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Responsibilities of HR Consultant job

An hr consultant job encompasses providing all kinds of manpower solutions to a company. This includes making a company wide skill, experience and qualification map and profile for every post, arranging recruitment of the best talent and ensuring the development of existing people within the company.  

An hr consultant job also involves regular interaction with company employees at all levels and working with company management to create an environment conducive to getting the best output from employees for the benefit of the company. 

What is an HR consultant?

An hr consultant is normally an expert brought in from outside in order to manage all human resources within a company. An hr consultant helps design jobs and help recruit people tailor made for specific jobs. Hr consultants also bring in the best practices and help a company get the best output from its workforce. 

Hr consultants ensure that no employee is overworked or under utilized. 

What does an HR Consultant do?

An hr consultant not only does procurement of the best talent for companies but also ensure that existing employees are developed and effectively managed for delivering the best results in a company. 

An hr consultant helps a company prepare profiles and job descriptions for every level and position. These job profiles and descriptions are linked with the skills, experience and the qualifications required for every job. This helps in hiring new talent as the company now knows exactly what kind of people to hire. This skill mapping effectively ensures each person is suited to the job and will enjoy doing that job.

Hr consultants also visit professional institutions for fresh talent and often advise the institutions on preparing graduates for an ever changing industry scenario.   

An HR consultant job also includes development of manpower for most effective utilization. They also help people grow and develop their careers.

Hr consultant job duties include

  • Designing and updating job descriptions
  • Locate and contact potential candidates from social media platforms such as linked in  
  • Designing eye catching email to attract passive candidates 
  • Advertising openings on company’s social media and web page, advertisements
  • Screening incoming resumes, preparing shortlists of suitable candidates
  • Deciding which data can remain as a soft copy
  • Conducting interviews for suitable candidates by video conferencing or in person 
  • Providing lists of selected candidates to management for selection
  • Helping joining candidates to get oriented within company 

Job brief for hr consultant job

  • Preparing skill sets for all positions within a company
  • Preparing qualification and experience profile for all job positions
  • Creation of manpower data bank of candidate resumes received by forced applications 
  • Connecting with company managers for future hiring needs
  • Designing training and skill development programs for company employees
  • Acting as an hr consultant for manpower related activities 

Responsibilities of hr consultant job

  • Keeping employee records updated
  • Deploying people to the jobs most suited to their profile
  • Having a complete skill and job profile requirement for every position 
  • Recommending and implementing ways to get the best output from people and helping the company to prosper
  • Compilation of data and generation of useful trend reports

Requirements for hr consultant job 

The obvious and foremost requirement for an hr consultant job would be to be people savvy. There are several skills and qualifications for the job that include 

  • Knowledge of people psychology and spotting of achievers 
  • An updated manpower database for vacancies, as and when they come up
  • Devising ways to make the workplace fun to work in 
  • Creating an environment where people enjoy their job
  • Constant training and upgrading of employee skills and talent
  • An ability to plough back changing industry requirements to professional institutions so that they can make changes in their curricula effectively. 

Average salary for hr consultant job

The average salary for an hr consultant job in India is Rs 428942 per annum.

There are, however, several factors such as level of qualification and the number of years of experience that determine the level of salary. Hr consultants associated with blue chip and multinational companies get more business and better compensation packages.

Hr consultants with more than 15 years’ experience get higher salaries. Hr consultants who have worked with leading multinational companies get better packages and mostly mention these references in their websites and business cards.   

There is also the factor of location. Hr consultants working in metro cities, especially Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune tend to get higher salaries.

There are hr consultants who work from home and work for more companies at a time. They are paid periodically or for contract to contract.

Salaries for hr consultant jobs in the major cities of India have been tabulated below:  

CityMinimum Salary per annum in RsMaximum salary per annum in Rs
3Pune 415,000250,000
6Kolkata 325,000450,000

The rates vary for hr consultants working from home or on freelancing assignments.

Key skills

The key skills required for an hr consultancy job include

  • Deep understanding of organizational requirement of companies
  • High observation skills to identify the best people for the job
  • Deep insight into human behavior to help utilize people best
  • A wide network and database of manpower in order to help procure talent in short time. 
  • Knowledge of labor relations and the ability to solve manpower related issues in companies
  • Good command over language, particularly local languages
  • A deep passion for effectively utilizing people and keeping them both motivated and happy on the job

Why pursue a career in hr consultant job 

A career in hr consultancy is a lucrative assignment and well liked. It is a satisfying job and involves a lot of interaction with different kinds of people. The pay is good and there are opportunities to work from home and develop a wide network of people as well as companies.

Hr consultants working from home have the opportunity to work with many companies at a time and utilize their manpower data base effectively by helping place the best people in companies suited to them. 

A career in hr consulting is rewarding in many ways. There are multiple opportunities to help people get the best jobs. Hr consultants form the vital link and the bridge between professionals in the job market, employing companies and professional institutions that prepare freshers for new jobs.  

An HR consultancy job is a good career choice for the excellent career opportunities it provides as well as the career satisfaction it gives

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How to become an hr consultant

An experienced professional working as an hr head in reputed companies is the best choice for becoming an hr consultant. Such professionals must have a thorough knowledge of people and how to motivate them and get the best out of them. 

The best person to become an hr consultant is a graduate with an MBA and a degree in human resource management or personnel management. The qualified professional needs to work with a few reputed companies for at least 10 to 15 years before becoming an hr consultant. The combination of qualification and working experience will help the person become a good consultant. 

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