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Marketing Executive Job Description & Requirements

What is a Marketing Executive job?

Marketing Executive jobs are pivotal in an industry that thrives on brand promotion.

The world today revolves around visibility and marketing. The quality of a product receives a market value only if it reaches its target audience.

The marketing executive profile involves the responsibilities of running targeted advertising campaigns for the promotion of products of the company.

The marketing executive is responsible for the planning and execution of advertisement campaigns using various channels such as print media, digital media, social media platforms, and traditional platforms like magazines and radio.

The goal of the marketing executive is to ensure an increase in awareness of a brand, service, or product using various campaigns.

The marketing executives are expected to plan, arrange, drive, supervise, and run audits on the circulation of promotional merchandise.

What does a Marketing Executive do?

Marketing Executives are creators of the brand. Their advertisement campaigns have the potential to carve out a market for a product as well as destroy the brand with an error. 

Marketing Executives are trained analysts of markets who research the audience to understand their needs and tailor-make the campaigns to ensure that those needs are addressed.

Marketing Executives are the first point contacts of companies. It is a profile that demands excellent communication and networking skills to ensure brand loyalty.

Marketing Executives are expected to be on their toes to build relationships with clients and business partners.

Marketing Executive job duties include:

As the central point of contact between the brand and the customer, the Marketing Executive’s most important duties and responsibilities include running effective advertisement campaigns and providing information about the company’s products. 

The roles and responsibilities of a Marketing Executive are varied and critical.

  • Strictly adheres to the marketing strategy and content plan chalked out by senior marketing managers
  • Contributes to the design of marketing campaigns and charts its course with innovative concepts.
  • Ensures that the marketing campaign is delivered effectively to bring about a favorable outcome that would result in increased sales of the product.
  • Ensures smooth execution of the campaign using various channels of promotion.
  • Researches target audiences by studying their demographics and preferences to adapt the campaign according to their preferences and needs.
  • Keenly organizes and participates in promotional events at varied locations.
  • Writes marketing content and proofreads the copies for utilization at different platforms like print media, social media, websites, and releases for press conferences and newsletters.
  • Liaises both with internal and external teams across different levels of hierarchy for smooth execution of the campaign.
  • Builds brand loyalty by maintaining partnerships with key clients, agencies, and vendors.
  • Prepares reports on campaign performance for the analysis of senior managers and external stakeholders

Job brief for a Marketing Executive:

A Marketing Executive is an expert in communicating, networking, and building brand loyalty. The industry demands a deep understanding and up-to-date expertise of customer and partner requirements.

  • Pro-active contribution with innovative concepts during brainstorming of advertisement campaigns.
  • Development, expansion, and promotion of effective progressive marketing campaigns.
  • Classification and analysis of target audience using proper research methods based on their demographics and preferences.
  • Charting out of a viable marketing mix of paid and non-paid media for brand advertisements campaigns.
  • Creating and maintaining a cohesive brand image using varied social media platforms and ensuring quick response for the feedback received through these media.
  • Creation and editing of marketing content for varied promotions, both for traditional and digital channels.
  • Ensuring smooth collaboration with clients, agencies, and business partners.
  • Preparation of reports to understand the outcomes of the advertisement campaigns run by the company.

Responsibilities of a Marketing Executive:

  • Development of innovative concepts.
  • Development of marketing campaigns and driving of its successful execution
  • Conducting accurate research and analyzing them for pointers of changed audience mindsets.
  • Chalking out a viable marketing mix for campaigns involving varied channels.
  • Management of brand across different media with a timely and effective response to challenges that are highlighted through them
  • Preparation of tailor-made content and proofreading them for accuracy.
  • Collaboration, building up, and maintenance of relationships with key stakeholders amongst clients, partners, and businesses.
  • Analyzing and reporting results of advertisement campaigns.

Requirements for a Marketing Executive job:

A marketing executive dons several caps while conducting his daily routines and hence is expected to be an allrounder.

  • Experience as a Marketing Executive. 
  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
  • Creative ability to brainstorm innovative methods of campaigning
  • Ability to lead through the storm
  • A general amongst the soldiers
  • Excellent Marketing, Negotiation, and analytical skills
  • Solution-oriented and driven by a passion for excellence
  • Ability to think out of the box.
  • Exemplary interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Effective time management skills
  • Great multitasker

Average Salary for a Marketing Executive (City Based Tables):

The median salary for an Indian Marketing Executive is Rs. 290k per annum. Salary estimates are calculated of thousands of employees, anonymously submitted by Marketing Executive employees.

Following are the estimated salaries for marketing executives based on their years of experience.

Sr. No.ExperienceAnnual in INR
National AverageMumbai AverageChennai AverageBangalore AverageDelhi Average
1< 1 year241000259000213000297000245000
21 to 4275000308000264000353000291000
35 to 9354000442000362000522000354000
410 to 19373000550000354000950000300000

Marketing Executives from Bangalore, Karnataka enjoy salaries of an average of 20.6% more than the national average.

Marketing executives whose performances are exemplary and drive results for companies progress very well to the next level within a few years.

Marketing Executive Job Key Skills:

  • Innovation
  • Resilience 
  • Spontaneity
  • Passion to adapt and evolve
  • Apt negotiation skills 
  • Influential personality
  • Analytical
  • Ability to work with large volumes of data
  • Merchandise management
  • Multitasking
  • Expert knowledge of both internal and external products and processes

Why pursue a career as a Marketing Executive?

It would accurate to state without any exaggeration that marketing executives are employed across industries. 

Being an essential part of almost all business catapults it to a position of high demand.

If you are passionate about negotiation and brand creation, a marketing executive jobis the entry point of your passion.

If you love interacting and building relationships with different demographics and cultures then you fit the bill of a pursuit of a career as a marketing executive.

If you are driven by the developments in social media, then a career as a marketing executive will help you unleash your potential in this field.

If you are keen on traveling and understanding different cultures then this hobby can be marketed to earn you revenue in a marketing executive’s job.

Business acumen that passionately drives and seizes business opportunities is an added advantage to growth.

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How to become a Marketing Executive?

A degree in marketing, advertising, or business would be an added advantage for landing you, your first appointment as fresher in the world of marketing as a marketing executive.

However, what carves a niche for an individual in this market is the drive and passion for excellence and the ability to build, and maintain strategic relationships that deliver at crucial junctures of the company’s advertisement campaigns.

An eye for detailing, and an analytical and creative mind for putting to good use, volumes of data are critical for survival and growth.

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