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Freedom From Inhibitions This Independence Day

“It helps to remember that what doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger – you will survive, you will heal, you will learn something, you will have a better chance of emerging unscathed next time” Nate Waddoups

The only thing stopping us from succeeding is the limitations we set for ourselves. This Independence Day, we should take inspiration from our history and free ourselves of our personal limitations. Make this day count, not only as a national holiday but as a beginning of your autonomy by working on the following:

• Take the initiative to constantly innovate
Challenging yourself to change is the greatest task of all to undertake. As a working professional, this could be in terms of your roles and responsibilities or even translate into an increase in your knowledge. No matter how impossible it may seem take the first step and stay true to the path. This act will surely take you the extra mile in your career.

• Make the right choice, not the safest one
Not starting something just because the task feels daunting is common. However, fight the fear, and at work take up the project/ job that scares you the most. You may discover that you have skills that you never knew you had. Or if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to take a decision that feels right to you but everyone is against it, take it anyway. However, do not become rigid and take into account the point of view of others. Such ability to take level-headed decisions under pressure will hold you in good stead in your career.

• Learn a new skill
Pick something you are unfamiliar with and become a pro at it. As a working professional, you can learn new skills through training programs in your company or through various resources online. If you are unsure of which skill you should acquire, you can take help of a professional counselor. A professional with an extensive experience has a much better understanding of the value-adding skills that can help you.

• Challenge yourself
More often than not, we do not step out of our comfort zone fearing uncertainty. However, it is this uncertainty that brings with it the promise of new opportunities. So, push yourself to step out of the comfort zone, both in the professional and personal lives. Strive to achieve a better work-life balance, better productivity, and better inter-personal relationships.

• Say yes
Finally, this Independence Day, say yes more often. Even if you think you are not ready for it have the courage to say yes. Say yes to new projects, new assignments, and new roles. Such an approach will open you up to new learning experiences that will not only help you grow as a professional but as a person as well. And who knows, you might discover a new facet about your personality – the risk taker.

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