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20 Best Examples of How to Write a Resignation Letter as a Teacher

Deciding to resign from a teaching position can be difficult. But, giving a formal resignation letter is important to be on good terms. This article provides 20 great resignation letter examples for teachers across different contexts. Read on to learn how to write a resignation letter for teacher.

Teachers have a profound impact on their students and schools. Resigning is often bittersweet. A well-crafted resignation letter allows you to announce your departure. Additionally, it helps you express gratitude and explain reasons for leaving. Finding a proper resignation letter format for teacher to principal is a must! It ensures you follow professional protocols when resigning from a teaching position.

20 Excellent Resignation Letters from Teachers

When drafting resignation letters, it helps to see examples of it. These examples are there for you to write a resignation letter for teacher. 

Here are 20 examples to make you understand how to write a resignation letter for teacher:

1. Preschool Teacher Resignation

  • It focuses on care for young students. It also focuses on commitment to early childhood education.
  • Also, it emphasizes assisting the transition process to reduce disruption.
  • There is a warm tone. It expresses gratitude for the opportunity to nurture students.

2. Elementary School Teacher Resignation

  • Speak to the impact on young minds.
  • Offer to meet with a replacement. You should also share lesson plans and materials.
  • Include specific memories of students and milestones achieved.

3. Middle School Teacher Resignation

  • Balance the sadness of leaving students with excitement for the next steps.
  • Assure learning in the transition period.
  • Applaud the development programs for students.

4. High School Teacher Resignation

  • Take pride in students graduating and college acceptances.
  • Connect resignation to life milestones.
  • Offer student references that will stay in their lives.

5. Special Education Teacher Resignation

  • Put extra focus on the vulnerability of special needs students.
  • Stress on detailed meetings with new staff.
  • Reiterate passion for differences.

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6. Math/Science Teacher Resignation

  • The technical language should be appropriate to the subject.
  • Offer to document the lesson progression.
  • Praise administration for the latest lab facilities and technologies.

7. English/History Teacher Resignation

  • Humanities expressions of sentimentality are there.
  • Discuss the great works and the projects that are not finished.
  • Hope for students to remember the ethical lessons that they have learned.

8. Foreign Language Teacher Resignation

  • Note the cultural wisdom that is in the students. Make sure that global awareness is there. 
  • Offer language-learning tips and online resources.
  • Include a saying in the foreign language.

9. Art/Music Teacher Resignation

  • Provide extra passion for discussing creativity.
  • Care for the instructions for ongoing student projects.
  • You can perform a resignation song at final faculty meeting.

10. Gym/Sports Teacher Resignation

  • Take pride in physical feats achieved by students.
  • Provide an assurance that the sports program will stay strong.
  • Offer to provide workout guides to future teams.

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11. Computer Science Teacher Resignation

  • Note the student programming contest wins achieved.
  • Offer to organize online code repository access for the new teacher.
  • You should also praise the increased computer science course enrollment.

12. Home Economics Teacher Resignation

  • Take pride in practical life skills mastered by students.
  • Make sure to assure that the kitchen will remain fully prepped and stocked.
  • Offer favorite recipes and suggest fall event menus.

13. Economics Teacher Resignation

  • Appreciate for the administration’s support in times of recent budget cuts.
  • Provide online access to 5-year curriculum materials.
  • Show the confidence that the market analysis projects will continue.

14. Chemistry Teacher Resignation

  • Show the regret of having to leave students before the upcoming Science Fair.
  • Offer comprehensive lab station instruction manuals.
  • Assure that there is no danger posed by any ongoing experiments.

15. Shop Class Teacher Resignation

  • Note the safety certifications that will remain up-to-date.
  • Offer a woodworking project teaching session with the new instructor.
  • Connect student creations to real-world trade skills.

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16. Geography Teacher Resignation

  • Speak to the wonder of exploring landscapes and geospatial patterns.
  • Provide digital access to special cartography resources.
  • Hope that the students carry curiosity about the world beyond their hometowns.

17. Physics Teacher Resignation

  • Take pride in the number of female students joining advanced physics.
  • Offer to explain ongoing experimental design projects.
  • Thank the administration for the latest simulation software access.

18. History Teacher Resignation

  • Speak to ethical issues and moral courage examined.
  • Apologize to students for not completing the WWII unit.
  • Urge the hire of an instructor who is well-versed in narratives of justice.

19. Substitute Teacher Resignation

  • Show gratitude for the opportunity to guest teach various ages.
  • Provide a list of best-received lesson improvisations.
  • Urge for the hiring of subs that are capable of flexibility.

20. Teacher Resignation Due to Health Issues

  • Be direct about the medical need for reduced stresses.
  • Double-down on transitional support offered.
  • Leave the door open to someday return in a limited capacity.

It is important to make sure you check the policies on required notice. It is especially vital when you are writing a resignation letter for teacher, 

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How to write a resignation letter as a teacher?

You should know the proper way of writing a resignation letter for teacher. It makes for better professional communication. When crafting a simple resignation letter for teacher, follow these guidelines:

Paragraph 1: Announce Resignation & Effective Date

Announce your intention to resign from your teaching position. State your final day and the effective date of resignation. Example language:

“I am writing to announce my resignation from my position as 5th Grade Teacher. My resignation is effective June 23, 2024.”

Paragraph 2: Express Gratitude

Thank your employer and key stakeholders for the opportunity to work as an educator. Express your appreciation for the colleagues and students. Share your favorite school memories and accomplishments on your resignation letter to principal.

Paragraph 3: Reason for Departure (Optional)

Explain the reason for your resignation if you wish to share. Assure the administration it is not due to problems at the school. 

Keep the details minimal, but be straightforward about why you’re leaving. This helps the school plan for your replacement.

Paragraph 4: Support Transition

Offer to help train or transition your replacement during the notice period. Make yourself available to answer questions and provide lesson plans or curriculum resources. Suggest areas for the new teacher to focus extra attention on.

Paragraph 5: Goodwill

Close your resignation letter on a positive note. Wish your students and the school continued growth and success in the years ahead. Show the excitement at the possibility of partnering with your school. 

Stick to a formal teacher resignation letter to principal pdf as it is ideal..

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Simple Resignation Letter for Teacher

Here is a sample on how to write a resignation letter for teacher

Dear [Principal’s name],

I am writing to formally announce my resignation from my position as [your position] at [name of school], effective [last working date].

I have greatly valued my [number] years with [name of school] and will cherish my time working with such outstanding students and faculty. Seeing my students grow both academically and personally has been the highlight of my career.

I want to thank you and the administration for the opportunity, support, and resources you have provided me over the years. My experience at [name of school] has been incredibly rewarding.

After careful consideration, I have decided to resign from my position due to [brief reason for resignation – new career opportunities, health issues, family commitments, etc.]. Please be assured this decision is not related to any problems at the school.

To help ensure a smooth transition, I am happy to assist with training my replacement, providing detailed lesson plans and curriculum resources, as well as answering any other questions that arise. I wish only the best for my wonderful students and know they will continue thriving academically and socially.

I will always look back fondly on my tenure at [name of school]. Please keep me in mind for any special projects or school visits in the future where I may be of assistance. I wish the administration, teachers, staff, students, and families all the very best. It has been an honor to serve this school community.

[Your name]


Resigning from a teaching position requires care and finesse. These tips will help you with your resignation letter. Announce your decision respectfully and resign on positive terms. We hope now you know how to write a resignation letter for teacher.

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FAQs on How to Write a Resignation Letters as a Teachers

Q1. How much notice should you give when resigning as a teacher?

Ans: Provide 4-6 weeks’ notice in your resignation letter for teacher. This gives adequate time for the school to find and train your replacement. Check if you have a formal contract stipulating the required notice.

Q2. Should a resignation letter be handwritten or typed?

Ans: A typed, formal resignation letter for teacher is beneficial. It looks more professional and is easier to read. Sign the printed letter before submitting it.

Q3. What details should you include about why you are resigning?

Ans: You can state the reason but keep details minimal. For example, share that you are retiring or switching careers. Do not air any grievances about the school. Also, look for every minor detail on how to write resignation letter in English.

Q4. Is an in-person meeting better than a resignation letter?

Ans: Yes, offer to meet in person after submitting a formal resignation letter. This is more respectful and allows discussion of transition details.

Q5. Do you have to write a resignation letter if you are not under contract?

Ans: Yes, submit a resignation letter for assistant professor as it is a must. This provides formal documentation for HR.

Q6. Can you rescind a resignation letter if you change your mind?

Ans: You can rescind a resignation letter for teacher job. But,  there is no guarantee your job will still be available. There should be no employment repercussions for rescinding.

Q7. Can teachers lose their license if they resign mid-year?

Ans: In most areas, resigning from a teaching contract early does not lead to loss of licensure. But, you should check the regulations. Do it before you proceed with a resignation letter for school teacher.

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