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Sample Cover Letters for an Internship

In a resume, we have to input our basic things like – name, address, mobile number, history of studies etc. But many items also have to be added to a resume, which can be defined more precisely. It is a cover letter. It is just a document, but it works effectively. It gives information about yourself in depth. A person who doesn’t know you at all can judge you through this cover letter.

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Now a question can arrive: why a cover letter? 

  • It is a great way to showcase yourself, skills, experiences etc. 
  • An interviewer can think about yourself in mind through this letter which is also helpful for them to take your interview. Sometimes the interviewer is not mentioned anywhere to attach a cover letter. They want to show which can give more effort to get a job by this.

How many types of Cover Letters are there?

There are two types of Cover Letters –

  • Application Cover Letter – In this type of cover letter, you have to mention why you are applying for this job and this company.
  • Referral Cover Letter – In this type of letter, you have to provide the name by whom you can know about this job and company and work in the company.

So, these are the types of cover letters. People seeking a job or an internship need to create a great impression on the interviewer. 

There are some things to add a Cover Letter for Internship :

  • Work Experience – If you start writing an Internship Cover Letter, you have to think about your work experiences. This is a critical stage of a letter. It shows whether you can fulfil the job requirements or not. So, you have to write carefully and give truthful information about yourself.
  • The reason behind choosing the company – If you have selected a company for an internship, there must be some reasons behind it. So, you have to mention all those things in a cover letter. It shows how well you know about the company.
  • A brief statement about your skills – In a cover letter for internship, this is also a valuable part. What you have learned in your previous study is how you apply those things in some of your works. It shows how to concrete your skills and how you will use these skills in the future. So, you have to be focused on skills when writing a cover letter.
  • Show some excitement about the internship – Before an interview, we can’t meet the interviewer. So, we can express our excitement to get selected for the internship through a cover letter. We have to follow some basic rules and be confident when writing the letter.

These are some things you have to add to your Internship Cover Letter. It should be followed carefully and also in a proper manner. Some format for internship cover letter available here. By seeing these samples, you will get an idea about the cover letter for internship.

Application Cover Letter 


Referral Cover Letter 


So, these are some samples of cover letter for internship. You can check the pattern and the points which are included in the letter.

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Some Cover Letter Writing Tips

There are some writing tips available for cover letter for internship–

  • Use appropriate tone – In a cover letter, you have to use the right style or language. The interviewer can’t listen to your voice before the interview, but they can understand what you are trying to say about yourself through this letter.
  • Pay attention to the job description – Before you start writing a cover letter for internship, you have to pay some attention to the job description. It is a very crucial part. You have to mention your past experiences and skills. So, if you are not attentive about the job description, it might go down a negative path, creating a wrong impression about yourself in front of the interviewer.
  • Be careful about the instructions – Some companies may follow some rules and regulations. So, you have to follow the instructions strictly. It is beneficial to write a cover letter for internship and also positively maintain your profile. Don’t move against the instructions.
  • Give your personal information correctly – It is necessary that you have to give your data correctly, especially your contact details. By seeing your resume, they might be called or provide an email for an interview. So, if you don’t give your details correctly, it is your loss.
  • Try to keep the letter short – There are lots of people who submit their resumes for an internship. So, an interviewer doesn’t have so much time to read an enormous paragraph about yourself. Try to keep the letter short by describing yourself correctly. It might look fast, but a reader can understand how much you have potential about the internship and the company.
  • Provide some experiences about your activities –  If you have any extracurricular activities, you can provide that information in an internship cover letter. It is also a great thing to show about more experiences that might be helpful for the future.
  • Give some examples about your skills and abilities –  in a cover letter for internship. It might give a proper idea about your abilities towards work to the interviewer. It is not a necessary thing. So, if you don’t have any examples don’t try to write any false notes. If the interviewer asked about it, you might be getting into the wrong position, creating a bad impression.
  • Do some follow ups – You can be updated about the internship and also the company. It is beneficial to write a cover letter for internship. By this, you can give them a hint that you need the internship and in this company.
  • Use some proper keywords – It is also great to utilize some variant keywords in a cover letter. You can give them a unique cover letter by applying appropriate keywords, which is also a great thing.

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These are some patterns and tips for writing a cover letter. It might be helpful to write a letter for an internship. You can choose the way, but don’t try to write up all those things given in the samples. Be confident about yourself when you write the cover letter for internship. It is very important to showcase yourself in a few lines.


1. Is a cover letter essential for an internship?

Yes, a cover letter is essential for an internship to get selected.

2. How many pages do I have to use to write a cover letter?

You have to use only one page to write a cover letter.

3. How many paragraphs are there in a cover letter?

You can write a cover letter in three or four paragraphs.

4. Should I mention salary in a cover letter?

It is not necessary for a cover letter for internship. Some people provide the information, but if you have any doubt, then leave it.

5. Should I mention my career objective in a cover letter?

You can mention your career objective in your resume. It is not necessary to mention the information in a cover letter.

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