce that achieves a standardized workflow throughout the day.

The role of a production supervisor is an authoritative one that involves governing, disciplining, training, channelizing, directing, facilitating a lower-rung manufacturing workforce in the setting of a manufacturing unit.

Production Supervisor job duties include:

The production supervisor channelizes the activities of the production team by tracking the product quality, delivery turnaround time, and overall cost and factory production efficiency with assiduity. 

The roles and responsibilities of a production supervisor are critical to meeting expected deadlines.

  • Managing of rosters for shifts
  • Ensuring smooth and accurate transition and handover of production activities from one shift to another
  • Directing the task force for the sustenance of day-to-day production targets
  • Identifying gaps in resource needs and ensuring that they are met to ensure smooth functioning of the production schedule
  • Creating an environment of responsible communications between shift members to ensure fruitful discussions concerning production challenges
  • Channelizes the directives toward achieving relative manufacturing goals that meet production targets and expectations
  • Evaluating and swiftly reacting to needs of personnel allocation including the use of overtime conjunctively with production requirements
  • Disseminating identified communications to admonish factory discipline related to quality measures, prevention of shortage and defects, disposition of products, and concerns requiring repair or modification through reworking
  • Conducting scheduled meetings for monitoring and evaluating shortages with the materials department.
  • Expediating production as and when required through additional resource allocation
  • Communication and facilitating a resolution for partial shortages in the event of an occurrence
  • Evaluation and expedite material orders that are aging
  • Timely review of the material on all open job orders to ensure the availability of raw material to schedule a timely production and delivery of client requirements
  • Review the performances of the workforce from time to time and provide timely feedback
  • Collaborate with the production planner to conjunct all processes and shifts.
  • Monitor the day-to-day staffing and deal with contingencies requiring additional staffing requirements
  • Provide input to capacity planning in charge with fluctuation in customer’s production demands 
  • Implement stringent safety practices through rigorous training and safety drills

Job brief for a Production Supervisor:

The production supervisors are expected to be role models to the lower-cadre factory personnel with credible leadership qualities that are acknowledged and appreciated in the overall factory.

The industry demands a deep understanding and up-to-date expertise of technical and regulatory expertise.

  • Achievement of company’s production goals and objectives by driving a motivated manufacturing team through the communication of expectations, planning, monitoring, and evaluation of job results
  • Stringent enforcement of company policies and procedures
  • Recruitment, training, and facilitating of team
  • Offering the taskforce opportunities of career enhancement through rigorous training and nurturing
  • The strategic and technical execution of cost-control through budgetary measures
  • Stringent execution of production deadlines through effective workforce management techniques
  • Effective control of repairs and maintenance to prevent contingencies of wastage of manpower and production hours due to breakdowns
  • Control, direction, and counsel workforce on optimization of output

Responsibilities of a Production Supervisor:

  • Timely intervention and resolution of issues and disputes between personnel working in manufacturing units to prevent any escalation leading to loss of productivity
  • Scheduling, maintaining, and controlling workforce management
  • Regular inspection of production machinery.
  • Interact with and aid other manufacturing departments regularly
  • Strategically implements safety measures to ensure a safe and secure environment for all workers
  • Compiles and analyses production records

Requirements for a Production Supervisor job:

A production supervisor is one whom the workforce counts on and hence, is always on their feet while executing his or her responsibilities with accurate precision.

  • Previous experience at a supervisory level
  • Ability to drill technical expertise to the lowest level through diplomatic expertise and effective dissemination 
  • Excellent nurturing and ability to emotionally connect through effective elucidation
  • Expertise in budgetary control, compilation of data, and composition of budget reports
  • Expertise in production planning processes
  • Strategic planning and implementation skills
  • Comfortable working in a manufacturing environment
  • The technical expertise of machine controls and instrumentation
  • An analytical mindset to deal with arising complexities in an expeditious environment
  • The expertise of regulatory and safety norms and laws

Average Salary for a Production Supervisor (City Based Tables):

The median salary for an Indian Production Supervisor is Rs. 258k per annum. Salary estimates are calculated of thousands of employees, anonymously submitted by Production Supervisors.

Following are the estimated salaries for Production Supervisors based on their years of experience.

Sr. No.Experience in yearsAnnual in INR
National AverageMumbai AverageChennai AverageBangalore AverageDelhi Average
1>1 195k203k180k300k216k
21 to 4239k269k208k280k208k
35 to 9319m359k356k491k*
410 to 19385m****
520+ 367m487k618k454k480k

A * indicates that data is not disclosed and is not available for these segments. 

Production Supervisor Job Key Skills:

  • Technical expertise
  • Diplomatic and people management skills
  • Analytical mindset
  • Accurate process execution
  • The expertise of regulatory norms and safety procedures
  • Expert at juggling varied tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to adapt and expedite to changing conditions and capping the losses in case of contingencies

Why pursue a career as a Production Supervisor?

The manufacturing process and environment expect a self-motivated leadership that drives excellence through personal practice from a production supervisor. They are also required to diplomatically handle personnel problems and motivate the team through their leadership.

They are expected to troubleshoot effectively and handle problems with precision and hence must possess excellent communication and demonstrate exceptional organizational abilities.

It is a rewarding and challenging position that requires immense expertise and people management skills.

How to become a Production Supervisor?

A degree in the relevant field of expertise is the basic requirement that the industry demands. If you are in the automobile sector a degree in automobile engineering would be the base requisite.

The manufacturing process requires the implementation of rigorous quality measures and their sustenance through stringent control of the processes. The product supervisor is required to have expert technical knowledge of quality control measures and tools.

The production supervisor must have expertise in the machinery involved and the safety precautions to be implemented to ensure the safety of the unit and the personnel working in them.

The industry demands utmost confidentiality on processes, products, customers, and company information. The production in-charge must possess an eye for detailing and an analytical mind for investigating any breach of confidentiality in utter secrecy.

The industry expects the production supervisor to be a jack of all trades along with being a master of all with his or her technical expertise and multitasking abilities.

The industry expects a methodical, analytical, objective, innovative, and goal-oriented approach to increase productivity and motivate staff to enhance performance.

The industry requires up-to-date expertise of innovations in production and technical expertise of both technologically advanced machinery and modifications in existing machinery that are introduced at regular intervals to enhance production.

Thorough knowledge and practice of stringent implementation of regulations governing safety and security and labour laws governing the workforce is a pre-requisite.

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