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Job brief for a Teacher Job

What is a Teacher job? 

Teachers of all ages, languages, races, and subjects are some of the most educated people to succeed. A day in a person’s life who pursues a teacher job varies greatly depending on the subject and grade of teaching. From kindergarten to high school, from special needs education to statistics, one topic is carried out throughout the career of a good teacher. In other words, work does not end on a school day.  

What does a Teacher do? 

  • Plan, prepare and provide lessons for all students in the class.  
  • Guidance tailored to the educational needs, skills, and performance of individual students and groups of students.  
  • Adopt the school development plan of each school they serve and work towards its implementation.  
  • Assign, modify, and grade work done by students.  
  • Evaluate, record and report on student development, progress, performance, and behaviour.  
  • Provide oral and written assessments, reports, and references related to individual students or groups of students.  
  • Participate in arrangements within the agreed national framework for grade evaluation of students.  
  • Promote general progress and well-being in individual students, groups of students, or classes entrusted to him/them.  
  • Advice and support for students on educational and social issues and their further educational and professional future.  
  • Provides information on the source of additional expert advice.  
  • Contact, advise and cooperate with other members of the school, including those with special responsibilities and parents/guardians, to ensure the best interests of the students.  
  • Review and evaluate own teaching and learning strategies, methods and programs according to the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework.  

Teacher job duties include: 

  • A teacher’s job is to advice and co-operate with school owners, vice school owners, deans, educators and other teachers in the preparation and development of courses, materials, educational programs, education and exam forms, idyllic care contracts.  
  • Ensure a high level of professional practice and quality of education and of subject learning.  
  • Effective dialogue, participation in mutual peer reviews, and observation of educational practices by managers of relevant departments.  
  • Participation in in-service training, further training courses, and further training provides participation in and Action Research exercises.  
  • Maintain order and discipline among students who take care of them to ensure health and safety at all times.  
  • Attend staff, groups, or other meetings related to the school curriculum or pastoral arrangements to assist in organizing and managing the school.  
  • Contribution to the professional development of new students and teachers based on an agreement with school management.  
  • Provide necessary information and advice to designated staff at the school and provide all necessary information regarding requirements and agreements related to the education of his/her assigned subjects.  
  • Guarantees the safe storage and optimal use of the devices normally used in the class and guarantees regular maintenance and repairs.  

Job brief for a Teacher Job: 

  • Attend school meetings.  
  • Record and monitor the presence of monitored students.  
  • Participate in effective school governance, organization, order and discipline in the most appropriate way possible.  
  • Promote a culture in which the teacher job considers themselves facilitators of learners and reflexive practitioners.  
  • Attend and contribute to MAPS and IEP meetings and officially recognized student meetings, and work with parents, SMTs, inclusion coordinators, and other professionals/stakeholders who work with students. 
  • Work with Learning Support Assistants to develop and implement the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for students with individualized educational needs and participate in IEP and Individualized Training Program (ITP) meetings.  
  • Regular discussion and monitoring of LSA work in class.  
  • For students with severe learning disabilities and communication problems, be sure to update the contact book daily with the required information, including parental signatures.  
  • Contact and collaborate with subject teachers/resource staff and other professionals who work with designated students.  
  • Use of audio-visual equipment/auxiliary equipment and other indications during education.  
  • In secondary education, the person pursuing the teacher’s job should be expected to teach students of different levels. Unless there are special circumstances, such teachers will prefer to teach 2 or fewer levels.  
  • Promote participation in EU projects and other projects agreed with senior management teams in accordance with SDP target  

Responsibilities of a Teacher: 

  • Develop a curriculum to achieve development goals and classroom activities.  
  • Prepare classroom materials, grade dissertations, manage classrooms, evaluate and provide student feedback.   
  • Communication with school staff, family, colleagues, supervisors, and others should be practised openly and respectfully.  
  • Measure student progress and grades.  
  • Pay for academic performance on a regular basis and submit progress reports as needed.  
  • Follow license and program guidelines.  
  • Keep a record of attendance, accidents, incidents, and other notable events.  
  • Participate in conferences and workshops to promote professional development.  
  • Manage students Outlined guidelines Act according to all students who provide a safe, successful and respectful environment in the classroom and school grounds. 

Requirements for a Teacher job: 

  • Solid educational experience  
  • Sufficient knowledge to teach good practice and legal teaching guidelines, coupled with the willingness to follow school guidelines and procedures.  
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills  
  • Well organized and devoted  
  • Creative and energetic  
  • Strong moral values ​​and discipline  
  • Knowledge CPR 
  • Educational degree or specialized subject with educational qualifications. 

Average Salary for Teacher Job (City Based Tables): 

The median salary for an Indian Teacher job with no experience is Rs. 23,000 per month. Salary estimates are calculated of multiple employees, anonymously submitted by the teacher job employees. 

Following are the estimated salaries for people with 2-3 years of experience in a teacher job in different cities. 

Sr. No. City Minimum Salary (Rs. per annum) Maximum Salary (Rs. per annum) 
Bangalore 2,50,000 4,75,000 
Mumbai 2,40,000 4,50,000 
Pune 2,70,000 4,30,000 
Hyderabad 2,50,000 4,80,000 
Delhi 2,10,000 4,30,000 
Chennai 2,60,000 4,65,000 

Teacher Job Key Skills: 

An ideal candidate for the teacher job should be able to be an: 

  • Example of honesty, fairness, and ethical behaviour  
  • Example of compassionate attitudes and encouragement of positive interpersonal relationships  
  • Example of correct use of words and sentences  
  • Encouragement of self-control, self-discipline, and responsibility for others  
  • Sympathy, compassion, Respect for student gender, ethnic, religious, cultural and learning diversity   
  • Ability in solving student behaviour, intervention and discipline issues  
  • Exemplary superior social skills, leadership qualities and public responsibility 
  • Have expertise in this area to take advantage of opportunities related to professional development and to keep the knowledge and research status in this area up-to-date 

Why pursue a career as a Teacher? 

1.  By becoming a teacher who stimulates the next generation, one will be satisfied with their rarely experience work. Aside from parents, the person with a teacher job arguably has the greatest impact on a child’s life. The visible results one sees from students are guaranteed to send home proudly!  

 2. True Calling: Like doctors, nurses and veterinarians, education is more than just a profession. That is a real call. Many people work to live, but the rewarding nature means that teachers achieve job satisfaction that most professions cannot achieve!  

3. Passion for the topic: Few people can put their passion for working. People with the teacher job receive this daily and have the opportunity to stimulate the enthusiasm of their students. 

How to become a Teacher ? 

  • Appropriate Age / Grade Level Education Permit / Certificate / License  
  • 2 Years of Education department experience 
  • Highly developed oral and written communication skills  
  • Effective and specialized in family and student relationship  
  • Development and curriculum implementation  
  • Physical ability to cope with frequent sitting, bending, pushing, pulling, and moving around in the room.  
  • A safe and enthusiastic learning environment  
  • Reliable ability to maintain peace. 

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