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Responsibilities of an android developer

Android developer careers have become immensely popular in this recent half a decade. Should one obtain an android developer job, their futures are secured, for this sort of software designing role is quite the lofty position and is a sure head-turner. Android app development is the career choice for many, even if they are not engineering graduates with Honors but those with a mere certificate training course diploma in computer science. During the middle ages when guilds were the sites of rising industries, an android developer job in the 21st century was about as popular as a merchant’s duty in a trader’s guild during the industrial revolution era.

What is an android developer?

A software engineer responsible for designing apps for an android operating system is referred to as an android developer. The android developer job entails being an expert at crafting various applications that are installed, in-built and majorly used on smartphones and tabs.

What does an android developer do?

An android developer job requires a potential candidate to:

  • Create coding algorithms to build apps on smartphones with an Android OS
  • Regulating the functions of existing apps, monitoring these apps
  • Optimizing smartphone applications by looking into their core codes and rectifying them if necessary
  • Getting rid of gridlocks by zooming in on these congestions, hold-ups
  • Erasing bugs
  • Tweaking codes here and there to increase the performance of apps
  • Slicing, breaking down codes and running thorough tests on each module and then unifying them again
  • Adding novel, interesting features to apps to make them more user-friendly and exciting
  • Upgrading their knowledge by reading up on the latest trends in technology, new mobile phone launches and user demands
  • Working on market research.

Android developer job duties include:

  • Writing programming codes using computer languages like C, C++, Python, PHP and javascript
  • Making sure that not a single line of the programming code is mistaken
  • Setting up a team to collaborate with other departments in the IT sector and software industries
  • Working in close liaison with the ‘product development’ unit and the ‘User Feedback’ unit to enhance quality
  • Upgrading the company’s public profile
  • Shipping the developed apps
  • Troubleshooting
  • Running test codes
  • Solving issues related to possible bugs
  • Predicting the profits and losses garnered in the android market
  • Implementation of various tools in order to support the newly launched mobile apps
  • Using Application Programming Interface to link apps.

Job brief for android developers

If summarized and briefed, a recruiter for the android developer job will mention the following:

Seeking a candidate well-versed in programming and coding who will be responsible for creating mobile applications and regulating them. Due to the diversity of these apps, android developers must have a thorough knowledge of what the public desires, hence building applications catering to their wishes. Integrating and embedding these applications within devices with an android operating system shall be one of their chief obligations. They also look for candidates who will be comfortable collaborating with personnel from other departments of the company to implement several layers of the bare-bones infrastructure of a program within the app to allow it to function flawlessly. A dedicated candidate is sought after, who is enthusiastic enough to commit themselves to their tasks entirely.

Responsibilities of an android developer

An android developer job requires one to adhere to certain principles of the occupation; these responsibilities are as follows:

  • Blueprint a rough design and then convert it into programmable codes that allow the development and implementation into a smartphone
  • Using the computer language java, the codes that are built are created to function exceptionally well, repeatedly and without a single glitch in performance
  • Automizing the computer programs that help run the operating system
  • Making sure that the applications respond well and are user-friendly, easy to use 
  • Rectification of bottlenecks
  • Organization of several codes into one single identifiable unit, crafting many small codes separately and then joining them together to unify it as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.
  • Building products that enhance the image of the software company
  • Giving the company a contestable edge in the technology market, ensuring it stands at the top.

Requirements for an android developer job

There are a few requirements to be kept in mind while applying for an android developer job. These requirements are as follows:

  • A bachelor degree in computer science engineering or computer applications, that is, a B. Tech. degree. 
  • A B. Sc. (Honours) graduate in computer science is also acceptable
  • At least 1 year of experience in similar fields of work
  • Familiarity with Java, Kotlin, Android NDK, Android SDK
  • Have prior experience in creating an app and posting it on the google play store
  • Experienced in smartphone framework and architecture
  • Well-versed in knowledge regarding mobile phone design frameworks which use MVP, or MVVM, or MVC patterns
  • Possessing knowledge about APIs which are integrated into android operating systems, thus connecting apps 
  • A solid comprehension of coding tools like Git
  • Ability to run test codes to check their effectiveness
  • An expert at analysis and a mitigator.

Average salary of an android developer

The pay scale of an android developer job varies from city to city. Here is a table that lets one know about the salary of an android developer working in different cities:

City Average salary
KolkataRs. 22447
DelhiRs. 522321
MumbaiRs. 477614
ChennaiRs. 463085
AhmedabadRs. 27000

Key skills of an android developer

The key skills necessary for every individual working in an android developer job are as follows:

  • A good understanding of the different android versions
  • Knowledge regarding handling various sizes of a tablet, smartphone screen
  • Familiarity with APIs and knowledge about how to join apps back-to-back
  • A good comprehension of cloud and IoT
  • Knowledge about principles of app designing and patterns followed by these applications
  • Understanding how to store codes offline
  • Comprehension of threading and stringing codes together and fine-tuning for best performance
  • Experienced with many interfaces, like ‘touch’, for example
  • Knowledge of sensors and transducers, like accelerometers and gyroscopes for usage in vehicles
  • A good head for business
  • A natural at tasks such as optimization, setting standards, understanding figures related to profits
  • Knowledge regarding the ecosystem of android operating systems.

Why pursue a career in android development?

Android continues to be the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Thus, to gain the edge over Apple, it needs to appeal to many more customers, provide better services, and aim for the top. Thus, apps are a necessary feature that helps attract customers. Furthermore, Android needs to gain a competitive upper hand in the international market. To accelerate profit and revenue, more attractive and engaging apps are required. Thus, an android developer job is nothing but a godsend for android companies. Another benefit this occupation presents is the free usage of license-less components. Finally, this occupation allows one to learn daily and interact with their fellows on online social groups, thus gaining insight into improving and upgrading applications.

Additionally, the pay scale is relatively large, even in third-world countries like India. Therefore, the prospects of an android developer job are massive. Furthermore, an android developer can become an embedded system software designer for smartphones, which happens to be an even more honourable job.

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How to become an android developer?

To acquire an android developer job, first and foremost, one needs to have a flair and knack for coding and computer programming. Without the interest, one can never hope to be one, even with great degrees. Second, one needs to learn Extension Markup Languages like Kotlin. Android Studio is available on google, which can be used as the proverbial drawing board to develop some small and simple apps for practice. Learning some debugging skills is also helpful. Obtaining some basic knowledge about encrypting may also prove to be helpful.

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