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Job brief for a Sales Executive

What is a Sales Executive job?

Sales executive jobs play a vital role to help businesses reach a new height by identifying new business prospects and selling products and services. A sales executive should maintain relationships with existing customers as well as develop and maintain relationships with new customers. A sales executive should understand the sales and marketing process, be able to negotiate with customers and search for business contacts and trending products.

To be hired as a sales executive, it is recommended to have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in sales and marketing. Some employees prefer to hire someone with a master’s degree. Marketing and sales experience is considered as a bonus. One of the most essential requirement for the sales executive job is communication skills.

What does a Sales Executive do?

Sales executives help build businesses by discovering new business prospects and selling products. Sales executives are one of the most progressive work profiles. 

A sales executive should be ahead of the competition and regularly work to improve the skills by attending seminars, courses, and workshops.

Sales executives are crucial for a company to generate revenue. They are the link between the organisation and its customers. Depending on the product or service type, sales can be divided into field sales and internal sales. These two types of sales have different approaches, but their roles and responsibilities are similar.

For field sales, executives must be on-site for meetings, follow-up work, and support on the customer’s site. Internal sales include contacting customers via email, phone, and virtual meetings, eliminating the need to visit the customer’s workplace. 

Sales Executive job Types:

Sales Executives jobs have many other names, such as sales consultants, business development consultants, etc. These usually fall under two main categories.

  • B2C (Business to Customer)
  • B2B (Business to Business)

Sales Executive job duties include:

As the central point of contact between the company and the customer, the sales staff’s most important duties and responsibilities include answering customer inquiries, giving advice, and providing information about new products. 

Simply put, the roles and responsibilities of a sales executive are:

  • Arrange sales visits to potential customers
  • Demonstrate products
  • Keep good sales and performance records
  • Participate in trade fairs, and conferences
  • Sales negotiations, contracts, and package design
  • Achieve targets sales goals

Career prospects are exponential for sales executives because they can be promoted to senior sales positions or transferred to related projects in marketing or management functions if they perform well.

Job brief for a Sales Executive:

A Sales Executive’s duties include discovering and tracking new opportunities, negotiating transactions, and maintaining customer satisfaction. If an applicant has the following skills, any company would love to consider him/her.

  • Find leads, contact them, and introduce them to the company’s products and services.
  • Establish a meeting with prospects.
  • Presentation of product or service demonstration to customers.
  • Establishing a new business relationship.
  • Participate in conferences, exhibitions, and industry business development conferences.
  • Sales report and performance evaluation.
  • Contract negotiations to get the best deal for the customer and the company.
  • Work to achieve the company’s sales target.
  • Conduct market research to assess gaps, opportunities, and external needs.
  • Look for new opportunities through networking, cold calls, and social media channels.
  • Work together as a team for better results.
  • Receive feedback from customers and share it with the company’s support team.

Responsibilities of a Sales Executive:

  • Develop sales strategies, investigate prospects and generate leads.
  • Contact existing and potential customers by email, phone, and direct methods.
  • Handle customer inquiries, questions, and criticisms.
  • Create and submit offers and proposals.
  • Deal with the sales process with an explicit software program.
  • Establishment and maintenance of CRM database.
  • Achieve timely sales goals.
  • Attend sales team meetings.
  • Investigate and recommend prospects for new business opportunities 
  • Investigate and analyse sales options 
  • Build and maintain relationships between customers and prospects 
  • Stay up-to-date on trends and competitors to identify improvements.
  • Collect and analyse information to recommend products and generate data and sales reports 
  • Participate in workshops to learn technical and professional skills of work 
  • Build and maintain a professional network 
  • Meet prospects and identify their needs

Requirements for a Sales Executive job:

  • Sales experience 
  • English knowledge
  • MS Office and CRM Software knowledge
  • Marketing Skills, Negotiation and understanding
  • Spontaneous, goal oriented, desire for results
  • Ability to create and hold presentations
  • Fast learner 
  • Fast thinker
  • Ability to adapt and grow in harsh environments

Average Salary for a Sales Executive Job (City Based Tables):

The median salary for Indian sales executives with no experience is Rs. 19,000 per month. Salary estimates are calculated of thousands of employees, anonymously submitted by sales executive employees.

Following are the estimated salaries for people with 1-3 years of experience as a sales executive in different cities.

Sr. No.CityMinimum Salary (Rs. per annum)Maximum Salary (Rs. per annum)

Apart from the annual salary, sales executive jobs offer sales incentives and target completion bonuses. These bonuses can range up to Rs. 2,32,000 annually for freshers and lesser experienced people.

Sales Executive Job Key Skills:

  • Spontaneous and goal-driven 
  • Resilience 
  • Strong communication skills-both spoken and written 
  • Ability to influence and negotiate with others 
  • Business awareness 
  • IT skills 
  • Numerical skills. 

A driver’s license is often essential to this job. Ability to be fluent in multiple languages ​​can also be a useful skill but not compulsory.

Different organisations have different eligibility requirements for sales executive job roles. Some organisations are only looking for graduates of business administration. Again, some companies prefer only Category A college graduates, while others do not have such strict standards. 

There’s nothing to worry if one is not a PhD student. Many organisations are looking for talent, determination, and the right graduate attitude to take on their role in the company. Ultimately, some organisations do hire non-graduates, but such candidates usually have to start with a lower salary package.

Why pursue a career in Sales Executive job?

Sales Executive is a performance-oriented profession. Higher the sale, the higher is the bonus. For those who want to be rewarded for competitive pressure and hard work, this is an important motivation and will facilitate a successful career over the years to come. 

Working in sales means understanding psychology. What the customers think? Can one get everyone together and agree to sell? What can one do to motivate them to close a deal? 

Most sales positions do not require a college degree to get a job. Passion and enthusiasm for learning are essential, but the skills needed to succeed are learned more often at work or through customised training.

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How to become a Sales Executive?

A sales executive job can be achieved in two ways, either with the right qualifications or by the pure talent in the field. 

The following points are nothing but added perks to become a sales executive job.

  • A diploma from high school
  • Over a year of sales experience. 
  • Brilliant sales skills and ability to provide customer service. 
  • A powerful oral and written communication. 
  • Excellent phone and presentation skills. 
  • Knowledge of software programs like Microsoft Office, CRM, and latest sales programs. 
  • Excellent bargaining power and problem-solving ability.

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