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Front Office Manager Job Description


The front office manager’s job is all about taking care of company operations and reception areas for business, mostly in the hospitality industry. Their primary responsibility is to train and manage staff, facilitate administrative and clerical duties, listen to customer complaints and queries, then provide the solution. As a front office manager’s responsibility, you got to make budgets and prepare presentations whenever asked.

Those who have the Front Office Manager job serve essential roles in various sectors. Such as managing office space, improving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. So, it would help if you had a good performer in this job.

But how do you get the best candidates for your company’s front office manager? To attract the best talents, you must write a precise Front Office manager job description. And to know how to do that, you need to read the article.

What is a front office manager job?

The front office manager job will give you a managerial role, whereas you get to oversee several employees’ results. Your prominent role is to make sure that they communicate with each other with respect and obey the company policies with customers as the primary focus. The job of a front officer manager is also about dealing with consumer grievances as calmly and intelligently as possible.

But there is more. With day-to-day management, a front office manager also has to improve staff productivity and customer loyalty. Again, communication is the key to their job, making healthy connections with employees and supervisors from above.

What does a Front Office Manager do?

This job position is a senior-level job role. You have to ensure, administer, and facilitate many managerial, staffing, and guest-related questions. In addition, duties of Front Office Manager include ensuring quality training of reception employees and making a communicational bridge between the department and the CEO or owner. It’s a work-heavy role, suited best for efficient multitaskers.

Front Office Manager job duties include:

  • Assign tasks while managing the staffing vacancies for the duration of the shift
  • Answer to field complaints and visitor queries.
  • Manage phone calls with customers to provide relevant information.
  • Oversee the activities of support staff, receptionists, and security guards in the company.
  • Address Customer complaints and solve them with quality customer service skills.
  • Recruit and train employees when there are vacancies.
  • Manage the office tools properly, such as a printer, phone, fax machines, etc.
  • Ensure quality front desk management, like employees obeying the policies company held out.

Job brief for Front Office Manager

ABC Company is currently hiring for an eligible Front office manager. They have to undertake our company’s reception area, which means being our company’s ‘face.’ They also need to ensure that our visitors always receive a warm welcome. 

You, as a Front Desk Officer, should coordinate all front desk activities. As a requirement of a front office manager job, you must show a pleasant personality. Having a dynamic, energetic, and professional attitude is desired as it will ensure the proper management of our team. It would help if you also handled customer complaints with excellent customer service skills.

Responsibilities of Front Office Manager Job 

  • Maintain the front desk cleanliness and ensure manage pens, papers, and all front desk tools are always available.
  • Ensure timely shifts of front office staff.
  • Ensure to provide as much training as the staffs need for improvement.
  • Handle customer queries and complaints.
  • Maintain stock and ensure troubleshoot steps for avoiding emergency crises.
  • Monitor Mails.
  • Organize office budget.

 Requirements for Front Office Manager job

  • Have relevant experience as a Front Office Manager or related field.
  • Possess a great experience in customer service٫ and office management.
  • Must have excellent handling experience in office machines.
  • Must have sufficient knowledge of MS Office٫, especially word and excel.
  • Possess superb proficiency in communication skills.

 Average Salary for Front Office Manager

According to several employee surveys posted online, India’s average front office manager job salary is ₹ 400,000 per year.

Though If you are a fresher, your entry-level salary is about ₹ 300,000 per year. With experience at the senior level, you can earn up to ₹ 1,410,000 per year.

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Key Skills

1. You must have excellent telephonic skills to communicate and manage customers.

2. It is essential to have diplomacy and a calm mindset to face complaints or manage situations during emergencies.

3. You are a great multitasker who efficiently manages time in a work-rich environment.

4. Strong decision-making skills are a must.

Why pursue a career as a front office manager?

A front office manager job allows you to play a big part in any company. You get to become the company’s face, sometimes an ambassador who is responsible for daily deposits and billing. In addition, you would be handling, negotiating, and executing vendor contracts. If you love a rich work environment with diverse roles to perform, this job is hand-picked for you. 

As a result, you get to ensure customers’ happiness, which in return, will get you healthy salaries. Many companies require a front office manager for customer satisfaction, and you’re a vital contribution to them.

How to become a Front Office Manager?

You need a bachelor’s degree in hospitality, with the added advantage of certifications. However, a proven track record may get you at the senior level too. But to shine as a front office manager aside educational background, you need to focus on these areas mentioned below, as it will improve your career and get you promoted to senior-level sooner.

Focus on Customer Delight.

The best method to ensure customers are always satisfied with the service furnished by the front office. So, it would help if you cherished your visitors. Treat each client with enriched professionalism.

Take a deeper look at the details.

In a corporate office, the front desk becomes the first impression for visitors. Cleanliness is one of them too. So, pay attention to the minor details, check if the front desk is neat and manned by immaculately attired staff. Or ensure there are no vacancies in the staffing of the front office.

Being Organized

As a responsibility of your front office manager job, you are responsible for overseeing many divisions, such as staff management, tools, and customer handling.

You have to manage so many things simultaneously, and if you can’t organize them, you won’t prioritize work. If you are more work-focused and time-efficient, you’ll be able to focus on every section of your work, which will get you areas of improvement.

Be one with staff and guests.

If you have what it takes to be an excellent office manager, it is easier for them to talk to staff and guests. Any time you speak to your personnel, you get the issues they’re facing while trying to give good service to guests.

It will help you come up with solutions. Be as personalized as you can with guests to help them feel comfortable in your presence to speak out their concerns and ask questions.

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Front Office Managers are responsible for planning, budgeting, staffing, and supervising. Sure, it is a work-rich environment, but it also comes with loads of opportunities.

It offers you work in diverse business sections while ensuring guidelines and letting you have exposure to management. This job provides a good salary hike with experience, proven you can work with enthusiasm and efficiency. To hone the required skills and apply for the platform where you can shine.

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