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Career Objective for CV

New to the world of jobs? Or thinking of leaving one job and moving to the other? Maybe transitioning between different sectors? Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is building the perfect resume that will compel the employer to call for an interview. With that thought, an aspirant sits to write the CV and lists out the vital component of the eye-catching CV. One of them would be the career objective or resume objective. 

What is the resume objective for CV?

The resume or career objective for CV is one of the most crucial parts of a resume which traditionally occupies the topmost part of the curriculum vitae. As its name suggests, it aims at putting forward the career objective of the applicant. It is a short paragraph, ideally, 3-4 lines at the maximum, that summarizes the aspirant’s educational qualification, essential skills, their career goal, what they wish to offer to the company they are applying for, the job title, company name, work experience if any. A lot to put in mere 3-4 lines? Well, that’s the magic of a well-written career objective. It should be written skillfully without force stuffing all of the information but letting it flow organically. It is hard and would require repeated editing until the final version is ready to be sent across. But if written perfectly, a career objective for CV can boost the chances of the applicant landing the dream job manifold.

How to write the resume objective for CV?

Wondering how to write the perfect career objective for CV that will help in getting the job? Here are a few tips to help:

  • The first step for the applicant towards writing the perfect career objective for CV would be to research the company and identify the company’s objective and goals. It will help the applicant understand better whether their objectives and goals match or not. It will also help get insight into the company, which is essential for building the perfect resume.
  • The next step for the applicant would be to analyze why they think they should be hired for the job role. It will help them zero down to keywords that they can put in the objective. These keywords must be relevant to the job title and the company and summarize why the applicant is the right fit for the job. 
  • The applicant should now compare their personal goals and the company’s goals. The ones that overlap or match each other should be picked for putting into the career objective for CV. It will help the employer see that the applicant is a right fit as they share a common motive. It will also help the employer understand that the applicant will be willing to grow within the company and work their best to be an asset to the organization because of a shared reason.
  • The next step for the applicant would be to highlight facts that make them the right fit for the job role. These include educational qualifications, relevant skills, work experience, if any.
  • These facts should then be strung together in an organic language and clubbed with the career goals. Finally, it should be concluded with a short line about what the applicant is willing to offer to the company they are applying for. 

Let us look at an example to understand these points better:


It is a career objective example of a recent graduate who is applying for a job as an administrative assistant. First, we can see the applicant has mentioned their educational qualification, experience, and skills that can be useful for the company and the job role. Next, they specify the job role and the company for which they are applying. They then mention their personal goal of utilizing their skills to the maximum. Finally, they end the career objective by saying how their goal can align with the company’s requirements and how they can use the applicant’s skills to gain success.

What more makes this career objective for CV ideal? First, it is not exaggerated but concise and to the point. Second, it is well-written. Nothing is force-stuffed, yet all the necessary information has been put in. Third, everything mentioned in the objective is relevant to the job role.

Career objective examples for CV

Every job role demands specific requirements. Therefore, companies hire employees for specific job roles depending on who can match the job needs. Hence, it becomes imperative that every CV and career objective for CV is tailor-made for every job. As discussed above, the purpose of a resume objective for CV is to convey to the employer that the applicant is the right fit for the job post. It can only happen when every component of the career objective aims towards the job post. Therefore, it is essential to illustrate what career objectives for different job roles should look like. Therefore, let us look at career objective examples for CV ideal for various job roles:

A career objective for CV: Teacher

It is an ideal example of a resume objective for CV for a teacher for several reasons. First, it mentions the work experience of the candidate in the teaching sphere. Second, it speaks about the candidate’s different qualities and skills that justify their work experience and encompasses what they learnt so far in their career. Third, it includes the educational qualification of the candidate. 

The highlight of this career objective for CV is the keywords ‘language expertise’ and ‘cultural understanding’, which perfectly align with the candidate’s profession – a bilingual teacher. Last but not least, the career objective mentions how the candidate, using their specific skills, will help the motive of the educational institution they are applying for. This type of well-written focused career objective will convince the employer to consider the candidate for the post.

A career objective for CV: Journalist

It is an example of a multi-media journalist, and what makes it ideal? The candidate has mentioned the hard and soft skills they possess and the creative and technical abilities that a journalism post demands. It will show the employer that the candidate will be beneficial to the company not in one but several ways. Self-motivation and organizing qualities are highly preferred in any job sphere because they assure the employer that the candidate will manage the work assigned to them even in tight schedules.

Moreover, the key skills included in the career objective for CV – communication skills, storytelling, application of high-quality cameras, are the top-notch skills that every employer looks for in the candidates for a journalist post. The career objective also mentions the work experience of the candidate, which will boost their CV. Finally, the candidate concludes the objective by saying what they can offer to the company based on their skills and how the company can utilize the candidate’s skills in creating quality content for their official platforms.

A career objective for CV: Marketing

The primary skill required in anyone applying for a marketing job is their management skills. It is because marketing includes a lot of planning and executing those plans appropriately. Therefore, any candidate with poor management skills will fail to carry out the job role. Hence, the above career objective example of a marketing coordinator is ideal because it highlights the candidate’s management skills. In addition, creativity and motivation are other must-haves in a marketing candidate. Creativity is required for various problem-solving abilities, and motivation is necessary for the candidate to ensure that they can work under pressure. 

The candidate in the career objective for CV also mentions five years’ work experience in the same field and technical abilities to use MS tools. Clubbed with these is the concluding line, speaking about what the candidate will contribute to the company and how they can be an asset. All of these facts together will enhance the chances of the candidate’s selection.

A career objective for CV: HR Manager



A human resource manager is a crucial part of any established company or organization. They are responsible for the recruitment, management of the staff that run the company. They have to find the best possible candidates for the company for various job roles. And as any company’s success depends on its employees’ efficiency, the importance of a good HR manager becomes non-negotiable. 

With that said, it is needed for an HR manager to focus on finding capable talents for the company that can benefit the institution in the best possible way. The above career objective of the applicant illustrates precisely these qualities. The applicant mentions the dual motive that they carry. First, finding the best talent and second, the talent that can make the company the best in the respective sphere. Therefore, this career objective qualifies to be an ideal example for a marketing candidate. Furthermore, it proves to the employer that the candidate is focused on carrying the specific responsibilities of an HR.

A career objective for CV: Medical Practitioner


It is an example of a career objective for CV of an orthopaedic surgeon who is looking for a job position in a hospital with an international reputation. It is no hidden fact that such a position would demand experience and proven expert skills. Therefore, the career objective specifies the candidate’s area of expertise, work experience, and knowledge about the latest updates in the medical field

It mentions that the candidate is capable of treating all the diseases surgically, as well as non-surgically. It shows that the practitioner can comfortably shift their course of treatment depending on the seriousness and requirement of the patient. Finally, the mention of the experience of working with the latest technology shows that the candidate is keeping themselves up to date. Hence, they will be capable of devising unique treatment methods. The candidate also clearly mentions why they are looking for a job change despite their vast experience and knowledge. That is because they are looking for career growth by aspiring to shift from India based hospitals to hospitals with International recognition. It throws light on the ambition and dedication of the candidate as a medical practitioner; hence, any employer will be convinced to consider the candidate for the position.

A career objective examples for CV: Interior Designer


Here is an ideal example of a career objective of an Interior designer. It is a perfect career objective for an Interior designer because it mentions the candidate’s experience in their area of expertise. It also includes all the necessary qualities that any employer would look for in an interior designer.

Any job profile in designing would demand creativity in the candidate, and with growing technology, knowledge in the technical areas is well-appreciated. Any designing candidate would be expected to have a basic working knowledge of the designing tools used to prepare the computerized design plans, etc. Another essential quality desired in an interior designer is their ability to provide the best quality work within the budget. Therefore, as we can see, the candidate mentions all these qualities in the career objective, which automatically makes them an appropriate candidate for the job.

Examples of General career objectives

1. Career objective example for CV of a fresher:

Fresh candidates might wonder why a company would hire them if they have the option of hiring experienced professionals. It is a valid point if a candidate is thinking of applying for a high post with little or no experience. But it isn’t valid if a candidate decides to start small. Almost all companies recruit freshers for entry-level positions. So what can be included in the resume objective for CV for a fresher aiming at entry-level jobs that will get them selected? Let us have a look:

Fresh candidates should remember that if they don’t have any work experience to be mentioned in the career objective, their weapon is their educational result that throws light on their qualifications. Along with that, candidates must ensure that the position they are applying for is in tandem with their education. For example, as we can see in the career objective, the candidate is an English graduate applying for a copywriter position that demands good command of the language. The applicant should also highlight the relevant skills they possess that can effectively contribute to the job role. In addition, any fresh applicant will be expected to be enthusiastic about the job, and hence, the mention of motivation will enhance the CV. 

2. A general career objective example:


It is a basic example of a career objective that can be used for reference by any candidate applying for any job post to develop their career objectives. What makes this example an ideal one? The mention of action words like ‘Hard-working’, ‘ambitious’, etc. Every employer would want their employees to be dedicated, hard-working, ambitious, driven, etc. These are the qualities that determine the success of a candidate and consequently the success of the company. Therefore, these are the common qualities that every employer looks for in their employees. Hence, mention of such qualities work as keywords and drive the employer to consider the candidate.

Other than that, what else makes this an ideal example? First, it subtly mentions the skills of the candidate and their aim for personal growth in alignment with the company’s growth. Second, it is well-written, grammatically correct, and concise.

Essential things to keep in mind while writing a career objective for CV

Every candidate, whether a professional or a fresher, must keep the following points in mind while writing the perfect career objective that will get them the job, or at least the call for the much-awaited interview:

  • The career objective should be tailor-made for the job role.
  • It should be kept crisp and concise. Try to say more things using fewer but powerful words.
  • Only include the essential things while mentioning the skills and expertise. The additional skills can be elaborated on later in the CV.
  • Only those skills, work experience, should be mentioned that are particularly relevant to the job role.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the language of the career objective. It should be devoid of grammatical errors.
  • Try to keep it balanced on every end. Equal stress should be laid on the different components of the career objective for CV.
  • The tone should be kept subtle, and the candidate shouldn’t come across as over-enthusiastic or proud.
  • The tone should be convincing, but the employer mustn’t get the impression that the candidate feels that they should be selected at any cost.

Common mistakes to avoid while writing a career objective for CV

Here is a list of common mistakes that most candidates end up making while writing a career objective for CV:

  • Trying to over-emphasize their skills.
  • Exaggerating or beating around the bush.
  • Carrying the misconception that listing more skills, even the unnecessary ones, will impress the employer.
  • Mentioning irrelevant points.
  • Not giving importance to proofreading or discarding the importance of appropriate language thinking that a career objective is, after all, about the skills and expertise of the candidate. Presentation is equally important.
  • Boasting or lying about skills to get the job.
  • Copy-pasting the career objectives across various job roles that the applicant may be applying for.
  • In an attempt of keeping the career objective short, applicants often end up sounding too abrupt.


A career goal is essentially the tone of your resume and relates to your career goals and objectives. This career objective for CV is important information for the hiring company, and a well-formulated goal can grab the recruiter’s attention. It is often confused with a summary or cover letter, which is applied to the resume of an experienced professional. Students should focus on writing career goals rather than an ordinary resume.


1. Is it necessary to include a career objective in a CV?

Ans. Traditionally, career objectives for CV used to be an inseparable part of an ideal resume. However, nowadays, several companies feel that career objectives are unnecessary and they have lost their importance. But on the other hand, some employers still expect to see a career objective on the applicants’ resumes. Therefore, it is safe to include a career objective in the CV; it won’t cause any harm even if considered unnecessary.

2. Who should compulsorily include a career objective in their CVs?

Ans. Applicants who have less or no work experience, such as freshers, should compulsorily include a career objective in their CVs. Other than them, individuals switching career sectors, having no work experience but relevant skills, should also mention a career objective in their resumes. 

3. How does a career objective for a CV boost the chances of a candidate?

Ans. A career objective in a resume highlights all the necessary points that make the candidate an ideal choice for the concerned post. Therefore, if written perfectly, it can boost the chances of a candidate manifold.

4. What is the best way of writing a resume objective for CV?

Ans. The best way of writing a resume objective for CV would be to write the entire resume and then pick the best parts, most relevant to the job post, and include them in the career objective.

5. How long a resume objective ideally should be?

Ans. Ideally, a resume objective should be as concise as possible, but it should comprise all the necessary points. The generally accepted length of a career objective is 3-4 lines.

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