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Web Developer Resume Format & Samples

The applicant of a job must pass through several stages of recruitment before actually landing a job interview with any company.

If the applicant is a web developer trying to land his first job or an experienced developer with a wide range of skill sets, the first and most important thing needed to make a cut is an impressive resume that stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Moreover, the applicant’s resume must be well organized with required details such as job description, professional summary and work experience, notable achievements, and most importantly, relevant contact details for the recruiter to get in touch with you.

Some of the factors required to be included in a web developer’s resume are given below.

Web Developer Job Description

A web developer is one of the professions in demand due to the emergence of the internet and hundreds of online pages.

The web developer resume must contain technical keywords and skill sets that are being scouted by the recruiters or the hiring team.  A job applicant can add some of his attributes in the job description, such as “collaborative,” “team player,” etc. It gives an impression that the applicant is a more approachable individual.

Most recruiters and hiring companies use a bot or other technology to filter out a resume that is best suited for them.

The filtering process is based on specific keywords established as criteria based on which a web developer’s resume is selected for the different hiring processes. The web developer job applicant must ensure that all the necessary keywords are added to his resume in a very organic way with natural flair.

Web Developer Resume For Freshers:

Suppose the individual is a fresher trying to land his first job as a web developer. In that case, he must add crucial details such as area of interest and mention some of the projects done in web development for the hiring manager to get a glimpse of the applicant’s background.

Moreover, a first-timer can add keywords such as “passionate” in the job description to highlight the level of interest in the given field.

Employment History

An experienced web developer resume must contain the most recent work history at the top, followed by work experience obtained from previous organizations. Such a practice will help the individual compete with others who are applying for the same role.

The applicant must add specific details in the web developers resume, such as the number of years worked in each organization and the role assigned to him by the previous employers.

The applicant must also highlight the contribution made by him in each organization along with the skillsets he acquired during his time with each of the employers.

If the applicant is a fresher, he can provide details of internships or projects undertaken during his graduate years. 

For example, the newer can mention web development projects worked in fintech industry such as banks, stock markets, cryptocurrencies which require strong core skills to integrate the financial aspects into the web page. Such highlights can drastically improve the chances of him making the next round of the hiring process.


If the applicant is a web developer, he can add some of the certifications related to his field. For example, the applicant can mention that he is a web developer certified by prestigious organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, etc., and provide the certificate details in the resume.

Certifications can act as a tie-breaker if there are multiple applicants with similar backgrounds and skills. The employers and hiring managers will prefer applicants with appropriate credentials as it serves as evidence of the web developer’s skillset.

A job applicant with added certifications irrespective of his experience can stand out from the rest of the rivals and prove his willingness to learn and adapt to market demands and expectations.

For freshers, certifications with reputed companies can be of great benefit while applying for jobs.

Education background

Suppose the job applicant had graduated from a well-acclaimed university. In that case, he can take advantage of it as some recruiters scout for the best talents from the best universities in the country. Still, most companies prioritize the applicants’ core skills, soft skills, and, most importantly, attitude towards work and people.

However, a graduation certificate from an Ivy League university is always a bonus.

web developer resume

Tips for Writing Web Developer Resume

  • Firstly, the web developer’s resume must be short and lucid, as the recruiter will not spend much time reading the entire resume.
  • The job applicant must take time to understand and analyze his skills and other positive qualities before putting them down on the resume.
  • The applicant must describe his skillset in a straightforward and easy-to-understand format.
  • Most importantly, the applicant must organize his points in a well-structured manner.
  • The individual can avoid stuffing too many technical details as the recruiter might find it difficult to understand.
  • The web developer’s resume has to be straightforward with appropriate fonts and line spacing; in other words, the summary must look neat.
  • Each section of the resume must contain no more than eight points.
  • The applicant can mention his professional milestones without much exaggeration.
  • Always remember to mention your team’s accomplishments.

Conclusion on Web Developer Resume

The job applicant must remember to use the right keywords, along with an accurate job description, while drafting his resume to enhance his chances of making the cut. The applicants can refer to online tools that suggest the most preferred keywords used by recruiters in web development.

Both experienced applicants and freshers must add in the web developer resume details and facts that are reliable and true. For a web developer job application, the applicant must mention the core skills such as coding language that he is familiar with and avoid stuffing with too many details.

The web development industry is all set for take-off; with new companies venturing into the industry, the demand for web developers is most likely to increase soon, creating thousands of job opportunities for both young and experienced professionals.

However, for aspiring and budding professionals with a passion for coding and building web pages, the first step to a promising future is a web developer’s resume that stands out and speaks for itself.

FAQs on Web Developer Resume

Q1. How long should a web developer’s resume be?

The resume must be short and precise. The job applicant is recommended to create a resume not more than 2 pages long.

Q2. Does the recruiter read through your entire web developer resume?

No, the recruiter only scans your resume and does not spend time reading the entire resume.

Q3. How should the work experience be arranged?

One must structure the work experience starting from the most recent employment history.

Q4. Is it mandatory for a fresher to create an impressive resume?

Yes, all job applicants, both fresher and experienced, must create an impressive resume.

Q5. Should the applicant mention additional certifications in his resume?

Yes, the job applicant must mention certifications related to his skills on his resume.

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