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IT Analyst Job Description

Information Technology uses computers to create, process, retrieve, store and exchange electronic data and information. It is broadly used in business operations and is considered a subset of computers and information technology. IT analyst job has become a requisite for businesses these days as every organization or company has started to use automated processes for their business operations.

What is an IT analyst ?

An IT analyst is a computer system analyst who analyses and confirms companies’ or organizations’ technical and business needs. They have to review the existing IT systems and internal processes. To optimize the organization’s efficiency, they work in collaboration with the management to fulfil the various objectives needed by them.

What does an IT analyst do ?

IT analyst job requires a high level of expertise; they are held responsible for developing the IT structure within the company. They work on both internal and external aspects of a company by taking care of the IT applications of the external customers and the development of internal IT systems. By assessing the current state of operations, they define the goals and objectives of an organization and provide remedial measures to be implemented. The goals and objectives required to be fulfilled by an IT analyst differ from organization to organization. 

IT analyst job duties include :

The role of an It analyst may differ based on their specialization, but here are some essential duties of an IT analyst – 

  • They analyse the existing It systems and work processes. 
  • Are responsible for defining and developing improved IT measures. 
  • Should do budget planning for various strategies implemented. 
  • Should coordinate with other departments and managers. 
  • Coordinating various members within the team to achieve the required objective. 

Job brief for an IT analyst

A job brief of an IT analyst job should clearly define the requirements and responsibilities an individual should possess. In addition, they should state all the qualities that they are looking for in a person and define their role. 

An IT analyst should be able to define and implement cost-effective It systems. They should prioritize the requirements of the users and should be up to date with the system upgrades. With their high analytical skills, they should understand the needs of the business and deliver logical solutions.

Responsibilities of an IT analyst job 

  • Should be able to install and configure the hardware and software components. 
  • Installation of antivirus software to ensure safety. 
  • Able to test and evaluate the new technologies. 
  • Should be able to communicate with the stakeholders to understand their IT requirements. 
  • Designing of It systems to meet the business and technology needs. 
  • Gather feedback from the end-users to better understand the required improvements. 
  • Should be able to plan and oversee various projects. 
  • Should be updated with the knowledge of latest technologies and trends. 

Requirements for IT analyst job 

  • Should possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or other related fields. 
  • A+ and LINUX+ certification is preferred. 
  • 0-2 years of experience to get a good IT analyst job in the same field. 
  • Should have experience in troubleshooting systems. 
  • Excellent skills in database programming and software installation. 
  • Should be able to work with MAC and OS. 
  • Should be familiar with a range of hardware and software. 
  • Knowledge of database and system security. 

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The average salary for an IT analyst

These are the IT analyst salaries city wise

City Average salary 
Mumbai ₹6,50,400 per year
Bangalore ₹5,93,500 per year
Chennai ₹6,59,250 per year
Kolkata ₹6,48,265 per year
Ahmedabad₹3,95438 per year 
Pune₹6,87,763 per year
Hyderabad₹7,03,427 per year 

Key skills for IT analyst job 

Technical skills – 

  • Should know about different IT systems. 
  • Should be familiar with the standards and procedures of IT products and services.
  • Excellent knowledge of system and software development techniques. 

Personal skills – 

A few personal skills required for an IT analyst job are 

  • Communication and listening skills. 
  • Analytical skills
  • Should be able to pay attention to small details. 
  • Excellent business knowledge to understand the needs of customers and stakeholders. 

Why pursue a career in It analyst ?

Good annual salary

IT analyst job is a position that gets paid a good amount even at the entry-level position. The average salary of an It analyst is high, which motivates a person to work harder and gain more skills and expertise. As your experience increases, your salary will experience a hike too. 

In demand position

Due to modernization in all business fields, every organization needs an IT analyst in their company. IT analyst career options are expected to increase by seven percent by 2030. More job opportunities will be created for It fresher’s, and due to its high demand, the job position will gain considerable importance. 

Different options

Many sectors like IT, management, finance are looking to provide job opportunities to IT analysts. Apart from these commerce sectors, other industries like healthcare are also looking forward to providing IT analyst jobs. 

Increased knowledge

An IT analyst job requires being up to date with the latest trends in the IT sector. This leads to an increase in knowledge and experience in the IT field, as you can use them in future business projects and proposals. 

How to become an IT analyst ?

Earn a Bachelor’s degree

In order to become an It analyst, you have to get an undergraduate degree in computer science, engineering, or other related fields. Every IT analyst needs to get this degree as companies require specific qualifications for an IT analyst job position for which degree is a must. 

Develop your It skills

After you earn your bachelor’s degree, the primary step is to develop your IT skills, as all your work in the future will revolve around this. You can opt for coding boot camps which are faster and less expensive, and various tech companies also provide training in the pre-graduation stages.

Get yourself certified

If you want to have additional credentials and high scope in the future, take a certification exam. There are many professional exams you can opt for after your post-graduation to increase your status as an IT analyst, whereas some require specific work experience. After you complete all these steps, you can get a good IT analyst job. Your qualities and skills matter paramount when you choose tis career, and as your experience in this field increases, your reputation will go high too. If you want to set your name in the It industry, the best way is to get certified and gain recognition for the skills you have learned. 

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