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Responsibilities of a Lab Technician Job

Lab technicians or you can call them laboratory technicians, usually work inside scientific laboratories. However, any lab technician job you would do is within medical labs. Here, you can also work with rocks, fluids, or other non-organic substances as needed.

Lab technician job centralizes its duties around performing tests with a senior scientist managing. Their duties are diverse, for you can work as pathogens or experiment with drugs to see if they work. They should have expertise in analytical equipment and analyze the results.

What is a lab technician job?

A lab technician works behind the scenes. Medical laboratory technicians are the key performers’ health care industry. Many colleges will prepare you for classroom lectures and hands-on learning in laboratory settings to give you practical exposure.

In an educational phrase, you’ll undergo extensive training to prepare you to get a job in research facilities, government, and municipal laboratories. A lab assistant position is thrilling if you love challenges and know how to overcome them.

What does a lab technician do?

A lab technician job is highly mechanical or technical. They need to perform in a scientific laboratory consistently. Lab techs are very independent when they have a good experience. In contrast, when they don’t have work experience, they work under a senior medical lab technician.

Within the belt of their spectrum, they must show efficiency while performing scientific experiments, maintaining equipment, lab tools, and cleanliness. In addition, they must only work under follows strict guidelines and regulations. 

Lab Technician job duties include:

  • The most important part of the job description is the job duties. It is crucial to outline the functions this job position will perform every day. The job duties would also let you know how the job will contribute to the company, and you have to report to seniors.
  • Perform quality control tests in the lab or on-site, depending on the requirement.
  • Help another lab technician to test and calibrate equipment for a specific output.
  • Manage quality-control tests and ensure the quality of lab ingredients.
  • Make preparations and samples before shipping to customers.
  • Abide by the company guidelines and other instructions from the seniors to enrich product integrity.
  • Collect and analyze the reports for laboratory management.
  • Check the issues and report the issues regarding food safety.

Job brief for Lab Technician

ABC company is looking for an eligible Lab Technician to Facilitate the day-to-day laboratory procedures. You must be proficient in handling susceptible tools to perform analysis. You should also conduct tests and send a detailed report to a laboratory manager.

The ideal candidate should have great patience and endurance to work under possibly hazardous conditions. They should also have ample training to strengthen safety conditions. It would be best if you were passionate and forward-minded. 

The above skills mentioned would aid in succeeding in reliable productivity and getting meaningful results that will create a difference.

Responsibilities of a Lab Technician Job

  • Get blood samples, store and analyze them.
  • Design and organize laboratory types of equipment as per standard procedures. Then make reports with accuracy and precision.
  • Perform experiments under specific test conditions to manage hypotheses with sophisticated scientific methods.
  • Record and organize all data reports and check with seniors.
  • Get equipment status and assist in ordering laboratory supplies.
  • Maintain a clean work environment by strictly performing day-to-day safety measures while also improving work efficiency.

Requirements for Lab Technician job

  • Must show relevant experience as Lab Technician or related position.
  • Have experience handling electrical and other equipment, as well as sensitive substances.
  • Have ample knowledge in QHSE Systems, safety precautions, and laboratory norms.
  • Have medical fitness without any noticeable physical illnesses.
  • Must have plenty of expertise in handling MS office software.
  • Must show ability and efficiency to work independently.
  • Have a license to work as a Laboratory Technician.
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or biology.

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Average Salary for Lab Technician job

A person having a lab technician job in India usually has a salary of INR 25000 per month. The job salary can even range from 12000 INR to 40000 INR depending on experience.

Do note this salary is estimated from various employee surveys available online. The pay is dependent on multiple factors, such as demographics, location, and experience as a Lab Technician. Show your hard work, and attractive salaries will be in your pocket. 

Key Skills

You can have a series of lab skills, but some of the essential skills you need to help you grow your career, starting with a lab technician job. Below are some of them:

Know the details

It’s best to be attentive to detail while working as a lab technician. You must show that you are focused at all times When working in a lab. It will give you accurate measurements and precise outputs. However, if errors show up, it could ruin medical research and fail your purpose as a lab technician.

Measurement of PH

When you work having a lab technician job, you should have all skills needed to measure the pH. That means identifying why there is an error in calculating the pH scale. In addition, having proper knowledge of PH for acidic substances and other chemical matters will help you improve your efficiency as a Laboratory Technician.


You should have pipetting skills as a lab technician. The pipette is the slender tube used to measure liquid.


As a part of a lab technician job, you know how to measure the weight since you’ll likely use this throughout your lab career. Therefore, you should have a good observation to properly weigh and find the right balance on the weight itself. Not only that, you’ll have to be precise too.

Lab safety

Working in a lab means you must maintain lab safety at all times. There could be explosive chemicals, hazardous materials, or lab equipment. You should know how to handle lab types of equipment to avoid unfortunate accidents properly.

Why pursue a career as a Lab Technician?

There are six reasons why you should be a lab technician:


Lab technicians strike practical exposure with student lab members. Flexibility enhances a lab technician‘s experience and appeals to recruiters with teaching.

Making connections

You must know how to make connections while doing a lab technician job. It’s teamwork. If you love to manage work as a team, this job is for you.

Efficiency and Hardwork

The lab technician job is an excellent choice for those who love efficiency and hard work. It’s a lot of responsibility, but you’ll enjoy this job if you know how to multitask.

How to become a Lab Technician:

It’s best to have a chemistry, biology bachelor’s degree to be eligible for the lab technician position.

The medical lab technician can browse online portals to avail certification programs for web content managers. Once you complete the certification, you’ll be undergoing the training needed to be a lab technician.

Aside from these much-needed qualifications, practical exposure in your work life will increase your chance of becoming a lab technician.

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In short, lab technicians use tools and paperwork to help the lab work effectively and efficiently.
Daily activities are usually very regulated and operate as per particular guidelines. Therefore, it would help if you had the discipline and focus on avoiding making mistakes in your lab technician job. This job is for those who are very precise and organized. If you show your performance, this job will offer you many benefits and a healthy salary with a touch of challenge.

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