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Watch for These 5 Signs to Know if Your Company is ‘Mom-friendly’

Any company that lets a working mom pursue a career on her own terms is the right place for her to be. In fact, even for companies, it is essential to be more flexible in its policies towards both new fathers and mothers, so that they don’t lose out on talent.

Planning a family or returning from a maternity break?

Read on to know if your current or prospective employer is mom-friendly:

1. Has flexible work policies

Each company may have a different philosophy when it comes to flexible work policies. However, if your company offers flexible work-hours, option to work from home, or use of technology to connect remotely, among others, it is the right place for you. A company with such policies in place ends up creating a congenial work environment, which is especially suited for new mothers or those planning a family.

2. Gives access to on-site childcare

For new moms, it is important to have access to quality childcare options. When you know your child is taken care of while you are away, you can focus better at other tasks. A childcare option near or in your office can work best.

In some cases, companies seek concessions from childcare centers for their employees. In other cases, companies may pay professionals to provide childcare services on-site. Check your company manual or talk to your HR regarding this.

3. Promotes gender equality

Women, especially working mothers, feel comfortable and blossom in a company that is gender-sensitive. If your employer promotes a culture of gender equality and understands the needs of a new mom or a new father, it is a good place to be in. These days employers also offer paternity leaves and flexibility for both new fathers and mothers.

4. Has a mentorship program

While professional mentorship helps every employee in their career, it is especially helpful for new moms. As a mother who has just rejoined work, you may be unsure of what is next for you or how you would now fit into the company vision. You may also not be aware of the different opportunities around. This is where mentorship from someone senior in the organization will help. If you have an unsupportive boss think about changing your job.

5. Well-defined parental leave policies

Parental leave is one of the key aspects when planning a family. Without such a policy in place, the choice between starting a family or continue working can become unnecessarily difficult. Connect with the HR team to understand the details of your company’s maternity and paternity policy, so that you can plan your family, as well as understand important aspects such as recovery period, etc., accordingly.

If your company exhibits even three of the above five signs, it is safe to consider it as a fairly mom-friendly company. In celebration and support of mothers in the workforce or returning to work after having children and their feelings towards having a solid support system at home, Monster.com.my is excited to announce the launch of #SheMakesItWork campaign. The objective of the campaign is to sensitise the audience on important issues and unique challenges that both men and women face at work.

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